New Year, New Gig

I've been pretty quiet here the last few months. I think this hiatus of sorts is over now, for a variety of reasons. One of them, however, is that I have accepted a new position working on a new project within Turner. I am no longer the lead technologist for The new position is exciting, and a bit scary in its proportions, but I am not allowed to discuss it in this forum. was a great experience for me, three years filled with challenges, working with and for some great people, and learning a whole lot about golf and golf scoring. I think my final count was seven different golf scoring systems written from scratch. When the Masters approaches this Spring, I will feel a tinge of nostalgia.
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Robert, I think we met in a meeting right before the holidays. I may be helping you out on that new project of yours.

Posted by Anonymous Seth on 1:22 PM

I've actually applied for a job in the many vacancies at, I remembered you saying you worked there. Anyways, good luck with your future endeavour

Posted by Anonymous Greg on 11:36 AM

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