I'm Loving my New Canon 5D

Mr. Balloon

Dear Comcast

Comcast, we've been together for Internet access for almost three years now, but I am having second thoughts about our future together. My service has not gone a week without failing in some way for the last three months. You make appointments with me, then show up at the wrong time, sometimes not at all, or you call to cancel at the very end of my three hour appointment window. When you do show up, your technicians are unable to figure out what is wrong with my service. Your technical support people put me on hold so long that my battery in my phone dies while on hold. If I had a choice in the matter, I would have broken up with you months ago.

New Flickr Slideshow Interface

What better excuse to link to my set of pictures from my recent vacation in Mexico than to show everyone the new Flickr slideshow interface. Most of the pictures were taken with my new Canon 5D rig.

I like the new interface quite a bit, and I think that it makes my shots look even better than they really are. Well done, again, Flickr.

Blog Post I learned from today.

Resuscitation science is moving forward in ways you wouldn't naturally expect it to. I had no idea.

A Movie to Anticipate?

The new trailer for Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer looks just awesome. "All that you know is at an end."

Joost Invites Available

I have Joost invites. Leave me your name and email in the comments and I will send you one. After I have sent it, I will delete the comment, so your email will not remain out on the web. Cool.