1.9 Patch Stuff

Blizzard released patch 1.9 for World of Warcraft yesterday. Something Awful has great, and funny patch notes commentary. My guild went into ZG, one of the mid-level endgame instances, last night, and discovered that the patch introduced some new bugs. These large trash mobs, Beserkers, fear after a certain amount of time into the encounter. Last night, this fear caused some large percentage of the party to crash, which was annoying and caused one wipe. Additionally, it seemed that a couple of the ZG bosses were buffed while others were made easier. (Tiger Boss for one.) Finally, Hakkar, the end boss, which was a pretty easy encounter for us previously, proved to be very difficult. I am not sure if this was a bug of some sort, or he was buffed. Overall, my patch experience was a negative one, which has pretty much been the norm with Blizzard. I hate that all my UI add ons stop working too, and I wish they would foster a better relationship with add on developers.
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