Thursday Links

  • I am totally addicted to the Items We Carry group on Flickr.
  • Shuttle releases a $199 Linux box. I love my ShuttlePC. It's the best desktop form factor in my opinion.
  • Kid Robot dropped the second series of Munny Zipper Pulls today. I never managed to find a TV one from the first season.
  • "BUG is a collection of easy-to-use electronic modules that snap together to build any gadget you can imagine." This is hugely interesting.
  • Strobist tackles Film Noir lighting. It's in my top five photography blogs now hands down.
  • New Blog of the Day: WTFCNN?
  • Microsoft buying Logitech Dammit. I don't think that's cool for consumers at all.
  • Transmit updated to 3.6.4. Release Notes.
  • I am giving Things a test drive. Definitely an easy to learn application. Looking for some tips and tricks posts online, haven't found any.
  • The new Beanie Sigel (iTunes link) is really good stuff in a sea of stale commercial hip hop. In other music news, a Twitter from Merlin Mann has led to me listening to way too much Entombed this week. Wolverine Blues (iTunes Link) was one my favorite CD's of the Early ninties. Man was I a badass in my own mind back then.
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