These odd folks took a cube and put it in a Macintosh Color Classic Case.

Issue 100 over at k10k is amazing. Joshua Davis tells his story. I'm reading it and I'm wondering how many of those of us who are in the Web business have similar stories and paths. That isn't to say that my story is really similar to his. I don't have the happy ending, but I'm working on it.

I used How Stuff Works yesterday to look up some very easy to understand explanations of networking concepts for a class I was involved in teaching. What a great site. Want to know how something works? Check it out.

My friend Clint and I have been amusing his dog quite a bit over the last couple of months with a handheld laser pointer. Little did I know that this patent existed.

This picture of some undocumented Microsoft Office features is both revealing and depressing. Who am I kidding? It's hilarious.

This site has versions of two of the studio tracks that will appear on Amnesiac, their album due out this spring/summer.

Atomz Publish. The makers of the best search engine asp launch a content management asp.

my demo post.

The Onion has moved to New York. Am I right in thinking that this will make The Onion less funny over time as they lose their perspective and start making jokes that will only be funny to New Yorkers?

History of the BASIC language

For fans of the Iron Chef and Legos, It's Lego Chef. (via iconfactory)

Remix the Beastie Boys

Macromedia and Allaire merge. Interesting combination of solid software companies who, while they have some overlap, will be very complimentary to each other's product lines.

I've been using Paytrust for my bills for the last six months. I highly recommend the service, it makes paying everything on time very easy, especially with all of the travel I've been doing. One downside, I don't go to my mailbox as often so it's always full. The postage and convenience is worth the $9 a month.

There's nothing like being home after a long business trip. I've spent the last 24 hours, since I got home, cleaning my apartment and watching my New York Giants crush the Vikings. Feels good.

Microsoft's new Sharepoint Server looks like a very interesting combination of their domination in the business document creation space with an indexing and collaboration engine. I'm wondering if it's limited to Microsoft Office documents or if they had the forethought to realize that people use other tools in an office environment too. Even more interesting is that it will also crawl sites for you, and delivers it all to one portal page. I'm going to keep my eye on this.(I don't have a Windows 2000 server to evalute it on.)

I guess I should just say now that, I must have one of these.

Well, after four straight days in all day meetings, needless to say I'm pretty mentally worn out. I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tomorrow night, and I'm hoping to sneak a day off into my schedule this week so I can get a little rest. I did get to read a pretty good book on this trip named The Game of Thrones. Anyone who enjoyed the Robert Jordan books will surely enjoy this book. I'm reading the second book now, and it seems just as good. An interesting mix of politics, culture, and sword play.

So I am traveling yet again, this time I'm in Northern California for the next week. I'm hoping to catch up with some Bay Area friends and maybe get to spend a day at MacWorld, but work keeps getting in the way of my fun. On Monday, they have me flying down to San Diego for the day to work on a project.

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