Some links for a Wednesday with AC

I now have AC again. Thank the good lord. Here's some links for today.

  • I like BookTour and all, it's just depressing to see all the great authors people in other cities get that we do not in Atlanta.
  • McSweeney's Comedy by Numbers Video. On Super Deluxe, of course.
  • We discovered last night that FoodNetwork HD has been added to our Comcast lineup. We are very happy about this. I would link to the Comcast channel lineup, but their Web site is pathetic.
  • I bought an Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset over the weekend. Here's an excellent review. My quick take is that this is the easiest to deal with headset ever, and I highly recommend it.
  • I created a tumblr log. It's a mash up of my flickr feed, twitter updates, delicious links, and feed. I'm going to play with using this as my link blog. I wonder if MarsEdit posts to tumblr blogs. Will have to look into that.
  • John from Cincinnati was cancelled. It was interesting, but clearly wasn't something that would have the broad appeal of other HBO shows. I watched the first few episodes and then lost interest.
  • Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball looks, well, awesome.

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I was excited about Food Network in HD having stumbled upon it as well. It took me a few minutes, but I found a channel lineup locator:

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