In Black?

Apple releases the MacBook. Anyone want to buy a 15" Macbook Pro?

It's on now.

Well, I've been working on this new project, that I can't really talk about too much here, for about six months now.  I will say, however, that I very much believe that, on any Web project, you should be able to get some kind of release out the door in six months.  That kind of thinking, however, doesn't take into account the manner in which large corporations go about making decisions and executing on those decisions. It does frustrate me that we are still pretty far from having some sort of public version of this project, but I understand the world I am living in at work.

Having said that, we are now getting into the building stage, and I am looking for people who want to work on something webby. I need skilled Web Developers who have solid J2EE experience, preferably with some JSP experience. We are working on something that is really cool, and the team and environment is unique and fun. Get in touch with me if this sounds like something you would be interested in.