Macintouch has a PC Expo 2000: Palm, Handheld and Wireless Computing Special Report. It includes a picture of the early Sony handheld prototype and some interesting notes on Bluetooth.

Sticking with the latest trends CNET launches a new Wireless section.

'HTTP on steroids' headed our way. What is BXXP? I'm going to do some looking around on this right now.

My Caffeine Sampler from arrived this afternoon. It's a scary amount of caffeine type beverages. I'm surprised the box didn't explode or slowly vibrate across the floor.

MacWEEK: Sony to preview Palm handheld at PC Expo. It sounds more and more like Palm has no intention of being anything more than a operating system licenser. They haven't come out with anything that really breaks the mold of the original Palm product. They've added color, more memory, and a faster processor plus wireless access, but the device has remained pretty much the same. I'm real interested in this Sony version, especially if I can stick a 128 Mb Memory Stick in it.

Mac Internet Explorer 5.5: The Leaked Details

I'm playing beach volleyball in a league every Monday night, except I'm not really getting to play. Last week we were cancelled because they misplaced the nets, and this week they couldn't get the lights to work. Maybe they'll get their act together when we play in two weeks.

There's also a weblog to track the carbonization of Frontier.

Userland releases Frontier 6.2 and thanks me in the process! I don't really feel like I deserve their thanks with my crazy life taking me away from being as involved as I would like. 6.2 introduces a bunch of great new features including localization. Congrats to Dave, Brent, Robert and Andre on this accomplishment.

New to my daily visit list: K I I R O I

The Real World Blows does a good job of summing up my feelings about the show which features a bunch of disfunctional people living in an MTV constructed fantasyland. Of course, it's like a car wreck and I can't look away. (Found at the ever entertaining weblog wannabe)

Project Cool's XML Concepts article gives an excellent high level overview of the language and surrounding concepts. WebReview does them one better with their excellent Taming the XML Beast. Read them both.

Today's soundtrack courtesy of the Jurrasic 5. Their new cd, Quality Control, is absolutely what I needed in a hip hop record right now. It's truer to the hip hop aesthetic than anything that has come out in a really really long time. I highly recommend it.

I watched American Movie last night. Entertaining and brilliant. Depressing and pathetic. You take your choice. Worth a viewing either way.

This is my Web site. Where I can put stuff I want others to see online. You can call it whatever you want as far as I'm concerned because I'm still going to put up whatever I want.

Dave announced today that Userland is carbonizing Frontier. I'm so very happy to hear this. As I begin to do more and more work with XML, I think Frontier is going to become an essential tool in my toolbox.

How did I not know about the fact that there is a Final Fantasy movie coming out next year? Boy, am I slipping. The site has some very short trailer material on it that looks really good even in a tiny Quicktime window.

I want to elaborate on the comments below about the Bungie acquisition. This is not a good thing for consumers. I just read the FAQ that Bungie has posted on their site, and it is quite clear that this means that, in order to get access to future Bungie titles, possibly including the much anticipated HALO, you will have to buy an XBox from Microsoft. It's all about lock in and other ugly things, and I'm sure that the owners of Bungie got the compensation that they deserved in the deal.(They have done some amazing work over the last seven years.) Microsoft is buying them to create a barrier of entry for their new console, and for no other reason.

As a long time user of great games like Marathon, Myth, and Myth II, I am saddened by the acquisition of Bungie by Microsoft.

I haven't written any magazine articles for over a year, and I'm realizing now that I want to start doing it again. If anyone who reads this runs either a Web site or a magazine that would be interested in having me write on either Internet culture or technology, please drop me an email.

WebReview: Introducing Dreamweaver Ultradev. Tools that do thinking for you are no replacement for a skilled human coder. Having said that, this product is exciting to me because it brings things to the Mac OS platform that I had to use a Microsoft operating system for previously. The more tools on the more platforms, the merrier!!

Dan points out Radio Shack's ongoing annoying procedure of having to give them his address everytime he buys something. I can't believe they are still doing this, I used to be annoyed with this 15 years ago.(This shows how old I am, but I'm okay with that.) I find it to be an intrusion.

Whenever I take my next road trip, I'll certainly be using roadside america to plan some interesting diversions along the way.

From, The State of XML, a must read for anyone in the Web development business.

Someone actually bought the FreeWheelz URL used in the Esquire April Fools joke(via Tomalak).

A site that reminds me how much I wish I could draw is Loobylu.(via

I haven't been updating as much recently because I'm making an effort to spend more of my time away from the computer. I'm also trying really hard to sort out some confusing life stuff that can't be blogged for a variety of reasons. It's been a really rough few months for me, with exciting work stuff tempered by some very difficult personal issues. I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that I'm going to have been much better off for the experience. It's all about perspective and what's important. I went to the pool today, and enjoyed every minute of my time basking in the sun and chatting. I'm a very lucky man.

I'm not missing in action. I was traveling for work again, and had fun things like flight cancellations and unexpected overnight stayover's in cities like Phoenix. I'm tired.

My first post via my screaming new DSL Internet connection. Badass.

I should have done this this morning, but a happy 30th birthday to my brother Chris today.

Man, I just have to relax a little.

You can add this to the list of things I lust after but cannot afford.

Attempt number one to get my new DSL connection installed this morning failed. They didn't show up, then called to say they were 45 minutes away. Perhaps they will show up for their next scheduled appointment.

The Sony Palm based device is approaching.

Shaq was just devastating last night. I don't know what the Pacers can do to stop him from running them right out of the finals. I've been a Laker fan since I was a little kid. I didn't see any real defensive strategy put in place by the Pacers, which is surprising considering they are a pretty solid defensive team. It was also pretty clear that they don't have any way of accounting for Kobe's slashing to the basket. Regardless, they are going to have to limit Kobe and Glenn Rice's effectiveness if they want to make it a decent series.

I think I forgot to mention that I bought a new computer a couple of weeks ago in an effort to move to having only one computer and not 5 computers. It's the 500 Mhz jammy, and it is actually fast enough running Windows and Linux via Virtual PC for me to discard any dedicated Intel hardware that I previously owned. In fact, it's faster than the Dell Pentium II machine I have on my desk at the office running Windows 98. I've waited a long time to have a single machine that ran every operating system fast enough, and that time has finally come. Add to that the ability to add 25 Gb portable Firewire drives as I need them and you've got a great single computer solution for anyone who needs to run everything everywhere at anytime.

A Young Person's Guide to Simple Object Access Protocol cleared a bunch of things up for me about the value of XML over HTTP.

I finally am getting high speed Internet access at home.

Mailstart lets you check any POP3 email account from a Web based interface. Very handy if you travel or can't check your home email any other way from work.

Metallica releases Napster proof album

"I never half step cause I not a half stepper."

The new Kaliber 10000 episode is fantastic.

f** - the dot-com deadpool Perhaps not the nicest domain and site name in the world, but the idea of a deadpool for Internet companies is a thing whose time has come.

You keep using that word? I do not think it means what you think it means... You can find the entire script to The Princess Bride here

At home treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome

My brother's band, Die Laughing, played two songs on yesterday's Trackers show on the Oxygen channel. They were really good. Someone should offer them a record deal. You can check out some of their material over at

If you've got some time to burn, this links page points to some of the best designed sites on the Web.(Thanks Pepe) is great. The splash screen is fun, and the actual content and design within the site are great. It's one of those sites I have a feeling that other people have known about all along and I somehow missed the boat.

I should qualify this by saying that I use both Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator on my Macs. I tend to use Internet Explorer a little less, but it depends on what I'm doing at the time. I really really do not like when a site tells me that the browser I'm using isn't the right one, and that I can't access their site unless I go and download the right browser. To top it off, they are a technology and design publication, they should know better. Shame on you. Even worse, you've cut off half of all the Macintosh users that might come to your site. I guess there aren't many Mac users in the design space:-)