Joost Invites Available

I have Joost invites. Leave me your name and email in the comments and I will send you one. After I have sent it, I will delete the comment, so your email will not remain out on the web. Cool.
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Posted by Anonymous Sunil on 2:26 PM

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Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 10:46 AM

Oh yes, yes please. I hadn't heard of it 'til you posted, but that sounds like just what a euro-bound american needs (if it doesn't block euro IPs and, if it does, I have ways around that ;-).

You have my email addy, right?

Posted by Blogger Scott Partee on 7:34 AM

yes, please, have heard little peeps about it but its all still very new , keen to get in on the action!


Posted by Anonymous paulo on 7:50 AM

I would love to have an invite to this, I have been hearing so much about it.
I am
thanks for your offer.
The Future Starts Now

Posted by Blogger A Quiet Storm on 10:10 AM

need a joost invite

Posted by Blogger Douglas on 12:36 PM

Disabled man would like a Joost invite. My email is

Thank you so much!


Posted by Blogger W Derek on 10:13 AM

ik zou graag deelnemen aan Joost.
Graag een uitnodiging naar

Bij voorbaat mijn dank.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 1:16 PM

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