Monday Links on Dave Grohl's Birthday

Thursday Links

  • I am totally addicted to the Items We Carry group on Flickr.
  • Shuttle releases a $199 Linux box. I love my ShuttlePC. It's the best desktop form factor in my opinion.
  • Kid Robot dropped the second series of Munny Zipper Pulls today. I never managed to find a TV one from the first season.
  • "BUG is a collection of easy-to-use electronic modules that snap together to build any gadget you can imagine." This is hugely interesting.
  • Strobist tackles Film Noir lighting. It's in my top five photography blogs now hands down.
  • New Blog of the Day: WTFCNN?
  • Microsoft buying Logitech Dammit. I don't think that's cool for consumers at all.
  • Transmit updated to 3.6.4. Release Notes.
  • I am giving Things a test drive. Definitely an easy to learn application. Looking for some tips and tricks posts online, haven't found any.
  • The new Beanie Sigel (iTunes link) is really good stuff in a sea of stale commercial hip hop. In other music news, a Twitter from Merlin Mann has led to me listening to way too much Entombed this week. Wolverine Blues (iTunes Link) was one my favorite CD's of the Early ninties. Man was I a badass in my own mind back then.

I wasn't really doing this.

Don't Pee near the garage.

Some Links for Wednesday

  • I took a lot of pictures of the newly engaged Brian and Lori. You can find some of them in Lori's Flickr Stream. I loved taking them, and would be happy to do it for you too. Shoot me a message.
  • Boosh
  • NetNewswire is now free, as is Feed Demon. Wow, crazy move.

Be Nice or Leave

Be Nice or Leave

Links for the Tuesday.


Seamour Sheep

Mexican Sign


First Link Post of 2008

  • When this comes out, I will need to find more friends.....
  • Hacking the Kindle part 3: root shell and runtime system Interesting stuff here, including image support that is not turned on. I still haven't played with a Kindle.
  • Reinvented Software started a support forum for Together. This was one of the reasons I wasn't going to use Together instead of Yojimbo. I seem to be back to that same argument again now...
  • It's a matter of perspective First time I have ever linked to an Amazon blog post, but this one, talking about lens focal length and area of view, is an excellent quick read for you photogs.

Cutest Puppy of 2007?



Puppy Nap Sous Dishwasher

Brian and Lori get engaged

This deserves a post unto itself. I was present at the first ever meeting of Brian and Lori. (At an Atlanta Flickr meetup no less.) I learned first over Facebook, then email, that they got engaged New Year's Eve. Great people both, and made for each other, my life has been made richer by knowing them both. Congratulations.

Happy New Year

A day late, but Happy New Year to those of you who read this. 2007 was an awesome year in a lot of ways, but I still have hopes to make 2008 even better. One way will be increased posting here, on Flickr and on Twitter. I plan on carrying my 4 months of being smoke free through all of 2008. Who knows what else the year will bring.


iTunesFS is a read only MacFuse filesystem of your iTunes library on Mac OS X. "A friend of mine wanted to copy some files from an iTunes playlist to an external drive, but iTunes wouldn't allow her to simply let these files being dragged to the intended destination folder in Finder. She asked me what she could do about it."