Did New Orleans Catastrophe Have to Happen?

My heart goes out to the folks in the states devastated right now by Katrina. I hate to bring up a political point at a time like this, but this article points out that the money slated to repair the levee in Louisiana was diverted by the Bush Administration to the war in Iraq. It's a shame. I hope this gets out into the mainstream press.

Plans for Resilience

Plans, the new Death Cab For Cutie cd due to come out in September, is the best cd release I have heard this year. (Don't ask, I can't tell you where it came from, and I am not passing it on.) It's beautiful, melodic, and tugs at those heartstrings. For the electronica oriented among you, the new Kid 606 cd, Resilience, is a must buy.

I'm back, sorta

Well, last week was another PGA Championship. It represents the climax of our season, and our work, every summer. I'm very proud of this site. I didn't design it, but my team and I built virtually all the infrastructure that made it possible. We podcasted. I'm certain that is really cool, and it's neat to see the podcast show up in the iTunes Music Store, even if it was after the event.

I can't easily explain how stressful this week is for me every year. If any of the software, or any of the servers fail, it is my responsibility, through millions of page views and thousands of updates. I enter a zone for that week that I wouldn't want to be in all the time. On Monday, when they finished the tournament due to bad weather on Sunday, I saw the single fastest minute by minute increase in traffic I've ever seen in my career. I wish I could post the graphical representation of that traffic surge here. It pushed our server farm to it's limits, we started to saturate the available pipe we had to work with, and just when it seemed like we might be in trouble, the tournament ended and the traffic subsided.

This week, I slowly emerge from the mode I was in. I'm hoping to update more here starting today. I'm hoping to see my friends more often for the rest of the summer. Finally, I am hoping to take some time off and go somewhere new and adventurous for me. The roller coaster ride is over, for this year at least.

Blogger Twins vs. The Amazing Race

Cam and Damien are the Blogger Twins. I've known these guys for a while now, and I have watched the Amazing Race religiously for the last few seasons. I think they would be great for the show, and I am not just saying that because I want to be able to say I know someone on the Race. They are quality people, and I don't say that lightly. Here's hoping that the producers of the show get it.

What Everyone Should Know About Blog Depression

What Everyone Should Know About Blog Depression is a pdf provided as a public service to educate bloggers about the growing problem of blog depression.

New Apple Mighty Mouse

Apple Mighty Mouse. Get this, it looks like a one button mouse, but it's not a one button mouse. Designed to work with Tiger, it's a four button. Update: Here's a hands on review with pictures, it looks like I will be buying one of these.

Top 10 Shareware Apps of 2005 (so far, for Mac OS X)

MacZealots.com has a very nice list of the Top 10 Shareware Apps of 2005.

The definition of insanity

Mark Cuban puts the smack down out there with The definition of insanity.. The Music Industry. This might just be the best comprehensive review of why and how the music industry, and more specifically the RIAA, don't seem to understand basic economics, or the model their industry is shifting to specifically.