First Link Post of 2008

  • When this comes out, I will need to find more friends.....
  • Hacking the Kindle part 3: root shell and runtime system Interesting stuff here, including image support that is not turned on. I still haven't played with a Kindle.
  • Reinvented Software started a support forum for Together. This was one of the reasons I wasn't going to use Together instead of Yojimbo. I seem to be back to that same argument again now...
  • It's a matter of perspective First time I have ever linked to an Amazon blog post, but this one, talking about lens focal length and area of view, is an excellent quick read for you photogs.
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I ordered a Kindle on December 1, but it hasn't arrived yet. I'm not sure if Amazon is trying to create some Wii-like shortage, but I'm getting more upset every day.

By the way, very cute dog. Having a dog is one of the great pleasures in my life. Have fun!

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