Widgets for the Webbish

Best of Dashboard for web developers edition lists some excellent widgets for the Web person. I have really not gotten too enamored with Dashboard. It takes forever to load. I swear I can command-tab over to my web browser and grab whatever information I am seeking faster on the Web itself. That is not to say that the potential of Dashboard is lost on me. I think I might use it more when it works well.

The Ultimate Kitchen Appliance

For one such as myself who enjoys an egg and cheese sandwich better than virtually all other foodstuffs, the Back to Basics Egg and Muffin Toaster looks like it could be the world's most perfect kitchen appliance. I'm wondering how hard to clean this bad boy will be. Guess I have to wait until September to find out.

What to wear

As usual, Lance gives excellent advice in Lance's Guide to Man Grooming, Part 4: Clothing Optionals.

HP makes great fax machines maybe?

HP no longer doing the iPod thing. I have no idea what "great products" Greg is referring to that HP makes in his post. Seems to me that they don't make high quality anything anymore. I could be wrong.

IE7 First Impressions

A Microsoft developer's first impressions of IE7. His comments about their tabbed browser implementation are not particularly encouraging. I giggled a little at his comments at the end of his post. He obviously hasn't used a browser that supports tabs previous to this test drive.

Dave Chappelle loves World of Warcraft and so do I

Dave Chappelle loves World of Warcraft. I don't blame Dave. I confess that I too love this video game, perhaps a little more than I should. I have played this game more than any other game I have ever played over the last eight months. Lately, I have realized that I need to tone it down a bit, as I have been dedicating many nights to playing the game that I used to dedicate to other things. This should take care of itself with the start of two softball leagues this week and the advent of the super busy season at work.

Oddpost + Yahoo = ?

SiliconBeat: Behold, the new Yahoo Mail. I was one of the early users/subscribers to Oddpost. It was, for it's time, an incredible Web application. Since Yahoo bought Oddpost, I've been wondering what they were going to do with the technology. Well, the news looks good, although I have not been a tester or anything, so I have no hands on experience to base my enthusiasm on.