New Orleans, it's on

So, I arrived in New Orleans (nola) this afternoon. Everything so far has been a little bit off kilter. First, my room wasn't ready and I had to wait in the Executive Lounge for an hour before they had my room ready. Instead of a non-smoking room, which is what I asked for, I got a smoking room with the ash trays removed. This place smells awful. There is an Everquest Convention going on in the hotel I am making my temporary home. As a result, there are some odd looking folks, even odder than your normal computer convention crew, wandering the halls. In addition, the hotel's in-room Internet service is being rendered downright unusable. I can only surmise that the bandwidth is being sucked up with hundreds of Everquest sessions going on, but doing anything even slightly Broadbandish is brutally slow. The result will be that any picture posting may have to wait until either their convention ends, or I can get to a faster, less logjammed connection.

MacCentral: Google confirms Google Desktop for Mac

MacCentral: Google confirms Google Desktop for Mac

One last pre-election political post

In final hours, Bush mailings display images of burning World Trade Center (No matter who you support in the election, the use of these images for political purposes should be unacceptable to you. Personally, I would like the Bush Administration to apologize.)


Officlal Macromedia page for Blackstone, the next version of ColdFusion. Lots of useful new features in this release, but probably the most interesting one they have revealed in these pages is Sourceless Deployment, which lets you distribute compiled Java bytecode versions of your applications. There are, of course, others, which I wish I could talk about, because they will allow App Developers to do things with ColdFusion/Java that just weren't posssible before.

Voting Accomplished

Well, clearly I should not have waited until today to advance vote. I arrived at the polling place at 7:30 am, half an hour after they opened the doors, to find a line of about 2500 people. I waited, with my seven new line friends, for six hours before I got to actually vote. The polling folks were very clearly unprepared for the turnout, with only 16 booths. I whipped through the touch screen voting process in about thirty seconds. I have now fulfilled my responsibility, and will now become a spectator. When I left the polling place around 1:30 pm, the line was longer than when I got there. (The polls also close at 7 pm, so if you do the math, some of those people are going to get shut out.) My feet hurt. Oh, and I don't care who you vote for, but please vote. It's a responsibility in addition to being a right. If I can wait in line six hours to make sure my ballot is cast, you can also take time to cast yours.

As I prepare to depart

Things around the office have been really crazy this last couple of weeks for a variety of reasons. Reason number one is that it seems like tasks swell to whatever the current amount of available time is plus ten percent. Reason number two is that I am leaving town on Saturday and need to find a few hours before I leave to take advantage of Georgia's new advance voting while still finishing out all of my team's projects. Reason number three is that our office culture is one hundred eighty degrees opposed to one that fosters good development and specification processes. Features change, features are dropped, features are added, and while I do my best to keep things in check, I inevitably could do better. (That's one that I have had to struggle with for the last 22 months, so I am not sure that it really counts.) Unfortunately, this means that I end up leaning rather heavily on those around me for support. We'll see how this turns out, but Friday will, without a doubt, be a very interesting day.

When Losers Win

Subtraction: When Losers Win I could not have said it better myself. Seriously.

Boston Fans Finally Celebrate World Series Title

Contrary to what you might expect from me, I am happy for the Red Sox and their fans. The imaginary curse has be obliviated, and the entire identity of that sports town is about to shift. No longer will they be able to cling to the "victim" status that they have defined themselves by for so long. Finally, this actually makes the whole Yankees/Red Sox thing a real rivalry. It's not really a rivalry if one team wins all the time. Oh, and wait until next year:-)

Flickr: Photos tagged with eclipse

Flickr: Photos tagged with eclipse

Um, Tyler, how's about some contact info?

Twice in the last two years to my delight, people who have disappeared from my life over time have re-appeared after finding my Web site doing a Google search for my unique last name. Most recently, a former college roomate and great friend who I lost touch with over the years commented on a post on my blog. However, he didn't leave me any way to get back in touch with him. So Tyler, if you are reading this, send me an email at bumpnet -- at -- gmail -- dot --- com.

Hilton Hotel ISP Issues

Just in time for my trip to New Orleans, where I will be staying at the Hilton, comes this report about issues with RSS Readers and the hotel's ISP of choice. Great. I wonder if it's too late to switch hotels. (via)

Kubrick Bump

New template time. I got tired of looking at the other template, and found Binary Bonsai's Kubrick via Flickr. I'll be making more modifications moving forward, as this template set is a little more nimble than the previous one I was using, and includes the psd. Thanks to Michael Heilmann and Michael K. Pate for this handy resource.

New Orleans coming up quick

This weekend, I am traveling a bit early to Macromedia MAX 2004. I would like to take some photographic walks while I am there, and if you have some hints for me to that effect, I would really appreciate them. Any further advice on traveling to New Orleans would also be welcome. If you are going to Max, and wanna hang out and have a drink, drop me a line. I will most probably be willing to buy you the first round.

Microsoft readies response to Google desktop search, continues to not innovate

It's clear to me that with their announcement of a tool similar to Google's desktop search, Microsoft continues to prove out their role as a copier of ideas. I honestly can't remember the last time that I heard of a new product for consumers from MSFT that sounded innovative.

The WIRED CD arrives

The WIRED Magazine Creative Commons CD arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Good stuff, with tracks from the Beasties, Thievery Corp. and Dangermouse, among others.

The Red Sox are our Daddy, and Wait Until Next Year

Well, clearly not our greatest day as Yankee fans today after the four game skip that ended with the Boston Red Sox celebrating at Yankee Stadium. First, my best to the Red Sox and Red Sox fans. The Red Sox showed an unbelievable will to win this series. Not only is the come back from three games to none unprecedented, they were close to out in both the fourth and fifth games, and came back to win both. The Yankees, despite losing the series, played well in all but the final game, in my opinion. They got beat by a better team, there is no doubt of that fact. Wait until next year:-)

A9 Bribery in Place

I went to this morning. Last week, I was doing a bit of research into some search engine results display stuff, and spent some time on A9. This morning I was greeted with this message:

Robert Occhialini, since you've been using recently, virtually everything at is automatically an additional ?/2% (1.57%) off for you. Collecting this discount is zero effort on your part. It will be applied automatically at checkout (it will happen whether you use the shopping cart or our 1-Click Shopping). You don't need to do anything to get this discount except keep using as your regular search engine.

Bribery will get you everywhere.

Brian and Rachel Plunkett's Wedding

I was in Indiana over the weekend, at Brian and Rachel's Wedding. I think the photos speak for themselves, it was a beautiful service. For the second time this year, I got to see two amazing people who are perfect for each other tie the knot.

Google Desktop Search beta released

Google Desktop Search This should be interesting. Just installed. Very cool, very useful for business applications. Just did a search for one of our bigger projects and it got everything. This is going to make staying organized unnecessary to some extent. The integration with is great too. Too bad that it's Win32 only, I would like to be able to use it on all my machines. Having said that, Tiger (the next Mac OS X) has Spotlight, which is very similar in concept, but very different in implementation.

Z-Trip's Motown Breakdown Part1

Z-Trip's Motown Breakdown Part1. A downloadable (mp3) Motown mix from one of my favorite DJ's of all time. Give it a listen, don't cost nothing.

Go Go Go!!

Music Monday

My musical pick of the week is Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama, There Will Be A Light. In this age of overproduced studio music, this stuff rings true. If you buy the CD from his Web site, you get a limited edition with three extra songs. I did not know this when I bought my copy, so I have the regular store-bought version.

An agonizing choice for Conservatives.

Bob Barr: "An agonizing choice". I feel that he hit the nail right on the head with this article. In fact, this may be the first time ever that I have agreed with Bob Barr. For me, the hot button issue is the lack of fiscal conservatism. The fact that the rise in nondefense discretionary spending has been unprecedented under this president, with a Republican controlled Congress, is unacceptable. Couple this with the tax cut, and you have a recipe for fiscal disaster. I fundamentally do not understand what the thinking behind this could be. I've also had several people, some of them really smart folks, try to explain what they think the reasoning is. In every case the explanations have had massive holes in them. There is no excuse for this. It's nice to see someone not afraid to express their opinion, even if it goes against their party, because the facts and situation dictates it.

Once Again It's On

Well, the Yanks beat the Twins, setting up another Red Sox versus Yankees ALCS. Going into this series, it's quite clear that these are two very different teams from the ones that played each other last year at this time. The Yanks pitching is definitely suspect, and the Red Sox are hitting the ball better than they have all season. These two things may add up to a very dangerous combination for New York. I've got a lot of respect for this year's Sox squad, and this one should be quite a battle.


I just finished reading Nick Sagan's idlewild. A very good first novel, in my opinion, certainly heavily influenced by some of his father's works.(He is Carl Sagan's son.) It felt similar, in some ways, to Zelazny's Amber Chronicles in terms of some of the storyline, and the type and structure of the characters. It however, is nothing like those books in terms of the place and time in which it occurs. The tone of the book was striking to me, and I look forward to digging into Edenborn, the sequel almost immediately, that is as soon as I finish watching the Yankees. If you are a fan of science fiction, I think this book is a must read. I think that Nick Sagan may be one of the best new voices in this genre over the last few years.

Cadillac Jones

Some of my Atlanta crew and I went to see Cadillac Jones last night at the Echo Lounge. Good music that ranges from jazzy Shaft-ish tunes to downright funk. The crowd was unusual, in my opinion, for the type of music. Unfortunately, they had some issue with their turntable setup, because I suspect that the addition of the turntablist aspect to their musicianship would have been really nice.

The Deconstruction

Jacques Derrida passed away. His thoughts on death. His writings, especially the essays I read in college, changed my way of looking at the world in many ways, none of which I find easily explainable here with any sort of brevity. (via Metafilter)


Peeper allows you to peer beneath the shell of apps for images, icons, etc.

Design In-Flight

Design In-Flight looks like a lovely, well designed, PDF magazine. I wish that they had provided a sample that contained actual editorial content, as that is what I am interested in, not the table of contents, in sample material.

Nader Says He Can't Win Single State

Nader Says He Can't Win Single State because "the system is rigged." Perhaps, Mr. Nader, it is because you aren't qualified to be a dogcatcher, let alone the President. The right to cast your vote for whomever you want is one of the precious things in this country, and I don't begrudge anyone that right, however, I, personally, would never vote for someone who could not do the job.

More Jot Wiki

More Information on Jot Wiki from Web 2.0. I'm waiting for a beta account now so I can try this out, sounds like a tool I would relish using.

AOL Readying Stand-Alone Browser based on IE

Despite all the security problems, and all of the issues with spyware and popups, despite the fact that Microsoft has been slow to update their browser, AOL is building themselves a new stand-alone browser and they chose IE as the core. I hate to be so hard on them, but the people making these decisions must be morons.

Happy Birthday CF

Damon points out that ColdFusion is ten years old today. Hard to believe, but true.

Google SMS

I already posted this to my linkblog, then started playing with it and realized just how neat and useful it really is. Google has launched Google SMS, from your sms enabled phone, you can do comparison shopping, look up phone numbers and addresses, and get dictionary definitions. This is incredibly useful. (via Backup Brain)

Breaking Real World News

Mark, or "scoop" as I am now calling him, breaks the huge news. The next season of the Real World will be in Atlanta.

Braves vs. Astros Game 1 2004 NLDS

I went to the first game of the Braves/Astros series tonight. You can find some pictures here.

Jotspot goes into beta

Jotspot, which is an applied wiki product, has launched. I applied for the beta.

TextMate released

TextMate has been released.

Blogger posted bump crosses 100,000 word threshold

As you can see by looking at my Blogger profile, the amount of text I have posted using the tool has now exceeded one hundred thousand words. It's worth mentioning that before I started using Blogger as my posting tool in March of 2000, I had been manually posting for three years, and those posts are currently both not on the web and not included in that total. I have been thinking of ways to get that stuff back up on the site lately. Mainly, I need to change hosting companies.

Ev is departing

Evan Williams is leaving Blogger/Google. Wow. I have to say that I totally appreciate the sentiments in his post. This industry grinds you. Launching projects grinds you. Starting companies grinds you. For all this grinding, there is a lot of fulfillment that comes from building things and seeing people interact with them. I think I've learned, over the years of working in this field, a way to manage my energy levels that works for me. Evan is a smart guy, and a really nice one. I hope he finds the recharge he is looking for. I don't think it is a coincidence that his former Pyra co-founder also decided to step away from "the business" recently.

Best Wishes

There's a new Zeldman in town.

You've got your email in my RSS

New Gmail Features include an atom feed of your incoming messages. Now that is cool and useful.

Last Day to register to vote in Georgia

Hey all you Georgians, today is your last chance to register to vote. You can find more information in the Voters Information Guide for the 2004 US Election. Please, please vote.

I Heart Sundays

I just love Sundays when I don't have to work.(Which is every other Sunday during the golf season.) Today is one of those Sundays, and I have taken full advantage thus far. I rolled out of bed around 10am. It would have been earlier, but I went out and had a few beers last night, catching up with friends, and watched Ohio State lose in overtime to Northwestern. (Imagine that.)

After the whole morning Hygiene routine, I proceeded promptly to my favorite neighborhood coffee shop, bringing two books with me, one already in progress and one I hadn't started yet. Grabbing my traditional coffee with two shots of exspresso, I proceeded to read both books to their completion. This freed up two spots in my reading queue, so I went to the bookstore.

Next, I returned home, and am currently munching on Salt and Vinegar chips and sushi while watching football on TV, and my fantasy football league scores on the computer.

I should apologize for the mundane nature of this post. I was just loving the day so much that I wanted to record it.

IKEA Atlanta on the horizon

The Atlanta Business Chronicle reports that the construction on the IKEA Atlanta store is underway. From the looks of the map, it's in the huge new multiuse project named Atlantic Station.

Flickr announces pay model

Flickr announced their for-pay pro account yesterday. I went and subscribed for the next two years almost immediately. You get 1 Gb of uploads a month, with unlimited storage and bandwidth for an introductory price of $41.77 a year. Sounds like a great deal to me. I subscribed for two reasons. The first is that this is a Web application that I actually use and have used more, not less in the months since I joined. The combination of social network with photography is perfect because, at least for me, pictures tend to be a very social thing. Secondly, it is one of the best Web applications I have ever used, and I want to encourage the team that built it to build more stuff because I think that I will like the new stuff they might build just as much. Over the time I have been using Flickr, they have been constantly adding and rethinking things, and the result is an evolving elegant application.