Just a quick Tuesday update...

Had a phenomenal weekend, my good friends Mark and Sarah Richards got married. It was nice to see two people so right for each other embark on their "official" life together. Many out of town friends all came in for the wedding, and much fun was had as a result of this. I have put up about a third of the wedding pictures that are good enough to be seen publicly on Flickr, and hope to get the rest up tonight, assuming that our softball game is rained out, which looks pretty definite. The bachelor party was also fun, from what I remember. The weekend also included trips to both The Majestic and Waffle House.

Arbitrary Anger

Mark has decided to be arbitrarily angry about something today.

back from coachella.

I have returned from sunny California, and a great time at the 2005 version of Coachella. Posting will now resume. That is all.