Well, there's not much I can say right now except that updates will cease for the next few days. A close family member died last night, and I have much to attend to both inside and out. I want to write more, and probably will, once the dust has settled.

Heromachine -- The Online Character Generator! Go there!! (via eatonweb)

Like some other people, I've ordered one of these. Please discard any memory of my earlier post about becoming a full time Windows user.

This is a test wireless post from my iPaq.

I've been telling people that I'm platform agnostic for a while now. That I don't care what computer platform I use, and I prefer one over the other just based on particular tasks. For the last two months, I've been using my Macs less and less. First it was all about databases. Then I bought the iPaq, and I had good reason to want all my scheduling, email, and contacts on one Windows machine. My investment in software is now buggin me, I don't want to buy things twice, and I want everything I need on one machine. I'm *gasp* becoming a full time Windows 2000 user. Someone get Mac OS X over here stat.

Matt launches a new phase of his life and a new version of his personal site at a new URL. I just sit here working and listening to The Bends. It's not about me though.

desktopimage.com is the first site I've been to in quite a while that made me say hmmmm.

The lack of posts has one reason behind it. I'm really busy. I worked this weekend, and will be working quite a few hours this week and next. I'm also looking to move bump.net to a more suitable hosting location that is inexpensive and includes database support and at least one major middleware platform. If you have had good experiences with just such a vendor, please email me.

Ev mourns. It's so hard to believe that, with the talented group of people that were Pyra, that someone didn't snap them up in a second. That some company out there didn't see the value in their product. It's potential. It's a shame, that's all I can say. Here's wishing Ev the best of luck as he continues on alone, and all the others in finding something to move on to that will make them happy.

Think Outside has finally announced a stowaway keyboard for the iPaq. This is great since this is one thing that I have really missed since migrating from my Visor.

Crossgain vs. Microsoft: 'Mooning the Giant' Read this article. Microsoft hasn't changed a bit since the anti-trust trial.