Wednesday Means I posted Every Other Day Post

Once a week minimum post.

  • I have been trying out the Evernote beta today. As a long time user of DevonThink and Yojimbo, and someone who has tested a variety of other options, I think it's great at the simple end. The advantage of being able to access all my notes via my phone is insane. Too many information managers. I still have a couple of invites, shoot me a note on Twitter.
  • Video: Using Skitch with Evernote
  • I spent some time today learning more about OpenID. This article, which is over a year old, helped me quite a bit. It's a lot simpler than you would think, and I am going to start using it for everything.
  • This video had me laughing quite a bit on Friday. "Just two men, cruising the Castro for delicious, salty nuts."
  • Rafe's Analyzing Git piece was along the same lines as I was thinking at the time. Hoping to get a chance to do a "deep dive" on Git this week. More importantly, I discovered The Thing About Git from the article. It's an excellent read.
  • You Look Nice Today is my favorite new podcast this week. It's definitely an acquired taste, based on me testing it in the car while Sue was with me.

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