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Not only do they screw us over w/ the Paypal thing, but here in Europe, people are really pissed at the new "international" version.

For example, users who registered from a German IP can no longer view or search for their images they self-tagged as "unsafe" -- even to export them out of Flickr and move them to another service.

These "internationalization" software changes are breaking the internet, IMO. I got to sites all the time taht say "you can't do that" because of my IP. My friend was trying to register for something from his hotel in Italy, and the site refused to change his interface to English because of his IP. It goes on and on.

The internationalization software vendors are the Kana, Broadvision, Vignette and Interwoven of the 2000s.

Posted by Blogger Scott Partee on 5:00 AM

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