Happy Thanksgiving

Well, Happy Thanksgiving from sunny Connecticut.

I've got a lot to be thankful for this year, and I take none of it for granted. A phenomenal family, great friends, a wonderful job with great co-workers, and, of course, the best cat in the history of pets. I think, aside from these obvious things that I am thankful for, the other big thing I am thankful for this year has been the opportunity to learn more about myself. In my opinion, we learn more about ourselves in times of difficulty than we do in the "salad days" of our lives. While I may not have been happy about some things that have happened to me in the last 12 months, they've really given me the chance to gain a little more wisdom about who I really am as a person, and I am very thankful for that opportunity. I'm a stronger person for it, probably more mentally tough than I have ever been.

coffee switch

Apparently, tea is not doing it this morning, so James Knight has switched to coffee. I got this news right from the source.

X vs. XP > Rebuttal to Paul Thurott

This Rebuttal to Paul Thurott is pretty decent in pointing out the fact that Thurott's claim that XP is far superior to Mac OS X is not backed up with more than a single argument, and a pretty weak one at that. Unfortunately, people don't read pieces like the articles Paul Thurott writes with a skeptical eye, for the most part. So not only is he doing the technology, on both sides of the fence in my opinion, a disservice, he is also not following through on his responsibility as a journalist. Perhaps he knows this, I mean he must know this right? I mean, it's pretty obvious to me. Right?

Roger says goodbye.

Roger Clemens says bye, and thanks. "What the fans have always done for me, being a power pitcher for 20 years, is to help get me going. When you take center stage out there, whether you feel good or bad, once you get on that mound, that crowd can really light you up and elevate your game. I talk about momentum a lot, and they can give that to us. If I'm trying to strike a guy out, the crowd can get me going and pump the team up."

Thank you Roger, I never could have imagined that you would someday be playing for the Yanks when you were in Boston playing for the despised Red Sox. I never could have imagined that you would become one of my favorite Yankees of all time. So, thanks.

Macromedia Conference

So, I returned to Atlanta last night after almost a week in Salt Lake City. It's a nice, smallish city, and the Macromedia conference was interesting, although I didn't feel like I learned nearly as much this year as I did last year. One of the reasons for this was the fact that I spent more time in my hotel room working than I did actually at the conference. The other thing, I believe is that I have spent the last year working with their latest versions, especially of ColdFusion, and so there was less new information to be had.

bpurcell.org -

Brandon Purcell has posted a single resource online with detailed instructions on configuring multiple instances of ColdFusion 6.1. This is one of the features of 6.1 that Macromedia really feels they need to educate their user base on, because the feature has so many upsides to it.

Macromedia - Developer Center: An Overview of MXML, the Macromedia Flex Markup Language

An Overview of MXML, the Macromedia Flex Markup Language

Macromedia - Flex

Royale has become Macromedia - Flex. I am going to Macromedia Max this week, and I'm very interested to see this and what people are doing with Macromedia Central, which I have warmed up to in the last few weeks.

Wired News: Social Nets Find Friends in VCs

Wired News: Social Nets Find Friends in VCs

Panic - Goodies - 2003 USA vs. JAPAN Food Review Battle

Panic - Goodies - 2003 USA vs. JAPAN Food Review Battle: ": 'In the immortal words of Ralph Wiggum: it tastes like burning. And it does -- lord, oh sweet savior, it truly does.'"

Bump turns six.

Bump turns six today.

NONZERO by Robert Wright

After reading Emergence (which I really enjoyed) and three Philip K. Dick books(all of which will be made into movies at some point), and getting halfway done with A Compact History of Everything over the last week and a half, I started in on NONZERO by Robert Wright last night. So far, it's a really interesting book, looking at human history through the lense of Game Theory. I realized, however, that I am not familiar enough with Game Theory to truly appreciate some of the nuances of Wright's work. This led me to gametheory.net which seems like a very comprehensive online resource for all things related to Game Theory.

Adactio: Journal

Adactio sports an excellent Matrix Revolutions review, which is basically the review that I would write if I had the time and inclination. Most of the people who I went to see it with were not impressed. I, on the other hand, felt like it was a fitting third piece to the trilogy. The mind bend of the original film was not a reproducable effect.

How You Benefit From Panther

How You Benefit From Panther (via Mr. Barrett)

Yeah, um Apple, what is the deal with this.

So I read this post on Matt's blog, and then went to the post about the issue on random foo. I discovered that my 12 inch powerbook was also running at 533 Mhz, and not the 867 Mhz that it was supposed to be at. I then followed the instructions on the site for correcting the problem. My laptop seems much snappier now. If you own an Apple powerbook and are running Mac OS X, I recommend that you check these posts out, you might be running at a slower speed than you are supposed to. Update: It seems like, after careful testing by several people, that this is just a broken piece in the reporting, not an actual issue with processor speed.

raelity bytes :: /computers/operating_systems/apple/mac_os_x/alt_fn_expose.html

This exposé tip from Rael might be the best Panther tip I have seen so far.

rss reader for hiptop

Ulaanbaatar is an RSS reader in development for the hiptop. Sweet.

bump: space age madness

Back from Florida, and a bit preoccupied and tired. I just love my TiVo.

Team Bad Guy News

In other good news, the softball team that I have been playing on for the last three seasons turned a major corner last night, winning against a team that had previously dominated us. Team Bad Guy also clinched at least a .500 record for the season. Personally, I had a great game, although my hitting this season has been tepid at best, but I went 3 for 4 with four RBI's and a couple of runs scored. After the game, I felt better than I have felt in a few days. Winning has a way of doing that. It's a funny thing that, you have to learn to win, and believe that you can win, and I think we finally have managed to get to the point where we do believe.


Getting ready today to head out on a one day business trip to Florida to do some end user training on the content management system we use on the site. I don't travel much for work these days, and this will only be the second business only trip of the year for me. Now that I've gotten a bit more settled into a routine, and my house, I don't enjoy the business travel thing nearly as much as I used to in the whole boom era. A one day trip like this is a nice precision strike though, and I will be back in time for this weekends festivities, which look to be very interesting, so no complaints here.

New York Yankees News

Oh this is cool: Don Mattingly is the Yankees new hitting coach. They are making Luis Sojo the new 1st base coach and Willie Randolph is moving into Zimmer's spot in the dugout.

Mental percolation

You ever get to a point where you are wrestling with one of life's bigger issues, and you have a strong feeling about where you are going to end up at the end of the struggle? You, however, have to live with the percolation that results in your ending up in a place that you know you are going to end up. Otherwise, you won't have the level of commitment to the general life philosophy that comes from the struggle. There is a sweet relief in the end of a struggle with yourself, where you point yourself in a single minded direction and continue on with this new idea or ideal in mind. I wish I didn't have to wait to get there, but boy is it gonna be worth it when I do.

Slashdot | Neil Gaiman Responds

Slashdot: Neil Gaiman Responds


What an odd, and, at times, disturbing weekend. Halloween was a great time, I dressed up as the Pope. Had a great lunch and caught up with a friend on Saturday, and it was all downhill after that. Spent most of the day today moping around the house. Now I am watching football, and waiting for the Falcons to unravel the way my weekend did.