CamWorld Turns Eight

CamWorld Turns Eight. Cam was a fundamental part of the early group of us with "blogs." A big grats to him on maintaining for all these years.

Flickr/Blogger Meetup/Rumble

Tonight is the monthly meeting of The Atlanta Flickr Meetup Group, which , as far as I know, is the oldest group of Flickr users who actually meet IRL. In addition, Lori's monthly Atlanta blogger get together/drink off is tonight. We have combined these into one uber meeting/rumble. Should be fun and interesting. Come out to the Highlander at 7:30 tonight and join us for some social fun afk. Directions and all the information you need are on the page linked above.

More Apple/Intel transition analysis

Mr. Gruber does a fine job of analyzing the situation. "The question is not whether sales are going to be hurt; the question is how badly. Especially as we get closer to the release of Intel-based Macs next year, sales are going to drop."

Sitemap Protocol(s)

Google Sitemap Protocol. It's interesting because this is somewhat similar, albeit simpler, to a personal project I had been working on. I've been working on defining an XML standard for modeling and prototyping Web sites. Although the intended usage is very different, both take advantage of the generally hierarchical nature of Web sites. Hopefully, I will make more progress on my project now that Google got me thinking about it again.

Travel Sites for Us Geeks launches

Geeky Traveller: "a site dedicated to the places geeks go, the things they do when they get there, and the gadgets they play with along the way."

Site Outage Over

Well, a 24 hour site outage that started early Monday morning came to end last night. Over the last day, lots of ideas and opinions about Apple deciding to switch to Intel chips over the next two years. It's one of those concepts that is hard for you to wrap your head around and feel like you have a good understanding of how things may play out. My personal analysis keeps getting interrupted by "I wonders." So much of how this affects the marketplace and Apple itself depends on decisions they will make as they make the transition. In reading other people's opinions, I try and keep in mind that people generally are not fond of change. Gizmodo has a little roundup of stories around the Web that is a good starting point for further reading.