This week's electronic listening party

This week's most listened

Burial's new album, Untrue, came out on November 5th. (Amazon | iTMS) It's really interesting combinations of a few different styles. (The Wikipedia article refers to it as dubstep. I don't really know what that is.) It's pretty dark stuff, music for abandoned cities, but at times it approaches clubiness. I couldn't stop listening to it last week.

Eliot Lipp might be the greatest electronic musician you have never heard of before. I referred to his newest album as the "soundtrack of my fall 2007". I'm still listening to it. It's very beat driven, and mostly stripped down, great for putting your headphones on and getting some stuff done, or just for hanging out reading. If you want to check him out, I recommend starting with his The Days EP from 2006. (iTMS) Listen carefully. My favorite song is definitely "Koreatown Minimall" on that EP.

Obviously, still listening to the Saul WIlliams and Sigur Ros with a regular mix of other stuff thrown in. I wouldn't have easily guessed that I mostly listened to electronic music last week. Seems like I am going in the other direction this week, more rock.

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