Jeez, seems like everyone is switching over to Mac OS X from Windows these days. All I can say is welcome, it's nice here.

O'Reilly Network: Flying High with AirPort. I wonder now, as I sit in my living room watching the NBA playoffs and surfing through my blogroll, how I ever lived without the wireless network in my house.

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Pair's vision enabled avocation to build These women live next door to me, and the house that is featured in the article is across the street from mine. It really has been incredible watching them turn a shack back into a beautiful house.

They have released a new build of Chimera. It's up to about 40 percent of my browsing now. It's so much faster than IE that I think it is only a matter of time before I completely switch over.

Three Reasons to Migrate from ColdFusion Studio/HomeSite to Dreamweaver MX. There are a real lot of people in the Cold Fusion community that are nervous about this particular aspect of the transition to MX, and I'm one of them.

Such a great weekend, and computers played only a minor role. I trimmed the hedges today. While it doesn't make for interesting bloggage, I enjoyed it thoroughly, and the front yard looks much better. This afternoon featured the first multi-user session at my backyard swimming pool. Much chlorine was then washed from my person, and Mexican food was then promptly consumed. To bed now I must go.

This Windows XP Service Pack 1 Preview reveals some interesting details about Microsoft's plans to comply with the consent degree that is going to come out of their anitrust situation in Windows XP and future operating system releases. It seems, as always, that they are taking advantage of wording in the consent decree to do what they want, even if that flies in the face of the true spirit of the decree. I think this proves, for the umpteenth time, that they really need to be more strictly punished in this situation because it shows that they have little or no intention of actually changing the way they do business even if it has been found to be illegal by a court of law.

I'm currently watching the NCAA Lacrosse Semi-finals. It's such a great sport. I really don't understand why it hasn't taken off more. I enjoy watching it more than virtually all of the professional sports that I'm a fan of. I have to admit that I played, and that I have a brother who plays, and that probably makes a huge difference in my level of interest.

Google is a fickle beast. I'm now in the fifties of a search for Robert.

Wow, out of over 25 million pages, I'm in the top fifteen Roberts listed on Google. I wonder what I need to do to get myself up in the top ten?

Card's 'Ender's Game' coming to screen This might be the best Science Fiction book ever written in my opinion. I've wondered why it had never been made into a movie, actually even out loud a couple of weeks ago. Between Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, the Matrix movies and all the comic book movies that have/are being made, we might just be in the golden age of science fiction/fantasy movies. I wonder which of the major cyberpunk works will be the first to be made into a major motion picture. I haven't heard much about the Neuromancer movie that was being made lately. I would also love to see Snowcrash made into a movie someday, but it will be a very tough book to do justice to in a film.

It looks as if I'm going to be way too busy during the day to update, so I'm resolved to get a morning post in before I go to work starting tomorrow. It was, like most first days, both exciting and somewhat boring at times. I can tell that I am going to extend the limits of my skillset while building these applications. Now, I'm off to reward myself with a coffee while I clean the pool.

I start a new contract gig tomorrow. Web application development using high end SQL Server stuff and Cold Fusion. After the longish layoff, I'm really looking forward to building stuff again.

I've been a magazine addict for most of my life. I especially like discovering new magazines. I think that this is part of what made the Web so attractive to me initially. ReadyMade has to be the most amusing new magazine I've come across in a long time. I loved the first issue, and the second issue is out now. I would describe it as the magazine that Martha Stewart would come out with if she was actually cool and if she had a sense of humor about things. You should find this magazine, and then read it.

Xbox Live will cost $50 a year. Seems like a reasonable price to me. Especially with Star Wars Galaxies coming to the console. I think that Sony and Nintendo are leaving open the backdoor to the game market by neglecting this particular part of the console market. It's a dangerous mistake in my opinion that may cost the entrenched companies their markets.

Well, I'm back today after a fun weekend in Northern California with my main squeeze. It was a short trip for the amount of flying involved, but I'd never been to Monterey and Carmel before. I enjoyed both, but liked Carmel much more, it's less trashy and touristy, although it is still quite touristy. Today, I'm recovering from flying back on the redeye.

The chipmunk suicides continue. I estimate the death toll on my local chipmunk population at 12 or 13 now. This afternoon, I went out back to skim the pool, and floating in the middle of my pool was a baby chipmunk clinging to one of the pool noodles for dear life. I'm not sure how long he had been floating there, but he seemed like he had been there a while. I fished him out and dried him off, hopefully he will have learned a valuable lesson that many of his peers never learned: stay way from the ocean in the middle of the backyard.

Attack of the Clones was incredible. I won't spoil anything here, but I heartily endorse it. As anyone who has been reading this site since 1997 or 1998 knows, I'm quite the Yoda fan, and his role in this movie was fantastic. This movie was much much better than the last one. I can only imagine how much this movie will gross at the box office. Update: Well, I slept off my midnight movie hangover, and now I'm reading what others thought of this movie. I'm really surprised at the mixed reviews this movie got. It was fun, it didn't take itself too seriously, and it seems like a lot of other folks are taking it too seriously. I almost think that there is no way that George Lucas can win on the review front. On the other hand, there is almost no way he can lose on the dollar front, and what do you suppose is more important to him?

Yesterday, Dave was complaining(sort of) about the Smart Business interview he did. Today, Ziff Davis shuttered Smart Business magazine.

Fig Leaf is hosting a new Dreamweaver MX mailing list. The other lists that they host are really high quality in my experience with the right people from both the community and Macromedia being active.

What do you get when you combine an Atari 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System (8-bit), Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, Sony PlayStation 2, and a Windows PC? You get Yoshi's Boxx.

I couldn't agree with what Joel said about RealNames more. I can remember the first time I met someone from the company, at an Internet Advertising conference in New York, I couldn't believe that this was actually something that a company was doing. The fact that they spent $100 million trying to replace the existing Domain name system with a proprietary pay as you go one of their own serves them right. I can only imagine how many interesting businesses with real useful products could have been created with that money.

Apple: Xserve Wow. They really are going after the business market. Might as well, it would be a lot easier to run one of these as a Web server co-located than just about anything else.

I watched The Phantom Menace tonight with some friends before we go to see Attack of the Clones this week. I can't believe how much more I dislike that movie with repeated viewings. Every time that Jar Jar talks, I cringe. Throughout this viewing, all I could think about was Jar Jar's complete lack of relevance to the plot of the movie. In a way, it's a good thing. By watching this annoying movie, I managed to lower my expectations for Wednesday night.

"Well Known" TCP and UDP Ports Used By Apple Software Products Quite a useful document to have around. (via Mac OS X Hints)

Location X Is a version of the very important and useful Location Manager for Mac OS X. For years, the location manager was, in my opinion, what made the classic Mac OS a better laptop OS than the various MSFT OSes. I've missed it. I couldn't understand why Apple would leave something that was this valuable out of their new operating system when they rely so much on laptop sales now. I hope they do step up in a future version of the OS, but this will do for now.

infoSync : PocketPCs get even friendlier with Macs Sounds as if PocketMac is really getting there in terms of feature set.

Oh, and for the record, I know that the layout over at Radio Bump is broken. Having problems getting the calendar in the third column without it collapsing into the second column. Who said CSS positioning is easy? Feel free to comment over there if you think you know how to fix it:-)

Sites of note in the referrer logs this week include, the Atlanta Design List, and

On the subject of add ons for iTunes, iTunes Remote is a fantastic shareware add on that gives you a control window in any application and also lets you control a copy of iTunes across the network. I heartily recommend downloading the miniblue skin for it which makes the control window tiny and means it won't encroach on other application windows.

iTunesTrackInfo is an Applescript application that grabs the information from the currently playing track and uploads it to a Web server for inclusion in a page via includes.

Weblog BookWatch is yet another mini app from the brilliant mind of pb.

For those of you who found this page searching for a Mac OS X version of Cold Fusion and ended up here, I'm sad to report that such a beast does not currently exist. There is a petition here. As far as I can find, there isn't anything on Macromedia's site that addresses this question directly. One would think that it is only a matter of time before the most widely distributed version of Unix gets support, then again this is a server product not a desktop one.

There has been a rash of chipmunk suicides in my back yard over the last couple of weeks. It's terrible. I check on the pool, and the pool filter system at least once a day, and recently I have found at least one chipmunk in the pool every day. The strange thing is that we have had plenty of rain over the last few weeks, so thirst shouldn't be a motivation for them to jump in the pool. I just don't understand what could possibly be so depressing about being a chipmunk that would make them want to end their little chipmunk lives. I mean they seem so happy in the cartoons I have seen. I just seems so unfair.

Microsoft convicted of software piracy I don't know how this escaped the major news media in this country, but this is a very serious thing. It's terrible that a company that has the opportunity to be the statesman of the industry is continually doing things that are awful for the industry. In this case, it's ironic that they were found guilty of this particular offense in light of their heavy handed software licensing policy and their stand on piracy itself.

Dave talks about iChat and Apple. I think people look at these things the wrong way. Yes, Apple is releasing a chat client with the next version of Mac OS X. The complaint seems to be that with their iSoftware applications, Apple is entering the space that independent developers are already in, and stomping all over their efforts. On the other hand, most chat software is free. Having said that, Apple doesn't have the history of taking advantage of undocumented system features with their apps like Microsoft has with Office. They tend to expose the same interfaces for third parties that they use themselves. So, my conclusion is that a third party chat application with better features does have the opportunity to play in the market. These built in applications, iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, and the online application suite iTools, tend to be best of breed applications. They make the platform more attractive to consumers, without a doubt. I think that the long term gain of market share by delivering applications like these to Apple customers outwieghs the negatives. I do wonder, however, where the line should be drawn. By continuing development of all of these applications, is Apple losing it's focus? How many of these applications does it makes sense for them to invest in? Finally, god forbid they decide to discontinue development on one of these applications if developers have decided to vacate that space.

Flash: Blogging Goes Corporate Wired documents what is going on with the Flash community and Macromedia's weblogs.

"Computers are useless. They can only give you answers." - Pablo Picasso

Jaguar looks as if it deals with virtually all of my complaints with the current version on Mac OS X.

I read The Alchemist: A Fable About Following Your Dream this afternoon based on Joshua Davis's recommendation in his surfstation interview. I liked it, it's one of those simple philosophy to life metaphysical books that I seem to be a sucker for.

Just in time for the NBA playoffs, it's Bill and Shaq.

Digital Web Magazine: SVG: The New Flash

SF Gate: Macromedia survives a decade by reinventing itself Reading this story makes me think that, to some extent, Macromedia still is not coherent as a company. The article mentions Dreamweaver and Flash as Macromedia's most important products, but fails to mention their server line of products, which I think will end up being equally as important to the company moving forward. This, from a marketing perspective, is a really important aspect to their story.

Cam's Happy Pencil Holy amazing artwork. (Flash)

I have to agree with Jim. I've been a comic fan for most of my life, and Spiderman, while it was never my absolute favorite title, has always been among the best Marvel books. The movie was very well done, and I can't think of a better adaptation of a comic book to the big screen to date. (We'll see however, when Ang Lee's Hulk comes out.) Some additional comic book movies I'd like to see, a Thor movie, a Captain America movie, and a Green Lantern movie. I'm not sure what happened to the Fantastic Four movie, but I also would like Clobberin' Time to come to the big screen at some point.

Well, this morning my copy of Fireworks MX timed out on me. This stuff has gotten very frustrating. I can't use any of the new software now on my Mac OS X machine. Guess I'll be a Windows XP user for the next couple of weeks because I don't want to fall behind in learning this stuff. I guess what makes this so frustrating to me is that Mac OS X has been commercially available for over a year now. This is no longer some brand new Operating System. People who have wireless networks and use a laptop tend to switch between them and wired networks.

What is cool? I only own 9 of Rolling Stone's 50 Coolest Records on the other hand I own a meager 2 of the 50 Uncoolest Records. Of course, I agree with neither list. (link and idea via evhead)

Report: Internet File-Sharing Boosts Music Sales This confirms what I've thought all along. I know that this is true in my case.

MX products fail to launch: "Trial Expired" message in Macintosh OS X Bottom line, if you are running Mac OS X and had this problem due to your normal network configuration, you are screwed. The tone of this technote, and JD's comment, make me think that this could be resolved to make Mac OS X users happy, but they are more focused on getting the final software out the door. It might just be me, but I think this just might send the wrong message to this group of users. I also think that, if their preview didn't work on Windows XP, they would be rewrapping it today.

WaxPraxis is a new Weblog worth reading maintained by Flash guru Branden Hall. Add that to Mike Chambers, John Dowdell, Vernon Viehe, and Matt Brown and there is a real lot to be learned from Macromedia related weblogs. Mike Chambers has a list of some additional Flash MX weblogs that have sprung up here.

Geez, that was a short preview. There's some sort of problem with both the Dreamweaver and Flash MX preview versions that I have installed on my Mac OS X machine. They expired after the first time I ran them rather than on June 7th and in 90 days respectively. There is a thread in the Macromedia Preview forums that deals with the issue, and the fact that they are aware of it, but that they aren't sure what causes it so there is no fix yet. So no preview for me anymore. Damn, I was having fun.

Macromedia has somewhat quietly posted an updated Flash Player that takes care of the two known bugs in the previous version of the 6 player.

DoubleCommand: "DoubleCommand is a Mac OS X 10.1 kernel extension that gives PowerBook and iBook users a second Command key (Apple key), replacing the enter key next to the space bar."

Using CSS With Radio Userland

Is Cold Fusion MX the Death of Fusebox?

DJ'ing with Ableton Live This application is a really versatile sequencing application that runs on both Windows and Mac OS X. I've been playing with it since they released the Mac OS X version in January.

Things my girlfriend and I have argued about Hehe, I did quite a bit of relating to the author while reading this piece.

Apple released iPhoto 1.1

Macromedia: Building a Database Query Application with Server-Side ActionScript

Macromedia: Best Practices with CSS in Dreamweaver MX Dreamweaver MX and valid (X)HTML