Version Control with CVS on Mac OS X

Version Control with CVS on Mac OS X

RSS Fixed

For some reason RSS on this site has been the broken for a while. I fixed it now. It's here.

Mp3 What?

I've really been enjoying the new Jack Johnson, On and On. What do you call an album (vinyl) or CD when you purchase it via the Internet as MP3's? An Mp3 group? An Mp3 album? I feel old when I call them albums now, and have attempted to remove that term from my vocabulary. An Mp3 distro? Naw, too Linuxish and geeky. Hmmm, I really don't know what to call them. You?

Games based on Movies and Television

Mark Van de Wall : "What's surprising is that gamers haven't figured out that they should stop buying these games."

hmmm, test post

Yep, I'm quite busy, and somewhat confused.

Colin Moock: A Study in Flash Form Submission This is a good read for anyone thinking of using Flash to build Web applications.

Cam scraped his html entries into Movable Type. I'm glad to have him back, I missed his voice in my daily surfing.

I'm considering going to JavaOne in San Francisco next month. I really want to sharpen my J2EE skill base over the next few months, and with ColdFusion running on J2EE now, it seems like the next logical step for me. I'm not sure if I can get the time off from my current project yet, and still have to figure out if I can afford the expense, but any impressions of previous conferences are welcome.

Feed on Feeds is a server side RSS aggregator written in PHP. For those of us using Mac OS X, which ships with PHP, it is also a desktop aggregator.

For those of you that use iTunes, Apple's iTunes Tips and Tricks page has some good nuggets.

Some blogging software engineered for ColdFusion MX.

In other sports related news, Roger Clemens got his 299th career victory last night against the arch-rival Red Sox. Not only does the win put the Yankees a game ahead of the Sox in first place, but it sets the table for a Memorial Day matchup between the two teams that could be Clemens' 300th victory. I've seen the Rocket pitch several times, but the most memorable was two years ago, at Fenway. He was throwing hard, and still had good velocity in the late innings of the game. I really hope that he goes into the Hall of Fame as a Yankee, he's meant a lot to us Yankee fans over the last few years.

I guess just about everyone must know from all of the media attention that Annika Sorenstam is playing the PGA Tour event this week, The Colonial. Lots of differing opinions about this, but I'm happy for her that she is going to get to see what she can do at the highest level and I wish her the best. I think, however, based on the conditions out there today, that she will have an uphill battle making the cut. I think if the conditions were better on the course, and the ball would roll more, that she would have a much better chance. Having said that, I went out and played eighteen holes of golf with my co-workers on Tuesday, and I have a lot of respect for the way these folks, both the men and women, play. It's not an easy sport to master, and especially where consistency is involved.

Good O'Reilly piece on organizing your Web development and staging on your Mac OS X box.

BrowserCam is a good idea. Might be a bit too expensive though for most folks to use it.

For the life of me, I can't remember the name or URL of the site where I found this History of the Internet, but it is hilarious.

So I bought a new 12" Powerbook about a week ago. My old powerbook had totally died due to a video chipset issue. Aside from the video, the machine works fine, so I may have to do something funky with it. Back to the new Powerbook, I thought that I would feel like the 12" would be too small, but I didn't want to spend the money for the 17" and buying another somewhat outdated 15" seemed silly. I was wrong though, I don't feel like it is too small screen wise for my use of it. The fact that it is so small makes it easier to carry around, and I'm really enjoying it.

Today is my Mom's birthday too, Happy Birthday Mom. I could write pages here about everything that you have done for me, the support you've given me when I've needed it , and the impact that you've had on me as a person.

I went to Nathan's 30th birthday party last night. Lots of folks there that I hadn't seen in a while, and a bunch of Atlanta blog types that I wish I got to see more often. It's funny that you can live less than a mile from someone and still only see them once or twice a year. I'm going to have to resolve to have some get togethers so that I can remedy the situation, and maybe that will force me to accelerate the work that needs to be done on my house.

FeedDemon is an as yet unreleased Windows desktop RSS reader/organizer from Nick Bradbury. (Homesite, Topstyle)

Design Google a new logo?

Gizmodo reviews the Martian Netdrive

I find it very interesting that, in one of Apple's spots for the iTunes Music Store, Bono mentions a Clash song. Robert then realizes that there are a couple of classic Clash albums he wouldn't mind having again, and logs into the store when he gets back to net land. Aghast, he discovers that, whole almost all of the Clash's albums are listed, exactly none of them are available in their entirety for purchase. For my money, all lot of the context that makes these works as great as they are is in listening to the record/CD/music as a whole work.

I hate to admit it on a couple of different levels, but I have to agree with Sunil. What did it for me wasn't the Today Show or MTV, but the Heineken ad with a woman dressed as Trinity playing cocktail waitress. I'm still planning on seeing the movie opening day, but with a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth.

Good for EA for recognizing the strategic importance of owning the online real estate for gaming and not conceding it to the MSFT Xbox machine. On the other hand, this makes the decision about which console to buy for online gaming that much more difficult.

Figured I'd post this before it gets overexposed... have to watch this..

I have gone into turbo-Matrix fan mode the last few days, reading articles and taking my copy of The Art of the Matrix out and re-reading parts of it. I have also picked up copies of Taking the Red Pill and The Matrix and Philosophy, both of which look very promising.

Another troubling observation about the new iTunes and the music store, but one that I had already made. I was also surprised that this particular limitation existed in there. The other thing I am concerned about now is the timeliness with which they will be putting up their new releases. I expect to be able to buy them on the Tuesday that they are released on, not to have to wait any extra time. It looked as if the new Jack Johnson was scheduled to be available a week prior to its release elsewhere, but that hasn't actually happened, which is dissapointing. I think it would point out how popular this method of release could be.

So what have you bought from the iTunes Music Store so far? I've bought five songs and one full album.

The Flag

This knowledge base article denotes the differences between iPod software 2.0, which comes with the new iPods that start to appear in consumers hands tomorrow, and iPod software 1.3, which is the update they just released for the first and second generation iPods so that they could play the new AAC file format that the iTunes music store employs. This information, to me, is disturbing, and not just because I own a second generation iPod that is less than six months old. I would hope that Apple is not so short sighted that the new iPods are can't use the same code for a simple alarm clock. It pisses me off because the 20Gb iPod wasn't a small purchase for me, and I would expect them to continue to update the OS and firmware within a reasonable set of parameters. I can only surmise that this is another case of Apple being greedy because they did the absolute minimum for existing iPod owners. That refrain, for me at least, is getting more and more tiresome as time goes on. I'm at the crossroads, and I need to buy a new machine in the next couple of months, and I have to say that this stuff will factor into my decision.