So I'm all caught up in Mac OS X.

So I took Friday off from work thinking that I would get in a weekend of redesigning and fixing this site. While I did have a relaxing weekend, I had no net access all weekend, which crippled my desire to do any work at all on the site. Instead, I spent a lot of time reading Cryptonomicon, which is a suberb book, and an equal amount of time in the park on my skates. The weather in Atlanta has been Springish, and I have been happy.

It shipped.(finally)

My Brother's team wins. He scored two goals.

Here's a kungfumaster site that is actually about kung fu

Okay, I'm back, and doing better than I should be. I loved my grandfather very much, he had a much bigger hand in who I turned out to be than even people who have known me for a long time might suspect. When I was really small, and my brother and I lived with he and my grandmother, I can remember getting out of bed at 5:30 am and sneaking to where I could watch him leave for work with his thermos and lunchbox. He was a great person, and though I think I've turned out to be a very different sort of person myself, I aspire to be the type of quality man that he was. If you've met me, you have met him, or at least a little part of him that lives on through me. Wherever you are now Gramps, just know that I am minding my own business.

After my personal absence, I had a business trip and then a busy week of work. This week, I'm traveling again. I'm wishing that I was going to SXSW, but I need a real vacation with beach, sun, and relaxation. I'm hoping this will occur in late March.