So I'm now back at work after a fantastic ten day trip to Maine and Nova Scotia. If you sent me an email or voice message over the last week, it may take me a day or two to get back to you. All I can say is that I loved Nova Scotia. It's a great place to take a vacation and the countryside is beautiful and unmolested. There are plenty of great outdoor activities, and we did a bunch of them. I'll write more about this later tonight, and I'll be putting some pictures up as well. I loved Maine nearly as much, but it's a bit more touristy and built up.

Today's post is brought to you via a free Wi-Fi network in the hotel I am staying at in Portland, Maine. I'm having a great trip here in Maine so far. We spent the first two days at an inn by Poland Springs, and have now moved on to Portland for a couple of days. We went to see the local minor league baseball team, the Portland Sea Dogs, play this afternoon, and oddly the starting pitcher was named Nate Bump. Well, I'm off to dinner, but I thought I would throw something up here since I have the access.

Sleepy Sleepy. I've worked 20 of the last 24 hours in an effort to get the ERP module we have been working on out the door. As miserable as the lack of sleep makes me, I love this part of projects when the rubber meets the road and stuff finally gets finished. It's a rush that is hard for me to explain, but it's related to having built something and made it through the maze to get to the end.

There is some great content in Adaptive Path's essay section.

The upcoming Georgia Web Developers Conference features Zeldman goodness, much Web Services discussion, and a solid mix of various technologies. The price is right too. So, even if you aren't local here, you should at least consider visiting Atlanta in September, the weather here is beautiful then.

I haven't seen anyone else link to Google catalogs yet, but it's a great idea. I can now see what is in these catalogs without the junk mail in my mailbox. The ability to search through the catalog for references and items takes the whole thing to the next level.

One other thing that I have been thinking about today, in order to relieve the stress of my break in, involves super heroes and liability insurance. If you were a super hero, what kind of liability insurance would you need to carry? In fact, how could you even find a company that would insure you and what sort of huge premium would you have to pay? Imagine Superman fighting a villain in Metropolis, destroying buildings, homes, and city property in the process but putting the baddy away. He would then have to defend himself in all manner of lawsuits. In our society, he couldn't count on the good will of the citizens of Metropolis, and that he was fighting for the common good, he would get sued regardless of this fact. It would almost make being a super hero not a worthwhile endeavor. You would spend ten times as much time settling all of the suits as you would fighting crime.

Sorry for the lack of posts. I actually have a backlog of things I want to put up here, but haven't had the time to get to it over the last couple of weeks. I was reminded today that I live in an inner city neighborhood, I walked out my front door and discovered that someone had busted the passenger side window of my car and attempted to find something worth stealing within arm's reach of the window. Of course, there was nothing there, at least as far as I remember. So I spent half my day today getting that fixed.

I went to see Branden Hall speak to our local Macromedia User's Group last night. He talked about consuming Web Services with Flash, which is quite easy to set up, and also about the new Flash Communications Server, with which it is surprisingly easy to build applications. I really like the direction that Macromedia has taken with their Flash product line, but I sometimes feel like developers in the Flash community and Macromedia people, don't get what they have with Cold Fusion. This is somewhat frustrating to me. One example of this is their plan to phase out the Cold Fusion specific developer tools in favor of Dreamweaver. I'm not saying that Dreamweaver is a bad tool, but a one size fits all approach to development tools rarely works, especially when you have an audience of developers with skill sets and needs as diverse as those that the Macromedia customer base now includes. I think all of this points to a cultural split inside of Macromedia that somewhat mirrors the two companies prior to the Allaire-Macromedia merger. I thought this after talking to some Macromedia folks at SXSW this year, and as time goes on, I think this more and more. Well, that's just my observation for now.

Via Ogrady's Powerpage, I found this picture of a metal sheet protector that fits over the top lid of a Powerbook Titanium. Apparently, it's only available in Japan, of course, and I want one. Anyone know where I might be able to get one of these online?