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San Diego County wildfires are out of control. So much so that they had to move the Monday Night Football game to Arizona. My thoughts are with the people of Southern California today.

Candy Labs - AppRocket

It has been well documented that it is a copy of the excellent Mac OS X utility Launchbar, but, for Windows XP users, AppRocket is a fantastic tool for launching applications and documents. Having it on my Sony laptop has made my day today. In addition to providing the functionality that Launchbar users might expect, the author has taught it a couple of new tricks, including the ability to read MP3 files' ID3 tags. Every song in my music library is now only a few key clicks away. If you are a Windows user, and are unfamiliar with Launchbar, I recommend downloading AppRocket and trying it out. It requires the .NET framework.

The Believer

I'm also quite addicted to The Believer.

Pages September/October 2003

I've really been enjoying Pages Magazine the last couple of months. The most recent issue, with the Steve Martin cover story, is especially good.

What's New in Mac OS X 10.3 Panther

Dive into OS X: What's New in Mac OS X 10.3 Panther | The future of energy The future of energy: "What then is the best way to speed things up? Unfortunately, not through the approach currently advocated by President George Bush and America's Congress, which this week has been haggling over a new energy bill. America's leaders are still concerning themselves almost exclusively with increasing the supply of oil, rather than with curbing the demand for it while increasing the supply of alternatives."

Crap. Goodbye Elliot. | A Whole Lotta Nothing

Elliot Smith killed himself? Damn, checking my iTunes play counter, two of the top five most listened to songs on my laptop are Elliot Smith songs. I was originally turned on to Elliot by Jack Saturn, as far as I remember, when we worked together. He was a masterful song writer, in my opinion, and yet another terrible loss. I'm never going to know you now, but I'm gonna love you anyhow.

my October lapse

My six day absence was caused by a variety of factors, but mainly the fact that I have been way behind with some of my household chores. I spent a good chunk of the weekend cleaning my house up, and yesterday I had to take the day off to wait for the HVAC guy, and in the meantime I shredded two garbage bags full of old paperwork, receipts and credit card statements. It feels good to get rid of the old, and I plan on dropping a carload of stuff off at Salvation Army this weekend. I also managed to read a couple of books.


CENTRAL APPS is a community site devoted to Macromedia Central applications.

A List Apart

A List Apart has redeisgned and relaunched.

Apple - iTunes

In case you are living under a rock, iTunes for Windows. We tried it out in the office this afternoon as soon as it was available for download. Pertty neat stuff. Decent sized download(19+ Mb), I am guessing because it includes Quicktime 6.4. Being able to include our Windows using bretheren in our office music sharing pool will be a huge plus, as it supports the sharing(streaming) of music libraries between platforms. As far as I can tell, the only mistake that Apple seems to have made is screwing people who bought first and second generation iPods. The redesigned iTunes Music Store is also quite nice. I like the addition of audio books, although I doubt I will be using that feature much. I think I will do another write up on the celebrity playlists, but they are an interesting idea that seems very well implemented. Finally, Apple is including a lot more liner note information on the albums available. That was one of the things that bothered me the most about the previous version of the iTunes Music Store.


I'm old, but I am younger than I will be someday.

Loofa vs. Grasshopper, round one

I'm not certain how the grasshopper got into the house in the first place, but Loofa, my cat, certainly found it to be worthy and amusing opponent for almost an hour before she got tired and I went and caught the thing. I don't think I have laughed that hard in about two months.

Thoughtcrime! | A Whole Lotta Nothing

Thanks Matt, this solution is one to a problem I just thought of today.

one year

It's been a year now. Hard for me to believe.

Wired News: Note to Sony: Skip IPod Knockoff

Wired News: Note to Sony: Skip IPod Knockoff I couldn't agree more. I don't think they could enter the hard-drive based MP3 player market with a product that would be that much better than the iPod at a much better price. It would be better for them to concentrate on where the market is obviously going to go rather than fight a losing battle in this round.

O'Reilly Network: Ten Things I Dig About Panther [Oct. 10, 2003]

O'Reilly Network: Ten Things I Dig About Panther

MBS: TinkerTool

TinkerTool 3, which is compatible with Panther, has been released.

I'll take a bye.

I have a confession to make. I still haven't seen The Matrix Reloaded. I was supposed to go see it on the day it was released with everyone from work, but a server emergency prevented me from going. Since then, I have somehow avoided spoilers, and I am looking forward to seeing it this week when it comes out on DVD. For some reason, I have developed an intense dislike of going to see movies in the theater. It may have something to do with the last year of my life being the first in something like ten years where I was single, and I really haven't dated all that much. I also would rather spend the money I would spend on going to see a movie in the theater towards a DVD that I can watch over and over if I want to. I'm sure that, for some movies, like The Return of the King, I will make exceptions, and I might even go see Kill Bill this weekend, but for the most part, I'm not going to the movie theater if I don't have to.

You WILL experience the Ninja Burger difference!

You WILL experience the Ninja Burger difference!

welcome to reset music

If you are a fan of mash-up mixes, and I know that you are, you owe it to yourself to check out reset. I liked the "solid state" and the "hack to mine" mixes the best. Know of other good mash up mixes or mix sites? Talk about it in the tribe. Home

I've rapidly become addicted to It's real similar, at first glance, to Friendster, but they have added a bunch of community features, most notably the tribes, to the mix and it makes all the difference in the world to me. The site is faster and more reliable than Friendster as well. If you join, you are more than welcome to identify yourself to me as a reader of this site and I will add you as a friend in my network. Update: I have also created a tribe for people who read bump.

Brighthand — A Bumper Crop of Fall Handhelds

Wow, lots of handhelds being released this fall.

Internet Scrabble Club

Internet Scrabble Club


What Is LookMob?

15 inch review

15-inch Aluminum PowerBook G4 Review - MLB - Recap - Yankees at Twins - 10/05/2003

Nuff said.

Dan Snyder

My thoughts and prayers are with Dan Snyder's family today. 37.

matt jones | work & thoughts | Available to purchase soon:

computers will eat you

BobaFred: Home

I am not a fan of the Tall Rum and Coke so much. I am more of a Jim Beam and Coke sort of guy. Having said that, I do sometimes enjoy a tall rum and coke, but very rarely.


I finally got around to posting the photographic evidence of the huge hole on Jupiter that Brian fell in, and the insanity that ensued.

Cubs at Braves

Cubs vs. BravesI went to the Cubs vs. Braves Playoff game last night with some friends. It was a lot of fun, and the closest thing I can get to the American League playoff baseball that I really want to see. It was interesting to see the contrast in the fans of the two teams. There were several thousand Cub fans, some who were Atlanta transplants, and others who had travelled from Chicago for the game. Braves fans tend to be a bit more gentile than I am used to, being from the Northeast. The Chicago fans were more boisterous, and they have every right to be with their history. As a Yankees fan, it was sort of fun to go to the game without a pre-disposition to be a fan for either team. Overall, it was a fun game, what October baseball should be all about. I'm not so secretly hoping that the series will go five games so that I can see another one. In the meantime, you can be sure that I will be glued to my television set for the game tonight.