march 28, 2000

I apologize for this, but I will be taking some time off from this site for at least the next few days and maybe longer. Things have happened this week in my life that I cannot log about, but they have sapped me of my strength to express myself here. Please think positive thoughts for me.
12:21:44 AM

march 26, 2000

Internet Explorer 5.02 for the Macintosh is due to be released Monday, but you can find a link to it on this page right now. [via Scripting News]

I've been using the betas for a couple of months and I like it quite a bit in comparison to any of the existing browsers on the Mac platform.
2:09:07 PM

march 25, 2000

I tried out Userland's new Pike product this afternoon. The idea of a desktop application that updates my Web site is less attractive to me than doing it through a Web browser. Regardless, I couldn't get the app to work properly with my Manila server. Having said that, it is beta software, and I'm sure that it will be interesting when I do get it working.
4:07:37 PM

I think I could spend about a month just working on my personal projects and all of the books I want to read right now and still not be completely satisfied. I'm working on the site right now, and by the end of the weekend I hope to have the archive situation figured out, the search engine situation figured out, and the picture and site of the week pages created and updated.

My office is really really cluttered and messy.
4:02:51 PM

march 24, 2000

Silverscreen is a theme manager for Palm OS 3 or higher.
11:14:14 AM

This Industry Standard metrics report includes recent statistics on a number of things that Web developers need to know about their audience and the general Web audience.
10:16:47 AM

Brad points me to this press release which proves that is indeed an April Fools joke.
9:51:33 AM

march 23, 2000

I went out to lunch with Doug today and he told me about I still think it might be an elaborate April Fool's joke, but imagine how many people will opt for a free car if they can. The example car that is pictured in this Esquire Magazine article is branded with Stay Free Maxi Pad advertising.

Can you just imagine talking to a friend you were picking up for the first time? "I'll be in a Stay Free Maxi Pad mini-van that says 'Heavy Flow' on the hood." Methinks this free stuff with advertising thing has gone too far.
11:21:32 PM

march 22, 2000

This Salon article confirms what I think most of us that subscribe to Fast Company, Business 2.0, and The Industry Standard already knew: the magazines are getting too big. It also mentions Time's new entry into this content area: eCompany Now. Based on what it says on their site, that magazine will be availabel in May.
8:04:30 PM

Work on the site continues. I'm struggling with some of the sub-page layouts, so don't hold your breath.
7:59:15 PM

An exciting day. Too bad I can't talk about what happened here yet.
7:57:20 PM

march 21, 2000

I apologize profusely for the lack of a working site beyond this page. I had expected to have time to finish all the sub pages last night, but something has come up that is huge and so important that it superceeds everything else in my life for the next 24 hours. Perhaps tomorrow night.
8:57:23 PM

It's going to be a really light day for posts. I've got tons of meetings and several things that need to get finished and practiced.
2:02:22 PM

march 20, 2000

You knew it was going to happen sooner or later: Wetlog's SXSW album.
10:18:30 PM

ROTORtype has some fantastic fonts for Web use. For free that is.(via kaliber10000)
9:17:17 PM

Apparently, redesigns are rampant again. iBoy has redesigned, Keith Brown has redesigned. Is is something in the air?
1:40:26 PM

For the record, and since it's been the number one source of feedback, there will be a duck up here at some point. Until then see Ben Brown and Weblog Wannabe for your duck needs.
12:13:53 PM

The reviews are starting to come in. riothero says, "Bump's new design is less bumpy." (What does that mean?) Heather says, "Ooooo la la. Bump rocks!" Thanks to both of you.
12:07:21 PM

Brad and Derek have both posted their SXSW photos and memoirs. Brad's had me laughing out loud.
11:52:22 AM

Comments on the new design?
12:44:11 AM

Okay, its early Monday morning. I'm far from finished with this site, but I got sick of looking at the blue design, and wanted to share this new space age thing I made. Most everything that is an internal link does not work. Sorry. I'll try to get to those pages as soon as I can.(Read: all my spare time will be dedicated to this task until it is complete.)

Some of the people and sites that influenced me in this design were Derek, Matt, Jack, Heather, and Jason. Big thanks to all of them.(Especially since I met all of them in person last week, aside from Jack who I already worked with.)
12:43:27 AM

march 19, 2000

A powerful rain and thunder storm will no doubt interrupt my work at any moment now with a power failure.
10:40:16 PM

I absolutely respect Lane. Great site, great writing, and he seemed like a really nice intelligent guy in my too limited contact with him at SXSW.(Truth be known I was a little intimidated by the Deep Leap posse. They are a really talented bunch.) I do not, however, think that this site could be quantified as "the bare minimum of creativity." I, however, have been wrong about these things before.
8:28:36 PM

Learning from Napster

"I am not here to argue for or against the use of Napster, but I will say that since getting on board the MP3 revolution I have purchased more music in the last seven months than in the past two decades, and maybe my entire life"
- David Strom

6:25:23 PM

So I bought a Palm VII yesterday. I know what you are thinking: "But that has the same amount of RAM as your Palm V." I know, but I couldn't help myself. I charged up the transmitter last night and activated it. There are a lot more apps for it than I had originally thought, and there are ways to view live Web content despite the constricting "Web clipping" setup. I'll let you know how I make out.
4:56:27 PM

I can already tell after just using it on a live site for about an hour that Blogger is only going to feed my blogging addiction. I can pound away and not worry about uploading and editing the raw HTML every time I want to add something to my site. I can tell that they have lots of other features to deploy that they haven't yet.
3:35:57 PM

I haven't forgoteen about my SXSW pictures. I just got pulled away by the need to redesign here.
3:33:00 PM

brig dares to cross the 3000 word barrier with
3:20:56 PM

Via harrumph!, Brix Builder Demo.(do not follow this link unless you have a few hours to play)
3:17:31 PM

I'm a huge Lakers fan. It comes out of growing up in a time when Magic, James Worthy and Kareem were a dominant team. Today they are playing my other favorite team, the Knicks. Is it wrong to be a fan of two teams?
2:58:03 PM

Here we go, new design in effect. A few hours of testing this thing out, and I'll be ready to go live.
2:29:22 PM


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