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I had Tacos for Lunch today

Tidbits: Should Mac Users Run Antivirus Software?

Tidbits: Should Mac Users Run Antivirus Software? "I do not recommend desktop antivirus software for the average Mac user, but you need to take other precautions."

I don't run antivirus software on any of my Mac OS X machines. In reading through the other things he says, I think that this article is something that Mac OS X users of all levels need to read. Most of this stuff is common sense to me, but it may not be common sense to you. The single most important thing to keep in mind, which he does not come out and explicitly say, is that you should not immediately trust anything online. That email that seems to be from your bank, or ebay or paypal probably is not. Look carefully at links before following them, and don't trust any source of information or software without first verifying that they are legitimate.

This can sometimes be very hard for a non-technical user to figure out, but I recommend that you err on the side of caution.

John Malkovich in a bathtub.

Post Tornado Weekend Links

The bump clubhouse was spared this weekend. It's amazing how much damage the tornado did to downtown Atlanta and the neighborhoods directly East of it. Here's some Monday surfing links:
  • Weekly Resolution: I am going to try and make a weekly resolution every week from here on out. This week's is to swear less.
  • Video: Internet Commenter Funeral Funny funny stuff.
  • The Pitfalls of Your Constant Complaining and How to Stop It
  • Things updated to 0.9. This has become my todo list manager, and this update added recurring tasks, which I really appreciate.
  • My Favorite new band of the week: Grand Archives
  • Return to Dark Castle Released The original Dark Castle game was one of the first really addictive Macintosh games in the late eighties. I am very tempted to buy this just to relive those dorm room days.
  • Pro Tip: Use Gmail to filter out that unwanted spam from your non-Gmail POP account. I was getting 900+ spam messages a day at my oldest active pop address. It's as easy as going to Settings: Accounts in Gmail and adding your account information under "Get mail from other accounts." So far Gmail's spectaculor spam filter is batting 100% on filtering out the spam.

Post SXSW Link Post 1

This will be updated a bunch today as I find more stuff going through the 13.5k articles in my copy of NNW. New Links at the top.

Monday before SXSW.

Oh Hai. So much going on here in Atlanta. I am neck deep in wedding planning. I am also going to Texas on Thursday for SXSW Interactive. Some links from my MarsEdit dashboard to start your week off with.
  • User Generated Web Video: FAIL I pretty much totally agree with this guy.
  • Harper Collins is offering one of my favorite books of all time, American Gods by Neil Gaiman, for free online during the month of March.
  • Actual Performance versus Perceived Performance. Really interesting analysis of file copies on Vista and XP.
  • New Nine Inch Nails released online. I paid the five dollars to get a copy, but they are being crushed by the traffic. The ohmpark article I linked to talks about the genesis of this "experiment." White people like experiments. Also amusing, the name of the company payments go to is "The Null Corporation."
  • I went to see Jose Gonzalez at the Variety Playhouse last night. Mini-Review: After missing his last three Atlanta stops, this show met up with all my lofty personal expectations. Jose is a marvel, and you should check him out.
  • I received my new point and shoot camera on Friday, and spent much of the weekend playing with it. It's an impressive little beast, and I am happy to have a point and shoot that offers most of the manual control that my SLR does as well as RAW file output. Unlike the previous models, where the Panasonic was the same as the Leica, this one has some Leica fiddling with the image processing. Look in my FLickr stream for some examples.