Home and Office

I spent a good part of my three day weekend tearing my office apart and reassembling it the right way. On the way, I installed two new hard drives in my Mac Pro, which is super easy to do. I also finally installed BootCamp on that machine, which is what one of the new hard drives is dedicated to, and XP on top of that. I plan on upgrading that to Windows Vista this week. I still have a lot to do, but I am now wishing that I had taken a before picture, because the after picture will be pretty cool. I reran all the cables the right way, put down carpet, put all my devices on a shelf in a unit that now houses the towers and printer as well, set up a new RAID backup system, and reworked the home entertainment part of the office. It feels good to be productive.

Of course, after putting all that effort in over the weekend, I find this awesome Make Magazine post today. It's a really cool idea to declutter your office.

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