The Jedi Ships something else

Ray releases Starfish into the wild. It's a CF debugger he has been working on. Worth a look.

Close-up on Aperture

Macworld: Editors' Notes: Close-up on Aperture

Possibly the coolest iPod accessory yet

BOOMTUNE mini - Tripod Speaker

Unique Nano Cases

Some very cool looking and unique Nano cases from Speck.

nano cases for MLB fans

You can wrap your nano in pinstripes now.

TiVO gets apps.

I'm still not sure I should care

Why should a ColdFusion Developer care about Flex 2.0

Apple gets Pro Photo

Aperture looks damn cool. Not sure if it's five hundred dollars cool though.

Some Max Thoughts, a work in progress

Well, I got back from Max on Thursday. It's the following Monday morning, and I think I have had ample time to distill the important things out of the experience. Let's see if I can successfully now turn those thoughts into prose.

Much of the message from Macromedia this year was about Flex, their next iteration of leveraging the company's crown jewel. Flex is oriented towards application developers, and its appeal is certainly that it acts as a fairly RAD UI tool. Flex builder is based on Eclipse. That sounds great, until you look a little closer and realize that, at least in its Alpha iteration, it only runs on Windows. What? Isn't that sort of the point of Java? To run on any runtime? That's clearly a BigCo "we don't get it" decision. I would be running the IDE on my machine right now if it would run here. By the way, I am your target audience, and make platform decisions.

They didn't talk that much about "Scorpio", the codename for ColdFusion 8. They did, however, demo some cool Macromedia developed additions to CFEclipse. I was all excited about this at first. After thinking about it more in light of the above paragraph, I wonder if things like RDS support will be Windows only features when released. The file browsing that they had built, with it's cool two tabbed interface like Homesite, made me drool. That, honestly, is probably the one thing that has kept me using Homesite all this time.

There's more to talk about, obviously, like Flash 8.5, and Actionscript 3 and whatnot. I hope to get in here and add more comments as time allows today and tomorrow.

My Hair

There's not as much of it as there used to be. It happens to most guys as they get into middle age, and I have no doubt that my recession was slightly accelerated by the years of having a ponytail. Anyway, that's not the point of this post. I have been going to the same stylist for the last four years. Before that I had this amazing Japanese woman who cut my hair. She cut my hair for two years before sadly moving to New York. Well, she didn't move to New York sadly, I was sad that she moved. Now, four years later, I called to make an appointment to groom my shaggy hairstyle, and they informed me that my stylist no longer worked out of that salon.

I have no way of finding out where he is working now. So I made an appointment with one of the other stylists that work out of the salon. It seems odd to me though, I am not attached to the salon at all. If I knew where he went, I would go there.