I think the fact that I can relieve stress by abusing helpless chatbots might be an indication that I am a bad person.

XSLTDoc "This tool is itself an XSLT stylesheet that analyzes another stylesheet and builds a clean documentation on it." (via iboy/aaronland)

I went to see Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back last night. I really enjoyed it. Apparently, Kevin Smith's next project is a new Fletch movie named Fletch Won.

This is really neat AgentBaseball lets you get up to date MLB info via AIM. (from Metafilter)

Did I mention that the house I bought is a bungalow and that I'm moving in next week? So I'll be packing this weekend and reading American Bungalow Magazine. Lately, it's felt wierd to go to sleep in my apartment knowing that I own a house.

Sony axes eVilla Web-surfing appliance. I'm sure this has got to make Palm feel great about their recent purchase of Be, the company that provided the OS for the device. (File under yet another failed network appliance.) When PC's are a cheap commodity, you have to provide consumers with something that competes not only on price, but also in feature set. More than likely, the entrance of a successful device in this category will come from the game console space. People buy them already, so there is no need to convince them to buy a new class of device that they are unfamiliar with.

Okay, this whole Web Services thing is starting to make my head hurt. It's tiring to constantly be trying to figure out who is trying to trick you and who is trying to lock you in. This confusion I feel right now is exactly what some companies want me to feel. Then I will rush into their safe mothering arms. eeessh

what is the purpose of this page? Is it somehow related to this page? (update: there is an explanation of the second site's purpose.)

This Quicken '02 for OS X review asks a very relevant question: What is Apple doing about .NET?

Debugging Server-side Software

I was unaware that Crossgain had been purchased by BEA. It makes sense, considering that Crossgain's whole original mission, before Microsoft practically destroyed the company by enforcing non-compete agreements with it's former employees there, was to create the same sort of Internet platform that .NET represents.

Slashdot | Breaking Windows. This review of Breaking Windows is very good. If you have not read this book, you should.

This new Handspring device looks really interesting.

New judge sets dates in Microsoft case

Microsoft.Net--a new monopoly? "Microsoft.Net can be summarized in one simple statement: Microsoft is building an Internet monopoly."

ColdFusion XML Parsers and Parsing Resource Center

Amazon.com Computers Uhh when did Amazon start selling computers?

File under fundamentals: DOCTYPE Explained

If you are running a Windows based Operating System, I recommend that you go to Lavasoft's Web site and download Ad-aware 5.5. It's eye opening how many spyware type things I found in my machine with it. It identifies processes, registry keys, and cookies that are being used to spy on you without your knowledge. It then gives you the option of deleting the offending items. If you are concerned about things like Gator and Cydoor, this is a great place to start.

There's great J2EE news and information at TheServerSide.com. I'll be adding that one to the daily surf list.

Occam's Razor

FBI keeps its bugging secrets "...the Bureau argues the key logger does not fall under the terms of current legislation on bugging." Umm, then what is it?

Internet World Magazine: Peering Into Sun Microsystems "Sun would like the computer industry to believe that it is the one true champion of open Web services."

The Fink F.A.Q.

VR3. I'm interested in this, but do not want to spend the money to check it out without knowing more about it. Anyone got any experience with it? I'm looking for something that I can't seem to find so far, a legitimate computer in a handheld form factor. My long gone Compaq iPaq was most of the way there, but had some interface clumsiness that I really disliked. I think it still had vestiges of the whole Windows Everywhere strategy in it. My Sony Clie 710, the current contender, is decent but is limited to 128 Mb of memory and has no other expansion capabilities. Palm has really dropped the ball in innovating the OS, but you already knew that I thought that. So, I'm interested in the VR3.

XML for Data: Four tips for smart architecture "However, like C++ and client-server architecture, XML isn't an answer in and of itself; it's simply a tool you can use to help build your technical solution." (via Dangerous Meta)

Barkley: 'Nothing positive' about a Jordan comeback. For once, I agree with Sir Charles. I want to remember Michael Jordan as the dominant player that he was in the nineties. A comeback now is bound to diminish his legacy, especially returning to a mediocre team like the Washington Wizards. There is no possible way that the Wizards will be able to compete with the likes of the Shaq and Kobe Lakers. The supporting cast, and coach, that he had in Chicago made his incredible run possible. He should stay retired as the most dominant player in the nineties and a Chicago Bull.

Today is day ten. Quitting is much easier with both the patch and Zyban. It's almost unnoticable at times, there's not the gnawing sense of loss that normally seeks to overwhelm you when you are trying to quit. Not that there haven't been cravings, and not that I haven't eaten an entire canister of Twizzlers in the last week, but things are getting easier, and I think I'm going to make it this time.

Advenio SQLGrinder is a native Mac OS X SQL editor and developer tool that makes your database development easier.

usefulinc.com: XML-RPC: PHP An XML-RPC client and server written in PHP. This is the 1.0 release.

I had a great weekend in Connecticut with my family. It always does me a lot of good to go home. Every time I do, I re-discover myself. I, however, am having a rough time getting back into work mode today.

ximian's evolution pim looks exactly like Outlook? I'm sort of surprised by this. Not from the perspective that Outlook isn't software worth cloning, I use it every day and I think it's fine. Also, not from the perspective that cloning is unusual, cloning is a fact of life in the software business. I'm surprised that Open Source programmers at Ximian don't have some radical new way of doing this sort of app. I want innovation, not status quo. I should say that I have not used this app and I am basing my opinion on the screen shots. There could be plumbing there that I am unaware of. This, I assure you, will not be the value add that gets people to migrate from Windows to Linux. In fact, it sort of plays into MSFT's hands.

Microsoft lobbying campaign backfires; even dead people write in support of firm. I can't believe how unethical this is. If they are doing stuff like this here, what would lead you to believe that they were above the board in the other parts of their business practices?

I have to take issue with today's post over at n0d.org. I do not believe that the wrist is the waist of the arm. I instead, believe that the elbow is the waist of the arm. Sure we wear watches on our wrists like we do belts on our waist, but the wrist is nowhere near the middle of the arm. This would cause a massive balance problem, and therefore the wrist cannot be the waist of the arm. Could you imagine if our waist was at chest level? How ridiculous. Care to support the cause? Email me your reasons why the wrist is not the waist of the arm. (contact link above.)

I've come to the conclusion that I am an American League guy trapped in a National League city.

Happy Birthday Blogger!!. Now, would you please let me pay for an enhanced service? In all seriousness, tomorrow is my second anniversary of having a blogger account, and while Bump is almost 4 years old, the last two years have been much easier to maintain and keep up with due to my use of Blogger.

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Dot-Com Builder: Web Services There's a ton of stuff here that is of interest.

Obscure Law Used to Jail Day Laborers in Georgia. Man there's some nasty stuff here, I could pull out any one of a number of ugly racist comments made by my neighbors to the North. I'm embarassed to live in a State where this is going on. I'm moving into a neighborhood where I am a minority, and I would never want to be treated the way these people are being treated. It's shameful. (via Rebecca's Pocket)

Sequel to Trainspotting being written

I released the software I've been working on to the end users today. I'm now in that pause. You know the one. When something is done, but you really know that something, at least one big thing, will come up that needs to be fixed. At the same time, the next set of tools need to be released shortly, so I better get back to work.

Comet :: ColdFusion & COM

Having a hard time getting started this morning. This is surprising, because I finished the first leg of development yesterday, and all I have to do this morning is clean up presentation and some QA on the code I wrote over the last five days. Should be a fun breezy morning after the last few days I've had. Can't get going though.

Still looking for desktop wallpaper that suits your taste? Looroll Wallpapers

infoSync has the scoop on the new Jornada 560 series. They also have a "screenshot" of the Pocket PC 2002 Operating System. (It looks like Windows XP, and isn't genuine.) PocketPC Devices continue to roll along.

Lotsofskins.com. It looks like there are err lots of skins here.

codephobia: programming tutorials to cure your fear of code.

There's not much else on static5 right now, but something about this Flash animation made me say hmmmm.

Boy am I bleary eyed. It's been a while since I had this much code to create for my employer. It feels quite good to visit this brain encapsulated world again. This weekend, in addition to coding about 45 of the 80 or so scripts I wanted to get done, I spent about four hours cleaning the pool at my new house and trying to get the chemical balance in the water right. It's going to be very rewarding having a pool, and I mean to include the hard work of maintaining the pool in that. If only I could already be moved into the new house without the hard work of packing and unpacking. Now, time for bed. See you in the morning.

DaveNet : Google upgrades the Web. Apparently, Bump is one of the sites they are indexing regularly. If you do a search on any of my posts from August 16th, August 15th, or August 13th, I come up as the first result. This is excellent progress for tracking news.

Man Macscripter.net is all over Applescript. How do I not know about this site?

Odd that in the first picture on this page they don't show the very long line that I experience, along with great soft tacos, at least once a week.

I have been downloading wallpaper from dead dreamer. Excellent stuff.

My name is Robert. This is a test post to Blogger from Frontier on Mac OS X.

Better Living Through Software "Computer people are disproportionately INTJ on Meyers-Briggs Personality type, and are disproportionately likely to consider themselves smarter than everyone else. In a company of 40,000 computer people, you don't have two poles of debate; you have approximately 40,000." Hehe so true.

So I stopped smoking as of midnight last night. I opted to just go with the Zyban and see how things go rather than add the nicotine patch to the mix. I'm of the opinion that the patch will just make the pain last longer. The flip side of that is that my first couple of days are going to be worse. The Zyban, however, seems to do a decent job of taking the edge off of the craving.

Palm seeks software boost with Be buy. Palm was not one of the suitors I expected for Be at all. On the other hand, this might give Palm the foothold in the appliance market they need to counter Windows CE's range from set tops to handhelds. I've been reading Breaking Windows, and one thing that it impressed upon me is the success of the Windows Everywhere strategy. It's tough to fight against an opponent that helps it's developers leverage a wider range of devices. When reading this section of the book, the first thing that popped into my mind was Palm's eroding market share. In this case, however, it's not a question of Microsoft leveraging the desktop monopoly. They have actually out innovated Palm and it's partners in the last year. Palm's lack of innovation is something I was commenting on last month.

NY Times: Bellinger Helps Clemens Gain 16-1 Record.

The new crystal method cd is a total next level effort, which is saying something considering how good their last effort was. With the purchase of the cd, you also get access to a special area of their site with additional audio, wallpaper, and photos.

The Granddaddy of App Servers Returns

Microsoft MechCommander 2 is really well done. Now if I could just find some cheats for the single player levels, anyone know of any?

Bad start for internet bench Ummm, they forgot to turn the long distance off?

shhh I should add that a server on our network at work, which was not being used for anything at the moment this was discovered, managed to get infected, and it caused more havoc(it was strain 2) than I expected.

Things ended up working out quite smoothly today. I closed in about an hour and a half, and then went over to the house and changed the locks myself, which is quite a bit easier than I thought it would be. In the process, I mastered the art of locking myself out of my new house and was forced to break into it. The closing itself was sort of anticlimatic after all of the hard work it took to get there. Just a lot of paper signing and some joking around, nothing more. What's up next? Lots of work, and then moving.

Arrrrgh. Last minute complications with homeowners insurance have me scratching my head and crossing my fingers.

This Convergence thing from Stardock looks like it has a lot of potential to make things in the skinning department easier on all flavors of Windows.

Was Gates - forced out - of top job? If you are interested in all these doings with MSFT, this is a must read article. (via Scripting News)

Top Ten ColdFusion Programming Tips

I think I would like this shirt. (via Elegant Hack)

So I finally close on my house tomorrow. I don't think I had any conception prior to this how tedious buying a house is. There's this feeling in the pit of my stomach that something is going to go wrong at the last minute, so I keep checking and rechecking things to make sure that nothing goes wrong. It's not the house I linked to from here a few weeks ago, but another house that I discovered later.

O'Reilly Network: Building a Simple Java Application in Mac OS X

Holding up the rear is a Salon piece that equates dot-com failure with the amount of Aeron chairs a company owned. This may be a symptom of a larger problem: cash management.

Star Wars: Episode II to be named "Attack of the Clones"

People who have been reading Bump for a while might remember my trying to quit smoking at least twice. One time, I even made it a whole year without smoking before regressing. Well, this time I am calling in the heavy artillery. I started taking ZYBAN this morning, which means I will be quitting ten days from now. Wish me luck.

Bob Patterson helped me, and maybe he can help you too. Bob Patterson Online

I took a couple of hours this morning when I woke up and read How to Be Good by Nick Hornby (High Fidelity). I really liked this book. It's full of witty observational humor, some of which I'm sure was lost on me as it is set in Britain, and I don't pretend to be familiar with the nuances of British life. It also asks some tough questions through the wit, and I will be thinking about those for the next few days. I'd say, without reservation, that it's worth picking up and reading.

The narrator in the book is a woman, and I've always been amazed by authors who can switch sexes in narration believably. Her husband is sort of the main character, however, and he begins the book as a consumate angry guy, something I can relate to quite easily. I'll leave the plot of the book to your reading of it, but the transitions that he goes through struck a very personal chord with me.

I love the design feel of Fischler.org.

Introducing the Mac Open Source Software Directory

I've done some of the much needed housekeeping this site required. There are now permalinks from every entry, and I added archives for all of the content that is stored with Blogger. For the years of content before that, I haven't decided what to do yet.

When great magazines have god awful Web sites: The Oxford American

Workitecht: Workitecht: FAQ

BetaNews: Internet Explorer 6 in Final Stretches. The build they are talking about in the article is only four builds later than the one shipping with Windows XP RC2.

I'm now taking part in the maintenance of the blog section of webgraphics.

Al Gore has grown a beard.

With everything going on with IIS and the Code Red worm, I was very surprised to see a measurable jump in IIS usage in this month's Netcraft Survey at the expense of Apache.

TechTV | Judgment Call: Mac vs. PC My favorite quote from this piece?

"OS X is based on Unix and is probably more stable than Windows. Stability is an important feature that Windows just doesn't have. The average user can counter the instability by saving often."

Using Windows ME on my laptop currently, I watch in horror as my 384 Mb of RAM dwindles throughout my use. As the day goes on, the amount of free memory gets smaller and smaller regardless of what I am doing. Finally, I either blue screen or reboot. Since I switched to Mac OS X on my other laptop, the only time I ever reboot is when I have installed software. My Windows XP (now RC2) machine is a little better in the memory usage department. In fact, now that I have gotten past the hiccups I had, it has been downright stable.

Feeling better, but still coughing up a storm. Man, have I fallen behind this week because of my illness. I'm supposed to close on my house a week from today, so I've got a lot of personal stuff to deal with. Guess I'll be working through the weekend.

HTML TIME Transitions in Internet Explorer 6

This screenshot based listing of Weblogs is an interesting way to start the daily surf.

This quick article on the effectiveness of the pop under ad got me to really thinking about why they have become so popular so quickly when I know they don't work and are a constant annoyance now. The answer is simple enough, people who generate their revenue from Internet advertising are desperate, grasping at anything that will make them money with no concern for the consequences. It's clear that no one has figured this advertising on the Internet thing properly. It's also clear to me that pop under ads are not the answer, nor are banner ads, or rich media advertising and I can't see clearly what the solution is.

I spend hours a day on the Internet, surfing through content, news and reference materials. I can't ever remember, in the many years I have been doing this, looking at a banner ad and then clicking through to buy a product. To be frank, I don't even see the banner ads anymore, nor has making the ads larger and more intrusive increased my awareness of advertising in a positive way. Even on the page that the article appears on, I didn't acknowledge the ad in the middle of the article until I went back and looked for it. I can't really draw any conclusions beyond the fact that there is very clearly a void here, a business pain that is seeking a solution.

Turns out I have bronchitis and a sinus infection. I must rest, take drugs, and recover.

Cross-platform Wireless Networking

Arrgh. I have some sort of chest infection. Going to the doctor.