Yahoo forces their version of Paypal on Flickr Users. Dumb.

Flickr released a major update today mainly targetted at adding international features to their site. This is great, and I am happy for them, but in their blog post on the subject, this text is at the very bottom. "As part of this launch, Flickr Pro payment processing is now handled by Yahoo! Wallet and supports a myriad of credit card options." Previously, they took Paypal. I use Paypal almost every day for something. I don't want to sign up for Yahoo Wallet just to pay for Flickr. That's insanely dumb, and the pre-Yahoo Flickr would never have done it.

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Well, that's plain mean. Get us all lovey-dovey (addicted) to Flickr, then this? So much for no changes during the Yahoo transition...

Posted by Anonymous mingaling on 1:13 PM

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