May 4, 2002

Cam's Happy Pencil Holy amazing artwork. (Flash)
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I have to agree with Jim. I've been a comic fan for most of my life, and Spiderman, while it was never my absolute favorite title, has always been among the best Marvel books. The movie was very well done, and I can't think of a better adaptation of a comic book to the big screen to date. (We'll see however, when Ang Lee's Hulk comes out.) Some additional comic book movies I'd like to see, a Thor movie, a Captain America movie, and a Green Lantern movie. I'm not sure what happened to the Fantastic Four movie, but I also would like Clobberin' Time to come to the big screen at some point.
3:54:50 PM +

Well, this morning my copy of Fireworks MX timed out on me. This stuff has gotten very frustrating. I can't use any of the new software now on my Mac OS X machine. Guess I'll be a Windows XP user for the next couple of weeks because I don't want to fall behind in learning this stuff. I guess what makes this so frustrating to me is that Mac OS X has been commercially available for over a year now. This is no longer some brand new Operating System. People who have wireless networks and use a laptop tend to switch between them and wired networks.
11:19:28 AM +

May 3, 2002

What is cool? I only own 9 of Rolling Stone's 50 Coolest Records on the other hand I own a meager 2 of the 50 Uncoolest Records. Of course, I agree with neither list. (link and idea via evhead)
8:45:21 PM +

Report: Internet File-Sharing Boosts Music Sales This confirms what I've thought all along. I know that this is true in my case.
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May 2, 2002

MX products fail to launch: "Trial Expired" message in Macintosh OS X Bottom line, if you are running Mac OS X and had this problem due to your normal network configuration, you are screwed. The tone of this technote, and JD's comment, make me think that this could be resolved to make Mac OS X users happy, but they are more focused on getting the final software out the door. It might just be me, but I think this just might send the wrong message to this group of users. I also think that, if their preview didn't work on Windows XP, they would be rewrapping it today.
1:30:53 PM +

WaxPraxis is a new Weblog worth reading maintained by Flash guru Branden Hall. Add that to Mike Chambers, John Dowdell, Vernon Viehe, and Matt Brown and there is a real lot to be learned from Macromedia related weblogs. Mike Chambers has a list of some additional Flash MX weblogs that have sprung up here.
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May 1, 2002

Geez, that was a short preview. There's some sort of problem with both the Dreamweaver and Flash MX preview versions that I have installed on my Mac OS X machine. They expired after the first time I ran them rather than on June 7th and in 90 days respectively. There is a thread in the Macromedia Preview forums that deals with the issue, and the fact that they are aware of it, but that they aren't sure what causes it so there is no fix yet. So no preview for me anymore. Damn, I was having fun.
9:36:41 PM +

Macromedia has somewhat quietly posted an updated Flash Player that takes care of the two known bugs in the previous version of the 6 player.
9:36:39 PM +

DoubleCommand: "DoubleCommand is a Mac OS X 10.1 kernel extension that gives PowerBook and iBook users a second Command key (Apple key), replacing the enter key next to the space bar."
9:21:58 PM +

Using CSS With Radio Userland
5:40:54 PM +

Is Cold Fusion MX the Death of Fusebox?
5:37:18 PM +

DJ'ing with Ableton Live This application is a really versatile sequencing application that runs on both Windows and Mac OS X. I've been playing with it since they released the Mac OS X version in January.
12:28:20 PM +

Things my girlfriend and I have argued about Hehe, I did quite a bit of relating to the author while reading this piece.
12:15:59 PM +

Apple released iPhoto 1.1
8:10:37 AM +

Macromedia: Building a Database Query Application with Server-Side ActionScript
8:06:03 AM +

Macromedia: Best Practices with CSS in Dreamweaver MX
7:56:26 AM + Dreamweaver MX and valid (X)HTML
7:54:31 AM +

April 30, 2002

I think that I am experiencing Macromedia MX overload. Having all this new stuff at once has made me like a kid in a candy store, but now I have the ensuing tummy ache. I take back the majority of what I said in my rant on Friday. Dreamweaver MX appears to make me want to buy it when it is released. I don't say this lightly, I've been a BBEdit addict for the last six years of my life. What they've done with it makes it a much closer Mac replacement for Cold Fusion Studio than anything else. I've got Cold Fusion MX running on a server here at the Bump clubhouse. By all appearances, I'm impressed and want very much to do real live work with it and the Flash remoting stuff. Anyway, I'm a little bleary eyed right now. Time for some shuteye.
8:57:06 PM +

I've been having this routing issue on my home network. I couldn't figure out for the life of me what was causing it, but it was causing annoying problems with certain Internet apps, and also with some file sharing. This afternoon, I was moving my Airport Base Station, and ended up plugging it into a different port on my router. Poof. Problem solved.
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A brocolli inherit.

A Birch Icon Toiler

A crib chore oil tin.

Citable Iron choir.

4:58:30 PM +

/Open Source Web Design seems to be just what it is named.
12:23:26 PM + is a site devoted to Cold Fusion Components, which are one of the new features in Cold Fusion MX.
12:22:14 PM +

April 29, 2002

I need a new logo for this site. My design skills really don't include logo design. I have no experience with it at all. So I'm asking for help. The help could either be the enabling kind where you tell me to check things out, suggest a methodology and tools, and then I go off and do my thing or the help could be in the form of actual design help. Since I'm not exactly rolling in the dough these days, far from it actually but that's another story altogether, I can't really offer anything aside from gratitude and credit or possibly some sort of barter. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, mail me. Thanks.
3:56:36 PM +

There are some really useful and interesting ColdFusion MX Resources up on Ben Forta's site. For those unfamiliar with Cold Fusion, Ben Forta is sort of like the Obi Wan Kenobi of the Cold Fusion world.
3:18:52 PM +

For the music listener's in the audience, these iTunes Applescripts do all manner of useful things like provide better handling of your Library and let you set a whole genre to a specific EQ setting. Best of all, they are provided by Apple. Why didn't they just ship them with the application itself? If you are interested in digging into doing some scripting yourself, there is some great information on this page, (this site also has more downloadable scripts.)
2:56:29 PM +

Getting Started with ColdFusion MX and Flash Remoting
2:51:12 PM +

ColorMix Online color mixer.
2:51:11 PM +

Builder dot com:ColdFusion is scalable (via JD on MX)
10:35:05 AM +

Almost as if in response to my rant about their two unreleased products for Mac OS X, Macromedia announced, and released preview versions of Dreamweaver MX and Fireworks MX
10:19:45 AM +

Apple released substantially upgraded PowerBooks today. My first generation Titanium, which I supposed was going to last me for at least two years, is now only 13 months old, and I still want one of these newer ones for the increased processor speed, level 3 cache, and increased video memory.
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