Dear Comcast

Comcast, we've been together for Internet access for almost three years now, but I am having second thoughts about our future together. My service has not gone a week without failing in some way for the last three months. You make appointments with me, then show up at the wrong time, sometimes not at all, or you call to cancel at the very end of my three hour appointment window. When you do show up, your technicians are unable to figure out what is wrong with my service. Your technical support people put me on hold so long that my battery in my phone dies while on hold. If I had a choice in the matter, I would have broken up with you months ago.
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As Verizon's FIOS service gets into Comcast's neighborhoods, they're going to get a big wake up call. The speeds are consistent and reliable. I switched to FIOS and am never looking back.

Posted by Anonymous Sunil on 11:58 AM

Unfortunately for me, that won't be available in my area. DSL is not an option unless I re-wire my house. I'm stuck with Comcast for now.

Posted by Blogger Robert on 12:13 PM

ComcASS. Hate them.

Posted by Anonymous mingaling on 12:32 PM

I had horrible problems w/ Comcast in Portland, OR. One of the more interesting problems was when their DHCP server was handing out 2 invalid DNS servers plus one of the ROOT servers as the third server. DNS lookups were taking something like a minute. I figured that out and called tech support. "Could we send a technician to your house?"

Umm... your DHCP server is NOT at my house?

"But the technician needs to come to your house to fix it."

Once I convinced them (after HOURS on the phone) that it was not going to help if some dude who barely knows anything about Windows, much less Macs, came to my house, they said a "technician" would call me.

Eventually, I got an email that said "there is a problem, we're looking into it".

HOpeful, I rebooted my router every day. Eventually, I just set some DNS servers that I knew and was a little better off.

I checked again a week later and they had finally fixed it.

Posted by Blogger Scott Partee on 1:50 PM

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