Yojimbo 1.5 released

Yojimbo, which has become my Mac OS X choice for the management of my todo list and transient information on my work machine, was updated to 1.5 today. (Anyone know of an application like this for Windows?) I haven't spent much time with the update yet, but the biggest update in terms of day to day use seems to be the addition of images as first class assets in the Yojimbo database. It's really an excellent application for the management of transient information like notes, web archives of articles you want to read or passwords and serial numbers. (Those last are really not transient information, but it's usefule to have them in an application that you have open all the time.)

In related news, I have been testing out Together, an application which is somewhat similar to Yojimbo, for the last few days. It's got a different approach to the storage of the items, and I honestly like it's UI a bit more than Yojimbo's currently. I imported all the items in my Yojimbo database in about five minutes, and I was off using it. Since it doesn't support .Mac syncing like Yojimbo, I set up some Chronosync scripts to copy the application, it's preferences, and the directories where it stores it's data to my 160Gb iPod, and to sync this stuff back on my laptop and Mac Pro. It's a somewhat tough call as far as which of these two apps I will end up sticking with long term, especially with Yojimbo being updated. Together has a few annoyances, and there's no user community like the mailing list that Bare Bones has for Yojimbo. Of course, I am still using Devonthink Pro to keep anything I might want access to long term.

For reference purposes, here's a screenshot of my Together UI, and here's one of my Yojimbo UI.

Weddings and Holidays

I was afk for the better part of the last week as my younger brother Paul got married over the weekend. It was our second family wedding in six months, so we are old pros at it now. I also now have two awesome sisters-in-law. I posted some photos in a Flickr Set, and you can expect more there as time allows. I will try and have that closed out before Christmas, since my Uncle gave me such a hard time about not "sending him a CD" of the pictures from the last wedding. Most of the pictures up there now have been modified with Lightroom somehow, as I try to learn to process my work with that tool.

Anyway, I'm back in Atlanta, and will probably be posting a bit between now and Christmas. Speaking of posting, MarsEdit is the deal on MacSanta today. It's the application I use to write posts on my desktop and post them to this site. I recommend it, and Red Sweater Software seems like a good steward of the application since they acquired it earlier this year.