Yo, check it one time.

Idiocracy, Mike Judge's followup to Office Space, is out in theaters, but apparently has been purposely underpromoted. Happily, Atlanta is one of the cities where it is currently playing, so I am going to try and see it this weekend.

Blog Post of the week.

This post from our quality friends at Beer and Rap has it all. I've never seen a tag team combination like the Corn Muffins and the Business Casual Drunk. For this, I award this post with my Blog Post of the Week. While you are there, download his mix.

File Organization

Hazel looks like a must have Mac OS X utility. I have been using an Applescript that automatically keeps my downloads folder organized by day, and that is a very useful solution, but this looks like it will take that to the next level.

On this project, I seem to have a million documents and versions to keep track of, and since a lot of the end users and creators of those documents are non-technical, using our SVN repository as the master document archive would require way too much time on my part. I try really hard to keep the most recent versions of everything in DevonThink, but it's virtually impossible for me to keep up with all the updates. We would use Basecamp, but the lack of versioning makes that feature not as useful. I think we are going to just use a corporate eRoom to manage them for now, but even that is not a perfect solution. I'm curious if anyone else has a toolset that they would recommend for this task.

Are Core Values Organic?

The text of Rob Pardo's keynote from the Austin Game Conference got me thinking about core values and product teams. Rob is the lead designer at Blizzard, and is responsible for World of Warcraft's experience, which is fantastic. The simple details that they got right make this game compelling, and frankly have also made it difficult for me to latch on to any other game recently. I've tried playing a bunch, including Saint's Row and Dead Rising, and there always seems to be some simple detail that drives me nuts.

To get back to the matter at hand, as the head of a team of developers, and that team being as large as the largest one I have ever led, I started asking myself what our core values are. These wouldn't map directly to Rob's as "concentrated coolness" doesn't really apply to Java code. I can't decide whether these kind of core values are best left to organically develop or whether they should be something that I decide on and then attempt to instill into our efforts. It seems like they would be truer if I let them develop, then codify them. Regardless, I think this keynote text is something everyone should read, whether interested in things World of Warcraft or not.


Just a note from your blog curator to say that I haven't abandoned you. Rest assured I am very busy, and learning a lot, and also working very very hard. I want to get back to daily updates, and hopefully that will become more reasonable and possible soon. Until then, I say, cheers.