Super Deluxe Launches and I get some sleep

So, at the end of 2005, Turner asked some of us to sit in a conference room. At first, I was like, "That sounds boring." After a while though, I realized that it would be a good way to get out of work on That part was pretty awesome because I had gotten kind of bored working to make sure leaderboards were updated all the time. Then they started asking us to come with ideas for "broadband" projects. So I went to Wikipedia and looked up broadband. Then I made some stuff up. In the end, we came with an idea for a comedy broadband Web site. It was a pretty good idea, or so I thought. Then they made me go back to work on the golf Web site. Then a month went by, and they asked us to start "fleshing out" the idea. I am pretty fleshy, so I was good at that part.

After this, it was a crazy wild ride. I have always wanted to say that something was a crazy wild ride, so this worked out perfectly for me. We did some stuff, and then we did some more stuff. Finally, they decided that this idea was good enough to actually build. This made me nervous, because it entailed me actually doing work. It was a pretty big project, and they weren't going to give us much time to get it done. I had one employee, and no code written. Over the next four months, I hired a full development team, and worked with three other development teams, and our gifted presentation team to build the site from scratch.

In all seriousness, I am very proud of what our team accomplished, and this project was a time of massive personal growth for me. There's a lot more we want to do, and we've already started working to improve and enhance what is already out there. I will definitely write more posts about the many lessons I learned. In closing, check out Little Michael Jackson.

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Super Deluxe is really awesome. I have a friend who was part of the team too, y'all did some really nice work and should be proud!

Posted by Anonymous Kim on 11:28 AM

holy cow! A once-yearly post AND a frickin' redesign? what a treat!

Posted by Blogger Scotty on 1:05 PM

Hehe great work!

Posted by Anonymous Brok on 1:11 PM

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