Secret Santa. Great idea. If you have a Web site and an Amazon wish list, check it out. I signed up. (via kottke)

I've updated yesterday's iPod review with additional details about synchronization, documentation, and power consumption.

Photoshop: It's All the Rage

Crypt "Crypt is a native MacOSX application for encrypting and decrypting files with a password of your choice." Your source for the latest hacks, mods, tips and tricks. (via Mr. Barrett)

I obviously haven't been updating here much in the last couple of weeks. Since I was laid off in October, I have been taking stock in things and trying to decide what I want to do next. I was in New York visiting family last week, and my return to Atlanta was delayed by the sad plane crash on Monday. I'm now actively seeking new employment, but I'm betting that I won't find something that I'm excited about until after January 1st. This is the worst time of year to look for new employment, with the holidays and the end of budget cycles interfering. I'm happy that I've been smart with my money over the last couple of years because it has given me a lot more flexibility. If, for some reason, I don't get to another update in the next couple of days, Happy Thanksgiving. In the face of everything that has happened in the last couple of months, I feel, more than ever, that I have a real lot to be thankful for. I have great people in my life, an amazing family, and my health. These things are more important to me than anything as temporary as a job.

Zope for Mac OS X (binary distribution)

I've had my iPod for almost a week now, and here's a few observations about it. First, it's small, just slightly bigger than the rio 600 that I use when I go to the gym. The size difference when compared to the Archos Jukebox or the Nomad Jukebox makes a huge difference when I use it in my car, or when traveling. It's not noticeably heavy either. While I wish that it came with some sort of case, it fits without issue in my Incase MD/MP3 Music Belt which also has a pocket for the earbud style headphones it shipped with. (I highly recommend Incase's product line, as I use their bags for my laptops as well.)

As far as design and interface goes, this is, without a doubt, the best MP3 product I have used to date. The integrated scroll wheel makes it quite easy to navigate through the large amount of music that the device holds, and the simplicity of having only five buttons and a hold switch made learning to use the device a snap. The only thing really lacking from the device management interface is the ability to construct playlists on the fly. You are expected to do this using the iTunes 2 application that manages the music stored on the device. The use of the Chicago font has made the interface really easy to read, and the "now playing" information screen scrolls to allow you to see beyond the limits of the screen size when song or artist names are very long. No such option exists in the song list view, and I wish that they had done something to allow you to see the full title of the highlighted song scroll. The backlight is bright and makes the screen very readable in low light conditions. In comparison to the Nomad Jukebox, and the RioVolt, two other devices I have owned which need to navigate through similar amounts of music and settings, the iPod is much more readable and usable. The back of the device is a chromed stainless steel that is so shiny that it can be used as a shaving mirror. The downside to that is that it smudges really easily. The front of the device is incased in a quarter inch thick plexiglass shield that protects the LCD screen. Again, this will scratch really easily, which will lead to my being more protective of the device than most of my portable audio devices. The top of the device, which contains the Firewire port, headphone jack, and hold switch is easily accessible, and the device will stand vertically. I do wonder why they didn't include a cover or bumper for the exposed Firewire port. It seems that someone who is careless with their iPod could unintentionally damage this very important connector.

The device charges when attached to the computer via the same firewire connection it uses to synch the mp3 files. Additionally, the device comes with a dedicated charger that plugs into an electrical socket for charging without a computer. I haven't used the device for longer than two hours thus far, but the battery still showed a full charge after the two hour listening session. Charging seems very rapid via the firewire connection, but I have not, as yet, doen any tests to see just how long it takes to charge an empty or close to empty battery.

The iPod comes with no user manual, but a quick start guide is provided. The iPod help file, which installs with iTunes 2, is pretty comprehensive. Again, the device is so straightforward that the only thing I have actually had to look up was the location of the iPod options within iTunes 2. The CD included contains only the installers for the Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X versions of iTunes 2. I was surprised by this because Apple ships all of their machines with a bunch of MP3's pre-installed now. In addition, the device had no MP3's on it out of the box. They missed an opportunity to push some stuff on us there, which is not something I would expect from Apple.

The earbud heaphones that ship with the device are very nice, and they sound great. They are slightly larger than most earbud style headphones I have used previously. They are comfortable in my ears, so much so that I managed to fall asleep on a plane yesterday with them in my ears. I would imagine that the level of comfort with them will vary with the size and shape of an individual's ears, and people with smaller ears may find them a bit large. They ship with a straight "stem" rather than the L-shaped most audio devices ship with now, and this makes fitting the device into either a vertical or horizontal case with the headphones plugged in more difficult. The device, in general, sounds very good, as I would expect it to. I don't feel that there is a large difference between any of the devices I have used in terms of sound quality. The iPod doesn't have controls that allow you to adjust the bass and treble of music you are listening to while you are listening to it. Again, this is something that you are expected to do with the iTunes application. This is one case where I really think it would be helpful to have the feature built into the device. It's quite difficult to judge how things are going to sound through headphones without going through them using the headphones on the computer first.

Setting the device up with my computer, a first generation Powerbook G4/500 running MacOS X 10.1.1, took only a few minutes. I had already installed iTunes 2 when it was released by Apple the previous week, and no additional software was required. Upon attaching the Firewire cable to the iPod, iTunes launched and asked me what name I wanted to assign to the device automatically. The initial synch of my music, which at that point was only about 300 songs, took about three minutes. In comparison, my initial synch of my Nomad Jukebox took well over an hour. The difference makes the addition of new music to the device much less of an ordeal. Since the initial synch, I have ripped and added about 300 additional songs to the device, with the synching part of the process being neglible in comparison to the time it takes to rip from the CD's. Aside from the interface and size, this is, to me, the hugest selling point of this device. While listening to music, the device buffers a large chunk of music to it's RAM, so that it is unusual to feel the hard drive spinning. Another huge upside to this is that there is not a huge pause in between songs like the other hard drive based players I have used. iTunes allows the user to either synch their entire library, specific playlists within their library, or manually manage the transfer of files without iTunes doing the transfers automatically. I find iTunes 2 to be clean sounding and easy to use as a desktop player, and the integration with the device is flawless.

Finally, a quick tweak of the iPod settings in iTunes (accessed by clicking on the iPod options button) allows you to mount the device as an external hard drive. This does not give you access to the music on the device, probably to keep the RIAA happy, but there are already hacks out there that allow the user to see and transfer the music. (See the free file access link below for one.) I have not, as of yet, used the hard drive feature beyond just mounting it and testing a file transfer, but I can imagine that it will come in handy in the future, and makes the device that much more flexible and useful. Personally, I think Apple has differentiated this device from its competition enough to justify the price. If you have questions about the above, or are curious about something I failed to mention, please feel free to email me, and I will update this posting with additional details in response to your questions.

Xpod Windows software for the iPod.

Apple releases an updated Airport base station that supports 128 bit encryption and can act as a firewall.

iPod Free File Access. This lets you access the music stored on the device in the "hidden" folder, making, I assume, it possible for you to two way transfer music that is on the device against Apple's wishes. (Mac OS 9)

Hands on with the Handspring Treo

Nine states balk at Microsoft deal "Microsoft's attorney, however, said the company was finished negotiating." What? Finished negotiating? Does no one in our government have a problem with this continued arrogance in the face of their being found guilty by the courts?

Despite loss, Yanks sure made mark on history. That's what teams with real character do.

A Cartoonist's Venture Into the World of E-Books Scott Adams, of Dilbert fame, makes some really great points about ebooks.

MLB Owners OK Eliminating 2 Teams. The fallout from over-expansion in professional sports has begun. These leagues have been expanding willy nilly over the last ten years especially. I firmly believe that a storied franchise like the Twins, which was competitive even this season (they came in second place), shouldn't be considered for contraction. Instead, they should be looking at the teams who were the most recently added, and they should look at long term viability rather than attendance from this year. It would be a shame to get rid of the Minnesota franchise when both Florida franchises are a joke.

Small Step for iPod, Giant Leap for Apple "What Apple needs is Windows compatibility for the iPod."

Atlanta Elections 2001 results. In my local city council district (Post 5), we managed to vote in a new city councilwoman. I'm very happy about this, as our incumbent was not very in tune with what is going on in our neighborhood.

New Fugazi album good. (Still only $10.)

On a similar subject. I ordered DSL on August 24th. Bellsouth turned on the line on September 10th. Today is November 6th. I still don't have the equipment from Earthlink. The last time I called (last week), they said that September 11th had screwed up their ordering system and that it should ship out immediately. Yeah right. Did I mention that it's November 6th?

I have been using Mac OS X on my Mac laptop since August when it returned from its magical journey into the netherworld.(I really need to write up the whole saga of my hotel theft and how it ended up getting resolved.) Today, for the first time in ages, I booted the machine into Mac OS 9 to use a USB device that has no OS X drivers. Mac OS 9 now feels old fashioned to me. It's slower, by far, on the same hardware. Things crash, something that just doesn't happen to me on X. Networking is not really as robust or as fast. It's interesting how accustomed to a new technology you can become in two plus months.

Ars Technica: The State of Transmeta. I think that it's interesting, or at least worth noting, that there has been a shift in this industry due to the dominance of some key players in each market segment. Emerging companies, to some extent, can at best get the big players to take notice of what they are doing and get the big players to shift their strategy to encompass what the emerging company is doing. We heard so much about Transmeta, partly because of Linus Torvalds' involvement, and how it was going to cause innovation in the portable space. We saw Intel have to up their pace of innovation briefly in order to head this off. So, in effect, they did cause innovation in the portable space.

Let me be among the first to congratulate Arizona for their win against the Yankees tonight. Both teams played their hearts out during this series, and although I didn't get the results I wanted, it was great baseball to watch as a fan. To the Yankees, you've been great for us the last five years, and no one even expected you to get by Oakland this year. You beat Oakland and Seattle, and played a great World Series, Thanks.

The song "Chop Suey" off of System of a Down's newest cd is set on repeat in my kitchen right now. It's got this really interesting vibe to it that, for some reason, reminds me of an opera.(mixed with some very heavy instruments)

As an aside about the below, boy was I yelled at by Hank once. He was doing two night's worth of shows with the Beastie Boys at Roseland in New York. A friend hooked me up with backstage passes to both shows, and the first night, Ice Cube made an appearance with the opening band, whose name I can't remember right now, but they were proteges of his somehow. While the Beasties were on stage that night, Hank was standing next to me watching the show. The Beasties were really kicking it, and I turned to Hank to say something about how great they were. Hank interrupted me saying, "Don't talk to me, I watching the fucking show." Then he walked away.

I AM 43% PUNK.
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I'm speechless after tonight's Yankee win. Two nights in a row? wow.

FINAL: Yankees 4, Diamondbacks 3. What a game. I can't remember a game through this whole stretch since 1996 as a Yankees fan where I was more on the edge of my seat. Talk about character, talk about never giving up, talk about finding a way to get it done. Still a long three game series to go, but it would have been quite a different story without a win tonight.