Is there natural law of cell phones that states that the more important the piece of information someone is about to say, the more likely the connection is going to drop out?

I keep reading on Dave Winer's site about how great the Mets are, how they have some super philosophy that makes them different, and better, than the average sports franchise. Clearly, this thing is a construct in his mind. I haven't heard any of the announcers for FOX talking about it, nor has it been mentioned on the half dozen episodes of Sportscenter I've watched on ESPN this week. I'm not a Mets expert, however, despite having lived in New York State for seven years, so I leave that to those much more qualified to address it. Something I do know about are the Yankees. He claims "they have no soul". I disagree, no other professional sports team, with the possible exception of the storied Boston Celtics and Canada's Montreal Canadians, has more soul and tradition than the Yankees. I'm the third generation in a long line of Yankee fans. The Yankees franchise has a deeper place in American culture than any other sports franchise. Period. Have you heard of Babe Ruth? Joe Dimaggio? Mickey Mantle? I thought so. Have you heard of Dave Kingman?

I haven't forgotten about this site or anything, I'm just doing some other things right now. Regular updates should resume any time now, and should be coupled with a new design and archives and other sections of the site that actually work. Stay tuned.

The newest issue of the Industry Standard's newish magazine, Grok, is all about wireless. I was impressed with the entertainment issue, but less interested in the education issue that followed it. I like the concept of a vertical magazine that changes vertical's monthly.

This article from today's New York Times pictures(without any sort of credit) the recipe of the day from the site that my company built. I don't know if they asked for permission from Foodvision to picture it, but it's for that reason that I don't really like services like the ones discussed in this article. They take a small snippet from a Web site and picture it out of the context that the site intended that content to be show. It's sort of involuntary reverse syndication. I guess the argument would be that this gets your site a visitor and exposure, but I would argue that without the context of the site it really doesn't benefit the content provider in a commercial environment very much.

My Creative Nomad Jukebox arrived yesterday. I've really been looking forward to being able to carry 6 Gb of music with me wherever I go. It is almost exactly the size of the typical portable CD player, and a little heavier. The included software works with both PC's and Mac's and it uses a USB interface to hook to the computer. I was pleasantly surprised that they included a bunch of classical tracks on the device when I received it.

Here's part 3 of The Truth In Advertising. It's absolutely hilarious. Parts one and two were hilarious too, but I can't seem to find them anywhere on the Web. If you know where I can find them, drop me a line.(Warning: This movie contains graphic language.)

This commercial has to be the funniest thing I've seen in a while. is a great wireless technology site for developers and people interested in things like WAP and Bluetooth.

Tim Burton's Stainboy(Shockwave required)

How-To Install Samba on Mac OS X.

Holy Shit. The new caffe mocha redesign and splash page by ABC is incredible work. The new beats on the site aren't bad either.

A slideshow on AppleScript and Mac OS X from Apple.