Apple One Day Sale

Apple is running a one day sale at their retail stores and online. All the iPods are marked down, as is the Airport Express, the new iMacs, .Mac, and a bunch of other stuff. I was going to go get a copy of World of Warcraft anyway... Update: I went up and the Apple Store was crazy crazy busy. In fact, the mall, no surprise, was about as crazy as it gets. I don't understand the mentality that says today is the day to do your Christmas shopping. I guess the sales are good, but retail is more expensive than online anyway, so if you are looking for the best price, wouldn't it make sense to stay away from the mall anyway? Picked up my copy of World of Warcraft. It was the last one at the game store, much to the disappointment of two people behind me in line. It also takes up a whopping 4 gb of hard drive space, so I have some drive cleaning to do before I can even install it. I wish that laptop drives were keeping pace with desktop ones.

Safari Hint: Applescript Collection on Apple site

Apple has a Safari Collection in their applescript section. Since they all require 10.2.3, I would assume they have been up for a while.

Watch where you walk, especially when consuming the alcoholic beverages.

This never gets old for me, maybe because I was there, and took the pictures. Maybe because I know the person involved well. Perhaps I should move it over to Flickr. IFellInAHole

Stuff I am listening to and enjoying, which you might enjoy too.

It's been a relatively fruitful year for music in my opinion. I'm going to talk about these cd's/mp3's/records/albums in no partcular order, so please don't assign value to the order they are written in. I will be doing a top ten of the year in the next week or two.

Elliott Smith's From a Basement on the Hill, the record he was working on at the time of his apparent suicide, is more of the same sweet melancholy the Elliot Smith fanbase has come to expect and adore. It's one of those albums that I can go back and listen to on a regular basis. He wrote great songs, and this album is no exception.

Neko Case is about to explode. Of course I don't mean literally, but I have this feeling about her that I've had about other artists in the past who have gone from independent adulation to widespread popularity. No woman in music today has a more moving, powerful voice than she does, and I honestly don't say that lightly at all. My iTunes playcount on her newest effort, The Tigers Have Spoken, seems to average out to about twice a day since I purchased the album, which is an almost unheard of pace for me. I think, for those of you who aren't the biggest roots, torch and twang, or country fans in the world, you will find that this album is the most accessible in her current catalog. (New Pornographers excluded there.) The mix of studio work and live songs on this record seem to flow seamlessly, as do the mixture of covers and originals. Interestingly, this record is from the same label as the Elliot Smith one above, leading me to think that Anti, a sub-label of Epitaph, the Bad Religon label, has at least one person with very good taste manning the helm. Regardless, I am looking forward to Neko's forthcoming full length.

Last weekend, I went to see Helmet on their most recent tour. Well, it's not Helment so much anymore than it is Page Hamilton and a bunch of guys from other acts. Helmet was good, but that's not the point. A band from Oakland named Totimoshi opened up. They initially got my attention because the bassist, Meg Castellanos, is very attractve in a "I rock out and don't take bs from anyone" kind of way. (That's just a characterization, I did not actually get a chance to talk to her.) I know that's a shallow thing, but that's how the story goes. Anyway, they were phenomenal, great stage presence, great musicianship, and solid songs. I bought their most recent CD, Monoli, at the show, and ripped it the next day. They draw from a wide variety of sounds. The bands that belong in that list, in my opinion, include Nirvana, The Melvins, The Pixies, and Neurosis, in no particular order. They promised me they would be coming back to Atlanta to play again in the near future, and I am holding them to that promise.

When I went to New Orleans a couple of weeks ago, and asked people to give me suggestions, I got a ton from Scotty. One of them was "Check to see if the Morning 40 Federation is playing anywhere in town while you are there. I guarantee their shows." He is absolutely right. I brought a small group of fellow conference goers on Halloween to see them. They are difficult to describe musically, a party band with bawdy lyrics, a rocking blues band with attitude, a quirky band with odd song topics and lyrics, and perhaps the most fun band I have seen live in the last four years. I purchased their eponymous CD at the show, and am listening to it at this very moment. Their fun translates to the CD well, is mixed well, and is worth the purchase. Regardless of the CD, if you have a chance, go see them, I now am willing to guarantee their shows like Scotty.


Where have I been, you might ask. Not a bad question to ask, from my perspective. Right now, I am working on the PGA Grand Slam of Golf. I am in rainy cold Atlanta, not in Hawaii, working off the satellite feeds and the Internet to get information and get the information up onto the Web for the sports consumer. In the time since I last posted, I have been sick (still slightly), given Halo2 a good Bump style ass kicking, won a fantasy football game, and worked a bunch. Things that I should be doing, and am not, include reading and taking pictures. is over seven years old now. Thanks for reading. I'm very thankful that I have been able to continue a single project for this long. Of course, those thanks pale in comparison to how thankful I am for everything else in my life, especially my family. Have a great Turkey Day everyone.

Luxo: Sarah Vowell Interviews

Luxo points to a Sarah Vowell Interview. I had no idea that she was the voice of one of the characters, Violet, in the Incredibles, she is currently one of my favorite authors. Seems an incredibly odd combination to me, but it obviously works.

Did Clinton 'Gut' the Military? Guess not.

Policy Research: "Did Clinton 'Gut' the Military?" Interesting to see common perceptions, reinforced by years of political campaigning and media spin, combatted with black and white facts. I did similar research this summer, when hanging out with someone on a sporadic basis who said this same thing on a regular basis when I was with her. Truth of the matter, when looking at actual budget numbers, is that Democrats don't necessarily spend less, or have less of a committment to defense spending, than Republicans. Having said that, this is not the issue I usually have with the Democrats, it's fiscal responsibility. Oddly, they have turned the tables on that as well in recent years.

The True Story of Audion

The True Story of Audion. Panic has decided to retire Audion, a great little music player, which had much similarity to a version of WinAMP for the Mac OS, for those of you unfamiliar with it. This article is a great behind the scenes look at independent software development in the Mac OS market. It is also an interesting look into this particular market segment, and the things that happened behind the scenes. Apple wanted to buy Audion at least twice, and AOL also tried at one point. Finally, this article reveals something that those of us using their software already knew, that the guys at Panic are truly great guys, and that they do what they do for all the right reasons. If you are a Mac user, they are offering Audion as a free download. I own a license, bought before the iTunes Music Store, and I haven't had the app installed on my machine in a while.

Bronxed Coaches seek well paid players

So Atlanta's favorite Yankee was named Yankees' bench coach today. Mel and the Don are back too. Now the question is, who will the Yankees purchase this offseason for them to coach? Unquestionably, the Boss has to be a wee bit angry that the Red Sox sold their soul to the Dark Side of spend too, with much success. We don't want a guy who refers to a baseball team as his daddy, I know that for certain. Even if he hangs out under a mango tree sometimes.

iPod Creeps Closer to Pet Rock Status

The big news in the iPod market today? You can, get this, order the much anticipated iPod Socks from the Apple Store. Please people, get some kind of grip, any kind, and then move on. Seriously, please....get grip.

New Orleans photos

Oh, and by the way, there are some pics from the New Orleans trip up on my Flickr space

November is Fall

I should mention that I am way behind in posting, and that there are a bunch of things I wanted to get up here in relation to the Macromedia conference, but haven't had time to export from my brain. As far as today's news, aside from the good news about GMail POP access reported by Mr. Hammersley and the hilarious "Thumb Drive", the ever delightful matt pond PA are playing at the Echo Lounge here in Atlanta tonight.

Great Food based Desktops/Wallpapers

Maeda Studio has some fantastic computer wallpapers based on food. You really have to go and look, very unconventional use of food as the basis.

Friends of the Beltline Event

Friends of the Beltline are having a fundraising event next weekend with food and a live band. I'm planning on going, drop me a line if you want to tag along.