With Autumn basically here now, I'm contemplating the summer that just passed, which was the largest time of change in my adult life to date. I can't help thinking how different my attitude towards adversity is than it was several months ago. Adversity is an opportunity to change things in yourself that you don't like, to learn something new about you. Sure I've got a few new gray hairs that I didn't have before, but I also am lighter, leaner, and have much better perspective about where I am and where I want to go.

Three weeks ago, I went to the doctor complaining about some pain I've been having in my side. The doctor took some X-Rays, and informed me that I had something in one of my lungs. I would have to get a CAT scan of my chest to see what it was. God I was scared. I was a smoker, I worked for an environmental engineering company that oversaw asbestos removal projects for a year, it could be anything the doctor said, it could be scar tissue, it could be a shadow in the xray, he didn't mention the other thing it could be because he didn't have to. I had to wait a whole week for the appointment. One of the longest weeks of my life.

They put me in this machine and ran this solution through my body that made me fell warm all over. it was over in about fifteen minutes, then I had to wait two days for the results. Two very long days. Finally, the doctor told me that it was nothing, a shadow in the xray perhaps. If you smoke cigarettes, think for a minute about what could happen to you as a result.

Graphic Designer's Judgment Clouded By Desire To Use New Photoshop Plug-In

This springboard module makes your Handspring Visor into a cell phone. How about this idea: A device that is both a handheld computer and a cellphone out of the box that is a reasonable size and doesn't run out of battery life in one hour. Everyone seems to be making phones into organizers and organizers into phones. Someone please think outside of your current product line. Please.

Well, I've spent quite a bit of time with Mac OS X this week, and I can tell you that I'm fairly impressed. I've been looking around the net for good resources, and I haven't found nearly the amount of material I would like to. There also isn't too much software to run natively. One surprise was that my copy of Quicken 2001 was already carbonized so that it ran directly in the X environment rather than in the Classic environment.

Here's an article on hacking the Mac OS X dock

The gallery for Behind the Curtain has been posted. Unfortunately, my attempt at recording my day was blasted out of the water by circumstances beyond my control.

Need a copy of Henry David Thoreau's Walden for your Palm OS device?

My copy of the Mac OS X beta arrived yesterday. While I'm sure I'll end up writing a much longer piece with overall impressions and some detailed information for you techies, my first impressions were powerful ones. I installed it on my G3 Powerbook and on a Blue and White G3 tower yesterday. Installation is easy as pie. The Aqua interface didn't annoy me as much as I thought. I had a little bit of a hard time getting the Classic(read legacy) Mac OS environment to work properly, but it was the fault of extensions that communicate directly with hardware. It's seems very powerful, and it works. By the time this thing gets to market, it's going to be a juggernaut.

I've been ripping all of my CD's to MP3 over the last few weeks. When you have as many CD's as I have, this isn't a trivial task. I estimate that I will have ripped everything by this time next year, when other, higher quality formats start stealing MP3's thunder.

I've, of course, obtained a copy of the new Radiohead album, Kid A. It's brilliant. It's a fitting follow up to OK Computer. You should be at the music store on October 3rd to buy it. I will be. You can find more information at Follow Me Around too.

A randomly generated Internet company

You should read Beyond the Browser on the newly redirected alistapart.zeldman.com

I finally sent Heather a picture which is now posted on Jezebel's Mirror.

I'm taking part in Behind the Curtain

Ouch, just had a deep teeth cleaning done.

Dr. Dobb's MacintoshDeveloper.com is a new Mac developer site with some great content already.

I just spent some time downloading the entire new Smashing Pumpkins album from www.billy-corgan.net. I think it's interesting that I don't know if this is legal or not. Is it?

Today's cool link stolen from Zeldman: **fontomas***

Where Hobbits Live Virtually. They're using Red Hat to render the effects for The Fellowship of the Ring.

waferbaby corners matt haughey and heather.

Salon has an interview with the head dude at TiVO.

BBEdit 6.0 was released this afternoon.

In an effort to get everything in my home hooked up to my high speed Internet connection, I picked up this Linksys router. I agree with the review, dead simple and it works great.

I had a chance to check out the new Sony Palm OS handheld. I wasn't all that impressed. It didn't feel very natural in my hand. The lack of Mac OS support is surprising considering that every other Palm based device offers it.

Somehow, I had forgotten about Everything.

From the "always taking it to the next level" category, the Beastie Boys are releasing a 2 DISC DVD Video Anthology on October 10th which allows you to watch 18 of their videos with different angles and mixes. It's on order, of course.

Davezilla is funny and well designed.

I'm re-reading Lord Foul's Bane, which I hadn't read since I was in high school. It's different from most Fantasy books in that there is a rich and deep sub-text about the main character's battle with leprosy that is inextricably linked to his behavior in the book. If you like Fantasy and haven't read this series, you should get on it. I love re-reading books at different times in my life. It leads to picking out different things, and learning different things from the same book. How my imagination drew the characters ten years ago and how it draws them now are different.

I went shopping in Boston yesterday and bought some neat looking Gravis shoes. Pretty good Flash site too. The shoes are really comfortable. It's not, for you gamers, the same company that made your joystick.

Damn, Kozmo is out of everything I want. Must have been a long weekend for them.

3 days to the Mac OS X beta.

Dave hangin out with Chuck D? So weird to me to have two people that have had so much influence on me communicating. Public Enemy's music had a profound effect on me, but I haven't listened to any of the new stuff.

I'm watching BattleBots. They destroy each other. For some reason, I love it.

/caffemocha put up a new version of their site while I was out of town.

Waiting for that new k10k to be launched tomorrow.

I did manage to get into the Red Sox/Yankees game last night, and got to see Roger Clemens, and my Yankees, beat Boston handily. Here's the ESPN recap of the game, which features a picture of the results of the scariest moment of the night, when Boston pitcher Bryce Florie was drilled in the face by a comebacker line drive. The entire stadium went from loud and crazy to silent in that moment. The Yanks beat them again today.

There were many more Yankee hats and shirts in Boston than vice versa.(I saw the two teams play in the Bronx in May.) It seemed a lot safer for those people than the people I saw in New York with Red Sox hats etc... The game was a great time.

I'm still in Boston, and will be returning to Atlanta tomorrow. The XML World show was pretty good, despite my getting sick on the second day and being kind of laid up for 24 hours as a result. There is so much happening with XML so rapidly right now that I don't think anyone can easily have a handle on everything. I was a little dissapointed to find that some of the major players weren't at this show, but IBM and some of the other big players that were here didn't dissapoint. The one SOAP session today was canceled at the last moment, which was a huge dissapointment. Tonight, I'm going to make my second trip to Fenway Park this week to try and see the Yankees, with the Rocket on the mound, play the Red Sox.

Rebecca's newest essay effort weblogs: a history and perspective is a fantastic overview of the form with some great perspective and analysis.

Here's a review of Compaq's iPAQ PocketPC found via Scripting News. Could it be that this is the end of my love affair with the Palm OS? Probably not, as there is no Mac support for the iPaq. I don't like lock in.

An Excellent Bookmarklets tutorial.

This is a demonstration post.

I should have pointed to this excellent article when I originally read it, but somehow it slipped my mind. Check out Style vs. Design by Grandmaster Zeldman.

::: caffemocha ::: continues to refine and redesign. It's really good stuff.

Simon St.Laurent has started an XML/XHTML tips mailing list.

I'm going to XML World 2000 in Boston next week. If you are going. or are in Boston and would like to get together, let me know.

IKEA has a preview of their 2001 catalog online

From the new set of articles up on WebReview XML Tutorial 3: XSL Transformations. THey also have a really good overview of Cold Fusion for people who want to learn more about it, and where it stands in relation to other middleware technologies.