Of Press Releases and Peoples

Well, we've got a press release out today. I'm generally not a fan of press releases, but there are two things in this one that are pretty cool. First, Super Deluxe hit a million unique users. With no press push, no really heavy corporate promotion or anything, we hit a pretty reasonable sized user number. Second, there are a bunch of new names in the press release that we hadn't announced yet. Probably the biggest are David Cross, Wayne Brady, Horatio Sanz and Dave Attell. I'm really looking forward to seeing these guys out on the site, and I am hoping that they interact with the community and other artists the way some of the existing artists are interacting. Cool stuff, to be sure.

Oh, and Weenie.

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LOL I will have to try that at school next time....

Posted by Anonymous Brad on 1:10 PM

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