I think that I am experiencing Macromedia MX overload. Having all this new stuff at once has made me like a kid in a candy store, but now I have the ensuing tummy ache. I take back the majority of what I said in my rant on Friday. Dreamweaver MX appears to make me want to buy it when it is released. I don't say this lightly, I've been a BBEdit addict for the last six years of my life. What they've done with it makes it a much closer Mac replacement for Cold Fusion Studio than anything else. I've got Cold Fusion MX running on a server here at the Bump clubhouse. By all appearances, I'm impressed and want very much to do real live work with it and the Flash remoting stuff. Anyway, I'm a little bleary eyed right now. Time for some shuteye.

I've been having this routing issue on my home network. I couldn't figure out for the life of me what was causing it, but it was causing annoying problems with certain Internet apps, and also with some file sharing. This afternoon, I was moving my Airport Base Station, and ended up plugging it into a different port on my router. Poof. Problem solved.

A brocolli inherit.

A Birch Icon Toiler

A crib chore oil tin.

Citable Iron choir.

/Open Source Web Design seems to be just what it is named.

CFCzone.org is a site devoted to Cold Fusion Components, which are one of the new features in Cold Fusion MX.

I need a new logo for this site. My design skills really don't include logo design. I have no experience with it at all. So I'm asking for help. The help could either be the enabling kind where you tell me to check things out, suggest a methodology and tools, and then I go off and do my thing or the help could be in the form of actual design help. Since I'm not exactly rolling in the dough these days, far from it actually but that's another story altogether, I can't really offer anything aside from gratitude and credit or possibly some sort of barter. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, mail me. Thanks.

There are some really useful and interesting ColdFusion MX Resources up on Ben Forta's site. For those unfamiliar with Cold Fusion, Ben Forta is sort of like the Obi Wan Kenobi of the Cold Fusion world.

For the music listener's in the audience, these iTunes Applescripts do all manner of useful things like provide better handling of your Library and let you set a whole genre to a specific EQ setting. Best of all, they are provided by Apple. Why didn't they just ship them with the application itself? If you are interested in digging into doing some scripting yourself, there is some great information on this page, (this site also has more downloadable scripts.)

Getting Started with ColdFusion MX and Flash Remoting

ColorMix Online color mixer.

Builder dot com:ColdFusion is scalable (via JD on MX)

Almost as if in response to my rant about their two unreleased products for Mac OS X, Macromedia announced, and released preview versions of Dreamweaver MX and Fireworks MX

Apple released substantially upgraded PowerBooks today. My first generation Titanium, which I supposed was going to last me for at least two years, is now only 13 months old, and I still want one of these newer ones for the increased processor speed, level 3 cache, and increased video memory.

FreeMovie looks interesting, not sure how missed it previously. (PHP)

So what's left with X? I mean I now have every app I need on Mac OS X with the release of Photoshop 7 and the ability to synch my Clie. I got rid of Classic on this machine a few months ago, and now I don't feel like I'm lacking any application that I need to get work done. (Which kind of stinks because I'm out of excuses now.) I'm quite happy with Microsoft Office, OmniOutliner, Photoshop 7, Flash MX, BBEdit, and all the other Mac OS X apps I'm using. Vendors that have still not made it to Mac OS X with apps that I used to use on either a regular or sporadic basis have probably lost me as a customer because I have either found a replacement that I like on X or have learned to do without their application altogether.

Some fine examples of this are Fireworks and Dreamweaver. in my opinion, Macromedia dropped the ball on these in a serious way. The reason I think this is that there are other applications that do similar or the same things that made it there first and the demand for native apps was fierce. I used Fireworks almost every day before I switched to X. I've now learned to use Photoshop for the few things that I didn't know how to use it for previously so I don't need Fireworks at all anymore. I never really used Dreamweaver that much to begin with, but had it been available before, I would have bought it. Considering that Mac database connectivity in UltraDev has always been a second class cousin of its Windows friends(Cold Fusion Studio for instance.) I doubt that there will be a compelling reason to purchase Dreamweaver. I think there was an error in strategy there. Unless Macromedia is going to come to market with some innovative, compelling, must have features, I don't see any reason to upgrade my Mac OS 9 licenses to Mac OS X. That's only one example, but one that I think is pretty obvious. In another, the combination of OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle has replaced Inspiration, which I used to swear by for site mapping and visual documentation of technical solutions. If you don't make it over the hump, you are bound to lose customers. This is going to get more bloody for software vendors in the next few months. I care more about getting work done than I love your applications.

The interface of the operating system still has a few quirks that irk me. More specifically, I find the Finder to be slower than it should be, it has some behaviors that are far from intuitive, and some things that I wish were there that are not. I really am annoyed by the list view's window behavior, which is missing some of the basic features of the classic finder. There are some new features, however, that I now just love. One example of this is the column view.

The bottom line is that I am pretty happy with Mac OS X, which is somewhat surprising to me based on it's age and maturity level.

Oh good golly yes! Missing Sync Preview for Mac OS X. I will finally be able to use my Clie with my Tibook. Update: Some great integration here between the devices and iTunes and iPhoto. Now I wish I had the Clie with the built in camera.

O'Reilly Network: XP on the PowerPC

New OmniOutliner beta

Studio Log: Applescript, BBEdit, PHP, MySQL and Flash MX Working Together as a Development Environment on Mac OS X (via Flash Blog)

It seems like a lot of people took the demise of the Grand Royal Record label to mean that the Beastie Boys broke up. Based on what I've been reading and hearing, the two things are not related, and the Beastie Boys are working on a new record.

Musicians iPod Tools

onfocus.com: Google Smackdown (currently requires a Google developer key)

I'm guessing that it's no big secret that Apple will be releasing new TiBooks with updated video systems. Other rumors I've heard are that they will include a SuperDrive and will be slightly thicker than the existing models. For the first time in almost a decade, I no longer feel it necessary to keep up with hardware upgrading the way I used to.

A List Apart: Flash MX: Clarifying the Concept A solid look at the issues with accessibility in Flash and what improvements one may find in Flash MX. There is so much player hating of Flash on this one criteria, which I find amusing because many people, myself included, don't even do a good job with accessibility using HTML and other standards based technology.

Damn, the newest version of chimera is looking sweet.

No more dooce.com? Poopie.

I think I'm wearing milkbone underwear again.

Hello Photoshop, Goodbye Classic

Wow, binary noise opens up a whole new type of Flash application development for the desktop.

hat trick for my brother (yea David!!)

I went to see Frailty tonight. The best film I've seen in 2002 by far.

Photoshop 7.0 Scripting plug-in: "Automate repetitive tasks and key workflows using rich scripting support. Write scripts using JavaScript or AppleScript." (via mac.scripting.com)

amigodM's Flash MX Window component is pretty interesting and useful.

If you use or are interested in Flash MX, Colin Moock's moock.org updates mailing list is a pretty valuable little resource worth checking out.

Macromedia: Which server language should I use?

Osbournes want more money for second season. Can't say I blame them, MTV has made big cash off the success of the show. Having said that, how good would a second season be? Not very, the magnetic effect of the first season would have some sort of effect on how they acted on camera.

It's pretty quiet here at the bump clubhouse. With taxes and some computer/server housekeeping, I got caught up in some other things the last few days, and didn't really feel that I had anything really worth posting. Most of the really interesting stuff, I'm legally bound not to talk about here for the time being. I can say that I've been experimenting with a next generation Web application server that is in beta, and it really rocks.

Somehow I missed it, but filming on Ang Lee's Incredible Hulk Movie has started. You may remember Ang Lee from a little film called Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

FlashToolset 1.1 released (Flash MX ready)

This is interesting stuff.

If you surf over to Radio Bump and then scroll down, you'll see that I'm checking out the new Google Web Services API via Radio. I'll change the search terms from time to time to reflect my interests.

O'Reilly Network: Inventing the Future This is a good, look ahead, write up that's worth reading for anyone interested in technology. Of course, I might be saying that because I mostly agree with the technologies he picked.

I had an interesting moment this morning. At least to me. I couldn't remember when the last time I rebooted my Ti Powerbook that is running Mac OS X was. I fired up the terminal, typed "uptime" and discovered that my machine hadn't been rebooted in 12 days. This on the machine I use for email, web browsing, games, and just about everything that doesn't absolutely require the use of my Sony laptop or my other machine that is still running mac OS 9. This might not seem like that long to some, but to people who are still using Mac OS 9, this would be an eternity to have your machine not crash or have to reboot it after a software install. Progress.

Wicked Intellect: Flash based XML-RPC for Blogger (via JD on MX)

osOpinion: Microsoft To Detail Mac .NET Plans "While development tools for XML (the language used for .NET servers and clients) are scarce on the Macintosh, Browne's presentation may eliminate the void." I don't think this is accurate. I believe that there are plenty of XML tools available on the Macintosh. In fact, I'm typing this right now using one of them.

John Dowdell makes some interesting observations about the different attitude in the Cold Fusion and PHP/ASP communities regarding the developments in connecting Flash MX aaplications with back end technologies. I'll be reading JD on MX from here on out.

Apple Bluetooth: A Primer

vanderwal.net has a great compendium of information related to the WSJ redesign.

OJR: WSJ's $28 Million Renovation

Building A Collection Of DJ Albums: "Fifteen Essential 12-Inches And Albums." I have only eleven out of the fifteen. Quite a crushing blow. There are a couple that I would put in there that they have ignored, like Paul's Boutique by the Beastie Boys which set a whole new standard for back beats and the Z-Trip and Radar Future Primitive Mix that might be the greatest mix tape of all time. Perhaps I should make my own list.

Radio Bump (This is a test of the shortcut broadcast system. If this were in fact a real shortcut, it might actually go somewhere useful.)

Brent's got a Macintosh News Aggregator up on his site now. Still a few sites that need to be added somehow it looks like to make it complete, but how long before something like this puts MacSurfer in a bad spot? I know when we started it way back when, that it was terribly time consuming surfing around to find all the updates that had occurred sine the last page update. It's nice to see that all this newish Web technology does make it easier to follow the sites you want to follow.

USATODAY.com - Piracy pillages music industry Yet another big newspaper piece that does not really explore this issue fully. My views are quite evident to longtime readers. I buy music, and I want to be able to use it anywhere. There are lots of issues with the music companies, including the ridiculous pricing of cd's today. At the same time, I admit there is an issue here with piracy. People who can damn well afford to pay for the music they listen to are making copies of cd's for each other. I was at a friends house last week, he's a consultant for a company that does ERP software implementations. He was giving a copy of the Moulin Rouge soundtrack that he had made for another friend of mine who works in the same business. These are people who make six figures plus, not starving college students, not people who are frustrated with the lack of digitally distributed music. This hammered home for me that this really is a serious issue that is not the simple set of issues normally presented by the "Internet" crowd. Sure, I might buy more music because of the exposure to it online, but others will simply take what they want regardless of morals and ethics. Having said that, the music industry cannot point at digital copying alone for its woes, and their statistics prove nothing.

I happened upon an outdoor hip hop show when I was going to get a coffee on Saturday. The band was Live on Arrival, an Atlanta hip hop group that has been around for several years. Somehow I had never run into them before. They were solid, a couple of MC's, sometimes joined by others, and a band consisting of drums, bass, guitar, two keyboardists, and a dj. One word popped into my head while I was watching them: Legitimate. Really well designed and executed rhymes, and musically they are on a soulish tip. They sort of reminded me at times of the Goats, one of my favorite hip hop groups from Philly that also played with a live band. I snapped a bunch of pictures which you will find here. I'll definitely be at their shows from here on out.

IPod: Music to Hackers' Ears This article paints a picture that says this device has the potential to be more than just another MP3 jukebox if Apple is willing to put the time in and nurture the community. Prediction: that won't happen.

I've been digging a little into the Instant Outline stuff. Andy's Hive gives you an interesting way to browse through the outlines without the overhead of Radio. This won't really give you the full concept though. I can see without a doubt that this could be invaluable as a an internal collaboration interface the same way that we use IM clients to talk in the office now. Leave it in your outline and I'll pick it up later.

First person shooter board game. I've been through a sort of board game revival over the last couple of years. The last two summers, we would gather around the pool in my apartment complex and play Risk and swim. Board games are a much more social experience than video games currently. Perhaps, though, that will change.

Giambi's Bat Is Cold, and So Is His Reception I like how he chooses to embrace the attitude of Yankee fans, even when it goes against him. I respect that.

Yankees End D'Rays' Run. It looks, from the outside, like the pressure of playing in New York is having unexpected negative effects on Giambi's performance. I'm certain that things will swing the other way, and that this is somewhat of an adjustment time period. Needless to say, it seems the honeymoon was over pretty quick.

Good people can do bad things, and bad people are quite capable of doing good things at times. Sometimes, when a bad person does something that wasn't intended as a good thing, the results nonetheless are good results. Also, when a good person tries to do something good, they can cause bad results. As a result of this information set, I rarely will condemn a person's actions across the board. I get frustrated sometimes, that the binary nature of people causes them to do this, to condemn someone across the board. It gets tiring, hearing essentially the same thing from someone over and over again. Just a meandering thought, but one that I seem to be thinking a lot recently.

A is for Apple

Google PigeonRank Technology

It's starting to look like Robin Ventura was the key off-season acquisition by the Yanks. They beat Baltimore again last night behind excellent pitching from Mussina. Too bad most of Manhattan still can't watch the games due to the cable craziness with the Yes Network.

Stepwise: Restoring HFS and webDAV after Apple's April 2002 Security Update

The newest version of Omnigraffle for Mac OS X ships with jjg's visual vocabulary as a palette. How cool and very useful. Upon surfing a bit from a link I found at Webgraphics, I also found that Michael Angeles has a downloable palette that can be used for wireframing with Omnigraffle. Finally, there are even more palettes linked from Omni's extras page. I have a feeling that I will never regret licensing all of Omni's software a couple of months ago.

Animated Today 2002 opens the today screen on Pocket PC devices up to Flash development.

Rip 'n' Roll: A Date With 8 Jukeboxes This article does not live up to its title at all. I was expecting a comparison of the eight Jukeboxes. At best, all I got was a mention of eight jukeboxes. I can't believe how shoddy I've found the mainstream media's coverage of technology consumer electronics to be. The reports are, like this one, shallow and uninformative. I'm not talking about hardcore technical specifications or tests even, how about a comparison of the sound quality of these devices, or a listing of which has the best battery life? People are saying that Weblogs are not journalism, but all I keep thinking is that I get better information from Weblogs about many of the things I am interested in. Finally, there's not a new piece of information in this article anywhere. No conclusions drawn, no recommendations made. Where's the beef?

This post on Derek's site, and the comments that go along with it are chock full of links that merit visitations. "who you calling boring, punk?"

Jordan's Season Is Over Hey, I was pretty vocal about his return, saying that it wasn't a good idea. I think that he tried to do something that he thought was right for him, for the team, and for the game itself. I'm really sorry that things didn't really work out for him the way he was hoping. I guess there is always next year.

There are already a few interesting Flash MX components here. mmm yummy.

DaVinci is a Flash MX component for annotating images. This should give some of you Flash haters something to think about.

Darkleaf is the next band from the crew that spawned Jurassic 5. Worth checking out if you like non-mainstream hip hop, J5, or Ozomatli.

Hello. I opened my pool yesterday. I lost six pounds in the first week of my diet, and I'm off to the gym in a moment.