We pushed a major update to Super Deluxe this week. Lots of new stuff, including the ability to favorite videos, and browse the most viewed and highest rated videos. I love and hate release weeks. You are so busy and you get all goofy from the stress. I'm pretty worn down today though, and am definitely looking to make the earliest exit possible.

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Wednesday linkage

  • NPR : José González in Concert This is fantastic. I have been a huge fan of his for about two years now, and this show is a good showcase of why. He was also excellent on Conan on Friday night.

Some Monday Morning Links

I haven't done a link post in a while. I'm way behind on my rss feeds after doing a mental health day on Friday.

Two Weeks In

Well, here I am two weeks in. Still smoke free. Still very much wanting to smoke. I can say, with some level of certainty that Chantix is working out very well for me. It's made life easier than the patch has in the past, and I don't feel medicated either. Quitting is never going to be easy, no matter what method you use, but the level of discomfort with this method is the least I have had. As far as side effects go, the only thing I notice is some nausea in the morning after I take the first dose of the day. I suspect that I would not have this if I ate before taking the pill.

I'm hoping that the urges will lessen as the third week begins. There is no doubt that it's going to take me a while before I feel comfortable. I won't be able to drink beer for at least a couple of months, which sucks because it's football season, and the baseball playoffs are about to start.