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The Onion: Judge Orders God To Break Up Into Smaller Deities: "Calling the theological giant's stranglehold on the religion industry "blatantly anti-competitive," a U.S. district judge ruled Monday that God is in violation of anti-monopoly laws and ordered Him to be broken up into several less powerful deities. "

MacCentral: Apple sued over G3 support in OS X What a lawsuit happy country this has become.

kung fu re-mixer found via web graphics from The Study of Design. Make sure you try using your keyboard to control it. : snapGallery! "snapGallery is a fast, easy way to create a quick web gallery of pictures." (Windows Only.)

Strange thing this afternoon. I'm more of a dog person really than a cat person.(Don't tell Loofa that please.) Normally dogs love me, and even dogs that are generally unfriendly to other people seem to warm up to me right away. I was walking acrosss a parking lot this afternoon, and this woman was talking to someone and holding her two dogs on leashes. As I walked by, one of them strained to the end of its leash wagging it's tail. I took this to mean that he/she wanted to say hello, so I took a step closer. The dog immediately took a mouthful of my shirt and began trying to bite me. I was stunned, and the dogs owner also seem stunned. Anyway, the dog put two little teeth holes in my shirt. I'm now doubting that dogs like me.

BBEdit 6.5.2 is released. Lots of bug fixes.

I re-installed Windows XP on my Sony Vaio yesterday. I have say that I'm very impressed with the speed of the new OS so far. I originally did an install right over Windows ME, which was a mistake. A clean install, as painful as that can be, seems to be the way to go with it. At times, especially when Web surfing, it makes my Mac OS X machine, which is comparable in speed and configuration, look sluggish. Having said that, I suspect that this is because Internet Explorer for Mac OS X isn't the fastest app on the planet.

Man, my mortgage seems to be changing hands once a month right now.

I did a little work last night on a new design, that will probably end up being a theme once it's complete, over at Radio Bump. I'm also using Sam Devore's iTunes scripts to pull the song playing at the time of publish. I'm looking forward to building hooks into some of the other Applescript aware apps I use.

NY Times: For Mail, a Palm That Gets It

Mac Net Journal: The state of OS X Web browsers

lOggy! The Inbox Experience! I am way too amused by this. (via Evhead)

Sony to sell Linux kit for Playstation 2 Interesting, but $299? That seems a little steep for Linux and a 40 Gb hard drive to me. I mean that's how much the Playstation 2 hardware costs. (via Ars Technica)

osOpinion: How I Managed To Can the Spam This a one very clever, non-traditional way to fight spam.

So I've been thinking about this site, and what makes me post. I have come to the conclusion that I am a fair weathered blogger. That is that I tend to post more when things in my life are going well than when things aren't going that well. I'm certain that there are others who post more when things aren't going well.

Things that go blog in the night.

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents: FAQ: " What is the golden rule of web design? Get half the money up front. " Amen brother, AMEN.

Some people insist on teaching people to do things that the rest of us will be really annoyed by. I hate getting html email, let alone html email with multimedia files embedded in it.

Pogo This is available in Britain now. Forget what I said about that cell phone last week, I want one of these.(Until I find something I lust after more.) Now I am really going to do yard work.

Time to do some yard work.

Those of you that have been tuned into this site have probably noticed that I have been publishing with a lot more vigor than normal the last couple of weeks. I originally thought that it was the return on my broadband connection that was making me post more, but I'm thinking along different lines now. I think that my interest in Radio Userland, it's desktop news aggregator, and RadioExpress have been responsible for my renewed interest in my site. I do not mean this as a universal endorsement of Radio over the other tools available out there, but that it is more Mac oriented than the other blog publishing tools despite being cross platform. It runs on Mac OS X perfectly. It is a platform for futher development if I ever have the time to do it. Finally, I like that my publishing data is right here locally and that I can publish in two places with a single tool.

The New York Times give an excellent review to Harold Bloom's "How and Why to Read." I read the first hundred or so pages of this book, realized that I would need to read a whole bunch of additional books from the "canon" of literature to continue, and have begun, based on a list I made from those first hundred pages, reading them all. I found myself wishing that Bloom had given the reader a list of books that he thought they should read or that he mentioned in the book. Having said that, I really enjoyed the first hundred pages of this book, and I look forward to reading the rest eventually.

Slashdot | PowerPC Open Platform Motherboards Finally Here: "Finally, we can buy PowerPC motherboards without dealing with Apple."

I read Harry Turtledove's The Guns of the South over the weekend. It's based on the premise that the South actually wins the Civil War due to the intervention of some time traveling folks who give them AK-47's. I actually liked it, and I think that it was very different in it's portrayal of folks like Robert E. Lee than I originally expected. I'm ashamed to say that I have stayed away from Mr. Turtledove's books in the past because I thought that the covers looked hokey, but now I'm going to read some of his other works. So I guess I do judge books by their covers.

So Patriots and The Rams survived yesterday and will be squaring off in the Super Bowl next Sunday. I doubt that the Patriots have much of a chance, so I'll be in their corner. The Rams are incredible.

Mac OS X Hints: Search Google from any services-aware app

Apple Unveils Dual 1-GHz Power Mac G4

Apple Poised for FireWire Jump. "Having secured a position on the 1394 Trade Association board for one of its product developers and buoyed by the introduction of a bevy of new compliant devices, Apple now is preparing to move the FireWire I/O standard to higher speeds and higher exposure." [osOpinion]

Blogger Pro is now available.

Palm rolls out wireless i705 With only 8 Mb of RAM in the device? Sounds a little low to me.

There's a new iCab Beta for Mac OS X available.

EphPod Homepage: "EphPod is a program designed to make your iPod work with Windows."

OK, is it correct to place one or two spaces after the period at the end of a sentence. I learned to put two spaces as a kid, but now I am told that it is correct to put one space in the era of computer typography.

It was a gorgeous day here today.

Jeez, I'm exhausted from all this upstreaming:-)

Norton Utilities for Macintosh (Beta Version for Mac OS X.) I would use this with great caution, and not on machines that have data that is worth anything to you. I've had so few problems with 10.1.2 thus far that I wonder if I really need Norton for X.

Panorama iPod Organizer This is a desktop app that writes phones numbers etc. as files with ID3 tags that the iPod will recognize. It's an interesting idea, but I would so much rather see this capability built into the OS. I have to say, again, that the number one thing I would like my iPod to be able to do that it does not currently have is a clock. I would like to be able to see what time it is on the device. Adding an alarm clock feature would also be nice, so you could have a travel alarm clock with the purchase of some small portable speakers. Speaking of which, does anyone have experience with any of the small portable speakers on the market? I'd love to get a recommendation for a set that sound reasonably good, but are small enough to carry with me places.

iPod Central

A .NET primer for Mac users

Stanton Final Scratch looks like the next killer app in the DJ game.

This Apple Article talks about audio software and hardware that was announced for Mac OS X. It's a pretty solid list of players, which makes me quite happy, even as a hobbyist.

It's raining here again. Of course, it was seventy degrees here today, so I don't have too much room for complaints. It does seem, however, that the rain is conspiring against my getting any yard work done around the house. Not that this place doesn't have plenty of stuff that needs to be done inside. I am very much in need of stuff to hang on the walls in most of my house. I have apartment quality wall hangings that I want to phase out, and so I haven't hung any of them. I did hang some of my animation cels. (I have a particularly good Scooby Doo and Shaggy cel with the actual production background.) These, however, give the house a certain childish vibe that I do not want to foster. Patience, I guess, is a virtue.

One CD that I missed out on somehow until this week is the new one from Sigur Rós. I would say that they are in the same musical family as Radiohead, but from the Icelandic branch of the family. It certainly evokes emotion as well as Radiohead does for me.

I have to agree with Mr. Barrett, who I am lifting this link from, but whose site you should be reading every day anyway. Macintosh Tech Tips has some really solid information and tips for the Mac OS X user.

The Unofficial Green Lantern Corps Web Page They have a listing of all known Green Lantern's and their appearance history on this site. Talk about doing a thorough job at something that is very labor intensive. I don't talk about comics much here because I haven't bought a book in probably three years, but I have an extensive comic book collection, much of which I obtained while working at a comic shop.

One of the more popular records here in "The ATL" over the last few months has been PREFUSE73. I absolutely love it. Take regular DJ induced jazz drenched hip hop beats and throw them in a blender, and you have this group.

The Register: Antitrust legal beagles suing MS and DoJ I'm guessing that eventually, even people out of the loop are getting this picture. This settlement is not good for our Industry, for consumers, and was not come to in a proper legal manner based on all of the suits that are being brought as a result of it.

Stress makes me tired.

I can't get a fix for this upstreaming problem soon enough. (not a complaint mind you, I know how hard this stuff really is.) just another publishing attempt:-)

Trying to update Radio Bump with one of Beowulf's new themes. Assuming you are at "regular" Bump, go check it out.

McSweeney's Internet Tendency: On the Implausibility of the Death Star's Trash Compactor (Via Pigs and Fishes)

Okay, I admit it, I'm really stressed out today.

'Mac OS X Unleashed' book available I picked up a copy of this book this afternoon. It looks very good, the best book I've seen so far in terms of its coverage of the BSD stuff underneath Mac OS X.

Computer News: Putting the Mac in Macromedia This is sort of an update, with some excuses, for why Macromedia hasn't delivered their apps on Mac OS X. As someone who has used their software for years, and almost always on the Mac, I think we should be a little insulted that they spurned developing apps for our platform for several months while they were working on their Windows XP compatible products. No wonder they lost so much money this quarter.

I'm working on a short term freelance project with a friend of mine, so my updates might be sparser than normal. It's sort of a neat device we are doing QA on, but I , of course, am not allowed to talk about that here.

NY Times: Amazon Surprises Wall St. With First Quarterly Profit This is fantastic news.

TechTV | Set Up a Macintosh Music System

This is the first phone I've seen in a while that made me want to go out and buy a new cellphone.

Propellerhead Announces OS X Support This is great news for those of us that noodle around with music creation. I have been constrained to using the Classic Mac OS when trying out music stuff, but with apps like these finally coming, things are beginnning to turn that corner. Now if they would just get Photoshop and Flash out the door......

Bugzilla: Mac OS X Installation Notes

The Royal Tenenbaums was the funniest movie released in 2001. Somehow I forgot to mention that fact here. I thought it was brilliant and hilarious.

Radio UserLand : RadioExpress (now Mac OS X compatible)

Enjoying the rainy day. CD creator burns copy-protection efforts "We worry (the labels) don't know what they're doing." Ummm, I think he's onto something. (via

The Register: Distributed computing case ends with probation. God I'm am so glad that this guy didn't do any time.

Test post. Having trouble getting this thing to properly publish in both places because my ISP changed the ftp server setup without sending out an email first to warn me. So Blogger was not publishing at all. Combine that with intermittent publishing issues with Radio due to the Mac OS X/upstreaming problem and you've got one confused kiddie here. Palm OS 5 on Tap for PalmSource 2002

Music services want easy licensing, death to pirates [MacCentral] Nowhere in this article do the label people mention cost and the fact that consumers are fed up with rising CD prices.

Carriers Aim to Kill Number Portability I have been wanting this for a long time. I have been stuck with my current provider due to the fact that I don't want to lose the number I've had for the last four years. (via metafilter)

The Register covers the Be Auction "Cruelly the only assets of real value - BeOS itself and the staff - now belong to Palm, possibly the stupidest technology company on Earth."

We Knew There'd Be Scandals (via Boing Boing)

Radio UserLand : New App Release: 8.0.1

Dan hits the nail on the head today with his evaluation of the state of the music industry. I think what the music industry doesn't seem to understand, probably because they are out of touch, is that by continuing to retrench without offering a better alternative, they are are just making the problem worse. They are making me want to download music.

The Allaire Website no longer exists.

Well, I'm off to the gym. The combination of new broadband and Radio Userland has made me want to get much more active posting wise. One of my neighbors just fixed a loose board in the fence in my backyard just because he had his tools out. Nice people these neighbors.

CNN: Atlanta test-drives the 'Segway' transporter Damn I wish I had known about this.

Apple posts AirPort Admin Utility for Windows [MacCentral] I find this surprising in a way. If MSFT came out with something like the Airport, they would probably lock you into administering it with their platform. Then again, they can afford to do that.

Digital Web Magazine: Building the Business Game Plan "Process: either you love it or you hate it." Amen to that. Constantly evolving a process while getting work done is tough work for everyone.

According to this article, Earthlink has been building a high speed wireless network here in Atlanta to test this new service out.

Lord of the Rings in 2 Hours It contains some hilarious lines like this one from Saruman: "See, all I had to do was cross out "Good" on my business cards and write "Bad," and I'm all set. "

"css/edge is intended, first and foremost, to be as relentlessly creative with CSS as we have been practical all these years. It does not exist to present or explain safe cross-browser techniques; in fact, almost the opposite. The goal here is to find ways to make CSS live up to its fullest potential, with only minimal regard to browser limitations."

TechTV: 'Tron' Turns 20

I am now using Dave's new tool to mirror posts between regular Bump(currently powered by Blogger) and Radio Bump (currently powered by Radio Userland). So you can choose to visit either and you will get all of the content for the time being. It just worked on the first try. That's Cool. Really.

Xbox may spawn entertainment hub It doesn't take an industry analyst to connect the dots on this one.

BTW, there is also Radio Bump right now. I am updating both. At some point, the new backend and all of the posts will return here. In the meantime, there will be construction debris over there. Also, I finally have high speed Internet at my home.

ORANGE COUNTY is the early frontrunner for the worst movie of 2002. Jack Black was the only thing that makes this movie worth seeing, but there isn't nearly enough of him to justify his billing.

No More Popup Ads This site gives a listing of links that will allow you to opt out of pop up ads from a variety of ad networks. Very useful. Just posting it here in case you haven't seen it the other hundred places it is posted.

TechTV | Supergeek Challenge: Mac OS X

I've been spending most of my computer time this weekend playing with Radio.

Radio UserLand 8 has shipped. It's available for Windows, Classic Mac OS and Mac OS X. You owe it to yourself to check it out.

After getting laid off in October, I have spent the ensuing months getting my act together and evaluating my life. I also spent a real lot of time with my family, and a smaller amount of time fighting with my previous employer over my severance and accrued vacation. (That matter is now in the hands of the courts.) I'm turning a corner now though, ready to return to the working world, ready for the structure of work. Next week I will begin my job search.

A List Apart: CMS & the Single Web Designer

Radio UserLand for Webloggers

The next generation TiVo seems pretty uninspired to me. I suspect that the game consoles are going to be what wins this whole digital media center battle. I bought an Xbox a couple fo weeks ago, and it is only like three steps away from having the features that the TiVo has. It has the necessary hardware now. Having said that, I remain skeptical of the whole media center idea. Unlike a better PDA, I do not find myself waiting with expectation for this stuff.

I honestly don't have much to say about the MacWorld keynote stuff. I like the way the new iMac looks, but I have ceased to use desktop computers for the most part. Laptops are more useful. iPhoto, I downloaded and checked it out, it's really neat to have the easy output options for my digital photos. I'm much more interested in the progression of Mac OS X and digging into it. I'm on it full time now, and I have abandoned all of my classic apps for the time being. The release of the Palm Desktop beta brings me to a point where I am only waiting on Photoshop/Fireworks/Flash. Also, I still love my iPod.

Radio UserLand : Radio and Mac OS X (shipping tomorrow?)

Good news, my DSL modem shipped!! Finally, I mean really finally, I will get back to a normal update schedule. I do not recommend Earthlink DSL, I had nothing but problems with them. I ordered the service in August, and they shipped the modem today, you do the math.

Apple: NIN DVD

Palm Be Apple / Could a triple merger be in the works? Yet another article speculating about a merger that I doubt will ever happen. I think that the value of Palm is rapidly becoming marginalized by PocketPC and other technology. It is far more likely that Apple would develop their own PDA tech than merge with Palm. Lest we forget, there are egos involved on both sides of this idea. Finally, I wish journalists would deliver some value and facts to indicate something like this rather than pure speculation.

Spymac has images and videos of Apple's iWalk PDA that they are claiming will be released at MacWorld. It looks convincing enough to check out. : Matt's TiVo There's some stuff here to dig through. (via

Ars Technica: Wizardry 8 Jeez, it has come a long way since I was playing it on my Mac SE/20

Seems like just about everything in Atlanta is closed or opening late today. It's actually still snowing here too. This city is just not really used to snow, because this amount wouldn't close anything in Albany, New York where I lived previously. My backyard looks very cute with everything covered in snow.

Zingg! for Mac OS X adds an "open with" contextual menu to allow you to choose what app you open a file with. Really useful stuff for freeware.

Macworld Interview with Trent from Nine Inch Nails.

You might want to read this if you are using grokster or Limewire.

It's snowing here in Atlanta. More than it has since I've lived here. Happy New Year!