- MLB - Recap - Twins at Yankees - 09/30/2003

The Yanks lost. I guess I just have to relax a bit and realize that the Twins are a real solid squad, and hope that the Yanks can pull off a win in Minnesota. Interesting fact in the article about how bad the Yanks record is in day games.

Major League Baseball : Postseason : Division Series

The Yankees start their post-season run this afternoon against the Twins. I've been a Yankee fan pretty much my entire life, and the franchise has a history and spirit that most other franchises could only dream about. Here's hoping they make a run, despite their aging pitching staff and the way the Twins have been playing the last couple of months. I'd love to see them face off against the reviled Red Sox in the next round.

General Wesley Clark for President - Official Campaign Web Site

Cameron Barrett has taken a gig as one of the bloggers working on General Wesley Clark's campaign blog. It's great to see one of the people who was blogging in 1997 get one of these higher profile blog jobs. I've known Cameron since those early days, and met him for the first time at SXSW in 2000. I'm really happy for him, he's the perfect guy to take campaign blogging to the next level.


Learn how to beatbox (via Magnetbox)

Hole in the sidewalk

If, by chance, you are walking down Juniper in Atlanta, please be sure to be careful. There is a large hole in the ground/sidewalk, and you may fall into that hole, and get stuck, and have to remove your shoe in order to get out of the hole.

Paul's Boutique Samples and References List (Beastie Boys + Dust Brothers)

Paul's Boutique Samples and References List. Wow, a lot of work had to go into this. One thing I have always loved about the B-boys is that I can follow the cultural references in their work to things that I will enjoy.


THE LOOPHOLE is a remix contest of Radiohead material sponsored by Radiohead.

SCIFI.COM | Battlestar Galactica

Trailers for the Sci-Fi channel Battlestar Galactica series.

Bootlegs, sampling madness and unofficial remix business - Boom Selection

If you like inventive mixes and remixes, you might want to check out Boom Selection. Kabloom!

Jim Roepcke's weblog: have browser, will travel

This might be the best blog post I have seen this year.

Top Ten Tips for Developing ColdFusion Components

Top Ten Tips for Developing ColdFusion Components

Macromedia Central Progress Update

I read through this Macromedia Central Progress Update a couple of days ago, and I think I have reviewed most of the materials that Macromedia has released to the public on Central. I have to admit, I don't get it. Seriously, just like Tom Hanks in the movie Big during the business meeting, I don't get it. I don't see how this is a viable part of Macromedia's strategy, how it fits into the rest of their enterprise. Perhaps I need someone to explain it to me a bit better, or to see it in action, but I doubt it. It just doesn't seem like a business that MM should be getting into to me. They make tools and platforms for creating interactive content, and this seems to me to stray from that vision.

Apple Power Mac G5 review by PC Magazine

A grudgingly good Power Mac G5 review by PC Magazine. I wonder, looking at their performance chart, if they used the version of Photoshop that has been optimized for the G5 when doing their tests. I would be very surprised if this were the case, they don't mention it in the piece, and it's the specific type of computing that the G5 would do well, so the Dell shouldn't be beating it. Update: I got an email from PCMag about this post. It appears that I missed the second page of the post where they explained the software configurations they used for testing. They did use the G5 optimized version of Photoshop. Interesting.

Macromedia Worldwide Store - Macromedia HomeSite 5.5

In what I think is a bit of good news on the Web tools front, Macromedia has started to sell HomeSite 5.5 as a separate product for $99.

PGA Village Learning Center trip

Things I learned this week at the PGA Village Learning Center included how to hold a golf club the correct way, how to position oneself correctly, and how to properly aim a golf shot. Unfortunately, I also learned that no matter how good things seem at the end of a golf lesson, one may still stink up the course afterwards.

iTunes Music Store

It occurred to me in thinking about the Apple Corps lawsuit against Apple this morning that Apple hasn't used the "Apple" name in the name of its music store, it's called The iTunes Music Store. If you go to the store through iTunes, there isn't an Apple logo to be found in the store interface (although there is one in the iTunes application itself), and no mention of Apple Computer aside from the copyright statement. I suspect that this is intentional, and meant to comply with the spirit of their earlier settlement. Remember that the settlement was about each company's right to use the "Apple" trademark. The wording of the quote from the Apple Corps lawyer in this article made me think about this. Somehow, I doubt very much that there will be any merit to this lawsuit, although there is no way of really knowing without a copy of that earlier settlement.

How does it know?

There are something like 3500 songs on my iPod. (all legal for those who are curious about these things) Among them are some three albums of Johnny Cash's material. Oddly, this morning, playing the entire library at random, Johnny Cash songs seem to be coming up every third or fourth song like clockwork. Is there something about this iPod thing I don't know?

bump: space age madness

kabloom! - The 'Man in Black' Johnny Cash dead at 71 - Sep. 12, 2003

The 'Man in Black' Johnny Cash dead at 71

Free as in stagnation (

I keep seeing posts like this one that refer to Blogger as being unreliable. While I cannot speak for other's experiences, I have to say that this is not the experience that I have had with Blogger at all. It may be that as a Pro user, I was using a different server than others and that that server was more reliable, I guess I'll find out now that they are folding us back into the general population.


Matt's {silence} is the best 9/11 tribute I have seen on the Web.


I have rapidly become addicted to Wordblog. I have been an avid Scrabble fan in the past, but currently have very few people to play against.

Get a(n interesting) life!

May you live in interesting times.

O'Reilly Network: Email Encryption for OS X

O'Reilly Network: Email Encryption for OS X

Blogger bucks premium-services trend | CNET

Blogger bucks premium-services trend. "A Google representative said the formerly paid services will be rolled out in the free version in the next few days, but that syndication and posting by e-mail will take longer to offer. "


Danger: HipTop OS 1.1 Sneak Peek A little birdy told me October 15th or 16th.

Pixies To Reunite For Tour, Album

Pixies To Reunite For Tour, Album. Oh yeah, oh yeah.

Woah Photo

I pretty much never link to other bloggish sites anymore. Which isn't to say that my default reading list has gotten any smaller, or that I am not out looking for new voices to listen to every day. Out of the ones I have discovered in the last few months, the one that stands out in my mind is EXP. His photos are simply stunning, and I love the simple yet effective site design.



Battle of the Bump

dooce: Battle of the Bump

A Place So Foreign and Eight More

A Place So Foreign and Eight More

infoSync World : Sony Ericsson accessorize to the max

Apparently, I can use my new phone with this remote controlled mini car. Cool!


cemetary has to be one of the best Flash/Photography pieces I have ever seen on the Web. Big ups to "sellout" Todd for the HREF.

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications

So last weekend, I ended up leaving my phone in a cab at the end of Saturday night. I couldn't remember which one of the many Atlanta Cab companies I had used, as I picked the cab up outside of the Dark Horse here in Atlanta. I awoke the next morning, realized I had lost my phone, and called it several times with no luck. Eventually, I gave up and went and purchased a Sony Ericsson T616. It seems like a great phone so far, I love the Bluetooth and iSync support, and I just installed Salling Clicker. Pretty neat to be able to use the cellphone as a remote control for my Powerbook. Should be even more interesting when I delve a bit more into the scripting side of things.

Macromedia - INTO - What are you into? (Beta)

Macromedia asks: What are you into? is like Netflix for console video games. Seems like a great idea, and I have been wondering why no one has jumped on this sooner. Update: always behind the times, I am. Check this post out for a complete rundown of these services.