Process is good

Process IconFor several months, I have been using OmniOutliner to keep track of my multitude of simultaneous projects, and iCal to manage the daily to-do items that I have with due dates. Earlier this week, a few different blogs noted the release of Process, an outliner for Mac OS X designed specifically for project management purposes. I've spent the last couple of days getting used to it, and I'm now totally sold on it as a replacement for the Omni/iCal combo. It adds a few features that make a big difference to me for the purposes of project management, aside from the obvious ability to use one application where I currently use two. First, the ability to color label individual items makes my gigantic to-do list much easier to read. Secondly, I was just thinking last week that I would like it very much if OmniOutliner supported a tabbed interface, and the "Projects" that Process handles are a perfect substitute. I can also prioritize each item, and assign it a to-do alarm. These alarms aren't limited to your run of the mill alert message and sound. They can be an alert, automatically open a fill or application, play a sound, or even execute a unix command. Finally, the application allows you to link specific tasks to files in the filesystem, making it easy to remember where that specification or diagram is currently located. Process fits nicely into the way I work, and the way that my mind breaks up projects. I recommend checking it out if you already use an outliner of some sort for project management.

Now the number three bump on the web.

For years and years, really since it's inception, I was the number one bump on google. A couple of months ago, some band named bump of chicken took the top spot. I wasn't upset, I don't get a lot of traffic, and I doubt that many people are typing the word bump into google. Now, however, some bicycle club with the abbreviation bump as its name has taken the number two spot away. I am not happy, I feel less bumpy.

Yogurt Hi Chews

Last week, while in New York, in a moment of late night, semi-coherent, convenience store shopping, I picked up a pack of Japanese Yogurt Hi Chew Candy. I am now addicted to the stuff. Chewy and delicious, and also available online, sounds good to me.

Medals versus Population

Mr. Merholz has a great graph that maps countries' Olympic medal counts to their population. It shows you how much perspective a little extra data can provide. I would be interested to see medals versus per capita economic statistics.

Siebkens Bar

Siebkens Bar
Siebkens Bar, originally uploaded by bump.
While in Lake Elkhart, where we stayed while working the PGA Championship, we ended our days at Siebkens. I believe that we actually drank all of the Guiness that they had, to the point where they actually completely ran out of Guiness. Siebkens is actually a fairly famous bar in the motorcycle and open wheeled racing communities, and the walls, bar and ceiling were covered in stickers for everything related to racing. (Buzz added a PGA sticker while we were there, I wonder how long it will last?) If you are ever in that part of Wisconsin, I recommend the place.

One of the bartenders, Patrick told all sorts of fun stories about the various famous people, from Paul Newman to Ashley Judd, who had ended up there during the racing weekends. (Oh, and the other fun bar in Lake Elkhart, Brown Baer, has the best cornbread I have ever tasted. The cheeseburger may have also been the best I have ever had, but I was too distracted with the slab of cornbread to notice.)


Flickr is a very interesting site for sharing photos. Since subscribing to the RSS feed of photos with the tag "Atlanta", I have become addicted to watching every day as interesting photos of the city I live in flow into my RSS reader. Today they launched Organizr, a Rich interfaced tool for working with your Flickr photo collection. Aside from the obvious hatred of the letter "e" that is exampled in their naming conventions, ludicorp is doing something that I miss in Web companies, building tools that combine the best technologies available to do things people want to do in interesting ways.

Whistling Straits over and done, here comes Oakland Hills

Well, I survived my first trip to do onsite coverage of a major golf tournament. We work very very hard in the weeks that proceed a tournament, getting the site in order, the scoring software ready, and all of our sponsorship and syndication ducks in a row. It was phenomenal to actually get to go to an event in person after working them from afar for so long. No rest for the wicked though, as the Ryder Cup is a scant four weeks away now. I find myself, however, energized by the experience, wanting to push myself to new levels of excellence for the site and the team. Wisconsin is a gorgeous state, and the people are super nice, polite, and friendly. I would like to go back some summer and spend more time in that area.

Tip of the Week 2

This week's tip of the week is one of my favorites. Check this, "Live close to where you work."

Bump tip of the week.

I'm going to start doing this every Friday. This week's tip is "Drive like you are going somewhere." This is an especially useful tip for those of you who seem to always be in front of me on my way to the office in the morning.

Roundup of Safari Add-Ons

Backup Brain has a nice roundup of Safari add-ons.

Note to anyone who cares and some who do not

Calling something a "blog", or putting a graphic at the top of the page with the word "blog" in it, does not make something a "blog". I'm not trying to be nit picky. I really don't care that much. It's just that things like this annoy me. I have known many blogs, and you sir, are not a blog. This practice is becoming prevelant, mostly among major media companies that don't seem to get the concept.

CIA asks Bush to discontinue blog

CIA asks Bush to discontinue blog

T-Mobile Sidekick II Review

T-Mobile Sidekick II reviewed by PC Magazine. There is also a slidehow of images of the device and some screenshots.

Thurman Munson

It seems lately, that this has turned into a Yankees blog. Today marks the 25th anniversary of Thurman Munson's death. For those of you who wouldn't know, Thurman Munson was the catcher for the Yankees in the Seventies. He was a remarkable player. On a team full of leaders and veterans, he was the captain, an honor that might mean more on the Yankees than any other professional sports franchise. (Derek Jeter is the current captain.) I can remember the day, twenty five years ago, when my father walked in the side door of our house, and announced that Thurman Munson had died in a plane crash. At first I thought he was kidding, our family has this odd sense of humor, and I thought he was pulling my leg. It, however, was true, and I was crushed. So, today I remember him fondly, a hero of my youth, a quiet, humble man, despite his myriad of onfield achievements. Today, his locker still sits empty at Yankee Stadium.

Update: There is a great tribute piece on the Yankees Web site.