People who are deprived(like those of us in Atlanta) can now purchase items from Urban Outfitters online.

I can't believe that Photoshop 6 is on the horizon already. I guess Adobe has got to keep their revenues up. Meanwhile, for Web work you could be using a version two or three years old and get the same job done.

I got a great pair of shoes from this company in the half an hour that I got to shop in New York over the weekend. Looking through the company's Web site, it looks like I might have finally found the replacement for the Simple Shoes that I've been faithful to for years but are a nightmare to find now. lets you trade in your old computer equipment for new equipment.

I'm listening to A Perfect Circle, Maynard from Tool's new band. It really has a Tool feel to it because of his voice, and it has the same sort of tribal backbone that Tool has. If you like Tool, you will like this CD. Their site is pretty strong too.

I'm spending fewer and fewer hours in front of the computer right now, and I think it's really doing me some good. In addition to losing 35 lbs.(I made it to my first goal of 195 lbs. last week), I'm reading more books and spending more time working on myself. This week, however, seems like it will be a little different due to my workload.

I haven't been answering email in a timely manner recently. If you are one of the dozens of people I owe email to, I apologize.

I'm so tired of traveling. Thankfully, I won't be doing any more in the near future. Over the Memorial day weekend, I continued my string of 5 straight weeks with a plane trip somewhere for three days or less. I participated as a groomsman in one of my best friends in the world's wedding. It was a great time, and so very nice to see two people who are meant to be together make it official. Deb and JC, I wish both of you the best in your new voyage together.

One neat thing we did with our very precious and tiny free time in California was go to the IKEA store. I can't understand why IKEA insists on making it so difficult to obtain their merchandise. If you don't live near one of their stores, and you missed the last catalog run, forget about it. They won't ship merchandise you purchase at the store for you, and they don't take orders over the Internet. I need furniture for my apartment.

Where have I been? Traveling. Two red eyes in three days with a lot of meetings and important decisions in between. I got to spend about one day in San Francisco last week, and I returned to Atlanta on Saturday. It looks like the big changes in my life haven't ended yet, but I can't talk about the newest developments here yet.

Kid Rock starves to death, MP3 piracy blamed

Ev mentioned this new Web service, OnePage which serves as a sort of content collector and lets you grab content from any site and republish it on a single page. Can anyone explain to me how this is not copyright infringement? This service is taking copy from sites and republishing it without the owner's permission.

You know what I hate? When my computer crashes.

Meg's post this morning about the sadness of losing her coffee guy made me think about my own similar loss. When I moved, I lost my trusty coffee shop crew that knew me from seeing me every day for two years. I haven't settled into a new coffee shop near my new location because no one seems friendly even when I am. Well, I guess I could start brewing my own.

Derek becomes the latest addition to the all-star Pyra team. It's incredible this team they have assembled.

This article uses an interesting analogy between browser market share and the 50 U.S. states. Since I'm from Connecticut originally, I couldn't help but link to it.

Don't forget that you can email me wherever I happen to be at the time at

I should mention that I am constantly amazed by my brothers. They are, as a group, some of the most talented and interesting people in my life. Each of them has so much going for them that I am in awe every time we all get together.

I read Who Moved My Cheese? on the plane on the way back from Rochester yesterday. It's a good, very simple and easy to read book on dealing with change effectively. It's worth a read if you are going through any kind of difficult change in your life, or even if you aren't right now. It is, however, a little simplistic.

Jack launched a new, San Francisco style, redesign today. In his new bookmarks section, he talks about what a funny guy I am, but he somehow missed how good looking I am.

Of course, I'm sick now. That would be because I have pushed myself to the limits of my stamina for the last month. Also because I was already a little sick when I started doing those tequila shots with my father and brother this weekend. It was a fun weekend, despite the fact that my brothers team lost in the NCAA tournament. I stepped off the plane and right into work. I'm thinking I should cut out early and get to bed early tonight, but there's so much to be done.

Don't take this link the wrong way. I am not researching revenge techniques and I do not endorse using the techniques listed on the site. There is no one in my life that I would do these things to or want to do them to. However, they do make for some comedic reading and some would be a great basis for a movie script. Swift Vengance is a compendium of revenge links. is giving away Strata3D. Previously, it was a fairly expensive package.

This Village Voice article is an excellent explanantion of what is going on in the Corley vs. MPAA case.

Today's installment of the Elian saga is happening a block from my office and caused street closings and forced me to take the train to work instead of driving. Now, not only is it annoying, but also inconvenient. I walked over and took a couple of shots, but things seem pretty subdued.

My youngest brother, David, is attending Hobart College, and is on their lacrosse team. They made the NCAA Division I tournament and will be playing Duke this weekend in their first round matchup. I'm traveling up to upstate New York to see the game and spend some time with my family. Go Hobart!

Apparently, the Internet can improve relations with family and friends, which is pretty far from the study that said it created isolation. There's a happy medium to anything you do.

I went and played Walleyball with a group of people from work and some others last night. For those not familiar with the sport in question, it is essentially Volleyball in a Racquetball court where you can play off the walls. It was a really fun time, and a nice change of pace from my normal cardio and weights workout. Strangely, I couldn't find many references to Walleyball on the Web beyond purchasing equipment and various places that have the setup to play.

I just discovered that Aimee Mann is playing in Atlanta in June. Our lucky San Francisco friends get to see her this week.

Strangely, when I log onto Napster now, there are still plenty of Metallica songs up there.

File under "not surprising to me", my color is Black.

Some great Web, dreamweaver, and development tutorials on this site.

Steven Champeon takes Microsoft and Bill Gates to task for comments made in a Time Magazine article. I couldn't have said it better myself.(via

The supermarket down the street from my house now has a self checkout system where you scan the items you are buying, then insert either cash or card based payment into a machine. It works really well, and it's much faster than waiting in line. I was buying beer, so I still had to show my ID to the single employee overseeing the self checkout area.

RIAA claims initial win against Napster.

What's up with array?

Macromedia has posted more in-depth information about their upcoming Dreamweaver UltraDev, which supports both Cold Fusion and Active Server pages development with a variety of industry standard databases.

brig's redesign is my favorite EatonWeb so far.

An excellent Salon interview with Eileen Richardson from Napster.

Matt, who seems to be full of great ideas, is working on this project as a part of The MetaFilter Network. What a great idea.

"The gem cannot be perfected without friction, nor man perfected without trials."

This weekend was a fantastic reminder of how much I dislike festival style music shows. There is nothing like a bunch of drunk morons looking to start fights and packed into a relatively small space. Oasis proved to be very low energy live Friday night, and we didn't return to the show on Saturday or Sunday because of the nasty crowd.

Aimme Mann's new CD, Bachelor No.2 or the last remains of the dodo, is quite good. Some of the songs are the same as those on the Magnolia soundtrack.

I finally got the March and April archive pages up. The legacy archives will follow soon.

I bought a new Television for my new apartment. It's very very nice.

The annoying Javascript error messages that everyone was getting should be gone now. I'm hoping to get the last few weeks of archives hooked back up today too.

It's going to be a fun weekend, my brother is coming into to town from New York, and Atlanta's Spring music festival, Music Midtown is this weekend. There aren't too many bands I want to see, but I need to get out of the house and socialize.

This whole I Love You virus thing has been really annoying for some people and brought other people's networks down. Personally, I received more emails warning me about the virus and trying to inform me of it's dangers than anything else. What do you call these emails? They are almost a mutated strain of the virus itself.

Well I completed the majority of my move over the last two days. I should be back online now and posting on a regular basis again. My new apartment is, of course, full of boxes that I need to sort through. I still have some furniture to buy, but I got a bed and a neat two person lounge chair for my living room. I'm hoping to be out of the old apartment altogether by this weekend.