Yankees Fans and Red Sox Fans Can Love Each Other.


It's true. I am in love with, and now engaged to, a stupid Red Sox fan. I asked Sue to marry me this weekend on our four day jaunt to Puerto Rico, and for some reason she said yes. I don't post a lot about my feelings and personal stuff on this site, so I will keep this short. I am a lucky man, and I am very happy.

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go giants.

also, congrats to you two.

Posted by Anonymous bobafred on 1:48 PM

this is so exciting - so happy for you two!

Posted by Anonymous mingaling on 2:40 PM

Congrats! It's the beginning of something wonderful. Go sox!

Posted by Anonymous sixfoot6 on 4:13 PM

Most excellent! Congrats!

Posted by Blogger Cameron on 4:26 PM

Great news! Really thrilled for you both. Reception at Fenway or Yankee Stadium?

Posted by Blogger earnshavian on 8:21 AM

Congrats! When will we soon see a little "bump"...

Posted by Anonymous Cameron Barrett on 2:55 PM

Congratulations! Wishing you much happiness together

Live Your Dreams,


Posted by Anonymous Jill at GoalGuru.com on 11:39 AM

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