My Exciting Day.

One person confirmed dead after CNN Center shooting

Today started like a normal Tuesday. I went to the office, we deployed the new Super Deluxe patch, and then I headed down to CNN Center for my normal slate of meetings. In between meetings, I usually find an empty conference room to squat in and do my work. Today, however, all the rooms were full, so I went to the Omni Hotel, which is connected to CNN, to use their free WiFi network. I was sitting there, at the top of the escalators, when a single gun shot rang out. This was followed by a pause, and then three or four more gun shots. All I remember is picking up my things and running. Somehow I ended up behind the security door at the suite of offices behind the front desk, where I waited with hotel employees and some other civilians until the situation was safe. Scary stuff to be sure.

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I'm glad you made it out ok. Very scary.

Posted by Anonymous mingaling on 2:49 PM

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